Title: Cooking up a storm(drain)
Author: I.S.O.D
Fandom: CSI
Pairings: Cath and Warrick
Spoilers: Takes place in 'Down the Drain'
Sequel/series: nope
Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine, but I would be soooo happy if they were!
Summary: Catherine and Warrick don't get interrupted in 'Down the Drain'

Catherine started to climb up the wall of the storm drain basin but she hadn't realised how slippy it was.

'Watch your step,' Warrick warned.

But all of a sudden she lost her footing and stumbled backwards straight into Warrick's arms.

'Oh!' Catherine laughed.

'Whoa!' Warrick exclaimed at the same time. 'You alright?' he continued his breath tickling her face.

'Yeah,' she replied softly.

Warrick slowly licked his lips, Catherine could feel his face moving closer and closer. Then their lips met and it was like bonfire night all over again.

Warrick pulled away first.

'Um… sorry I shouldn't have done that,' he said looking apologetic.

'I'm glad you did,' she mumbled.

'I'm sorry, what?' Warrick looked at her intently which was quit foreboding as his face was just inches from hers.

But Catherine didn't reply she just moved her hand round to the back of Warrick's head and drew his lips back to hers. It was now Warrick's turn for bonfire night.

Finally they both begrudgingly pulled away when they had no breath left.

'Er, I think we should get back to the lab and process this evidence and contact the vic's family, don't you?' Catherine looked at Warrick sheepishly.

'Sure, er, can we do this again sometime?' Warrick asked.

'What stand soaking wet in a storm drain? Sure why not!' she said with a smile.

'You know what I mean!' Warrick replied.

'I'd love to,' Catherine said sincerely looking him straight in the eye, beginning to lean towards his luscious lips for another kiss, which turned into two then three.

'Didn't you say we should get back to the lab?' Warrick interrupted pulling back slightly to look Catherine in the eye. 'As much as I'm enjoying this right now, I don't want to have to pull another double to process this evidence!'

Oh, ok,' Catherine looked disappointed.

'Don't look like that,' Warrick said kindly. 'I'm not going anywhere,' he continued seriously, knowing how pain Eddie had caused her in the past.

Catherine brightened at this comment.

'Alright then, give me a leg up this damn wall and we can start processing that evidence for you!'

She smiled at Warrick brightly as he gave her a boost at the wall. When he'd joined her at the top of the wall with their evidence, they walked hand in hand to Catherine's Tahoe and drove off back to the lab.