A nine year old Raven sat at the edge of the balcony her feet hanging over the edge as she watched the suns set over her home planet Azarath. Pity she'd never see it again.

" I guess they told you huh?" asked a male voice from behind. She turned around to see a boy abou ten years old standing behind her his brown hair blowing softly in the wind. When the young empath looked back towards the sun and did not say anything the boy continued. "They say it's a great place this Earth, I've seen the photos and it is beautiful..." He walked over to the girl and sat down beside her letting his feet dangle down as hers did, like they had so many times before and probaby never would again

"Just think of it Rae, he won't be able to find you He won't hurt you any more. You'll make a new life there, a better one. Meet new people, make new friends and one day Raven... one day I'll come and join you there. We'll betogether again I promise Rae. I won't let another thing happen to you."

"But what about you?" it was the first time she'd spoken and she had tears streaming down her face and her voice quavered slightly "What if something happens here? What if he figures out where I am and tries to hurt you?" The surround ing trees started to grow an eerie black and rose out of the ground as the empath continued. "I can't let that happen. Not to you." She said the last part barely above a whisper. She was shaking. The boy put his arms around her and slowly a fire surrounded the two Azarathians and the girl's shaking subsided as it always did.

"Nothing will happen Raven. I swear it.Oh and before I forget." He let go of her to dig around in his pocket, but the fire remained never harming them, just keeping them warm form the now growing wind . When he found at last what he was searchin for he handed the girl a small box wrapped in a crimson paper. She looked at him curiously but opened the box never the less and gasped at what she saw. Inside was a beautiful belt made of gold with several circles of red and black surrounded by gold. The boy smiled at her astonished face.

"I knew you'd like it" He said. "It's beautiful," she whispered as she run her small hands over the material. "It's more than just for sure you know" he smirked at her curious look and he quietly took the belt from her hands and buckled it around her waist, the violet haired girl watchin all the while. He then diminished the fire surrounding them and scooted away from the girl.

"Hey don't do that!" the girl yelled "It's... not cold." she looked down at her waist and stared at the belt. It was warming her just as the bot always did. It had the same comforting, and secure feeling that the boy had on her when he held her.

"I transferred some of my power into the belt to mke sure you don't get cold down there on Earth without me." The girl responded by throwing her arms around him and holdin him tightly. The boy returned the hug with just as much force and whispered words of comfort to the now sobbing girl. The trees and bushes around the two were surrounded by a black aura or started to burn due to the crying children. "Don't forget me okay dark princess? Don't let everyone else make you forget me." the boy murmured.

"I couldn't forget you if I tried Kyzein, I couldn't if I tried..."