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Raven and Kyzein landed on the cool ground in front of the T-tower, Kyzein pressing a hand to his head to stop the island from spinning.

"Are you sure you want then to know about all this?" Kyzein asked following the violet haired girl into the tower and up the several flights of stairs.

"They'd find out one way or another. It's just a matter of time." They opened the door to the living room and Kyzein sat on the couch clutching his head while raven put some tea on before sitting down next to the boy.

"Let me see your cut, it's not bleeding too bad right now." She reached out and placed her hand on either side of his head, she brought his head lower so she could see the gash through the organized mess of hair. This of course brought their faces within inches of each others and if her eyes didn't start glowing, while Kyzein's head became numb it would have been a rather awkward moment.

Raven watched as the cut on his head slowly healed, and once she was sure that the procedure was over she carefully let go of his head and he leaned back in his seat. He looked up and smiled at his friend silently thanking her, she nodded her head and held eye contact with him staring into his deep green eyes…. when the tea kettle screeched. Raven blinked , breaking the look they had shared and turned her head towards the kitchen before getting up and turning off the stove and making them both steaming cups of tea. She levitated his to the front of his face which he gratefully accepted with a smile.

"So are you gonna tell them when they get here or wait a while longer?" Raven shook her head gently, her violet locks swaying.

"No I think it's best if I tell them all today, at least that way they have time to digest the information before Sharvra comes back." Kyzein nodded just as the elevator door opened and out stepped the other four Titans. Starfire flew over to the two on the couch her hands clasped in front of her.

"Friend Raven we were worried the 'Sharvra' had come back to take you back to where you were missed." Raven quirked an eyebrow and looked to Robin.

"That man, Sharvra, said that you were missed at home. We were worried he might come to the tower and take you." Cyborg walked over and sat on the other end of the couch next to Kyzein and looked at Raven.

"So Rae, I'm sitting down. What are you gonna tell me about this Sharvra character?" Raven sighed and motioned for the rest of the group to sit down as well. She rose and faced the couch where her friends were all sitting, then thinking better of it turned to Kyzein.

"I'm gonna need your help explaining…..things." Kyzein nodded and walked over to stand beside her, then the two levitated off the ground, knees gently touching, and then Raven opened her mouth and began to speak.

"Well I guess the best place to start any story is the beginning. This story starts at a place called Azarath. My home planet. The ruler of that planet is the demon Lord Trigon, Trigon was a ruthless ruler who cared nothing for the people of his planet. While the people of Azarath suffered and starved Lord Trigon ate only the finest of delicacies and pampered his army while they trained to become fearless killers. His army was the strongest in the galaxy and he was greatly feared by most of the planets. Then, one day Trigon met a human girl named Arella. He formed a certain…liking towards her and then one day, he raped her." Starfire gasped. "She became pregnant with Trigon's child. It would be the first and last time that Trigon would sire a child, but Trigon being a demon and Arella being a human their child would be a half-demon.

"Their 'relationship' was forbidden, never before had a ruler had a half breed for a child, so the unborn child was considered a bastard and the mother, Arella, a whore. Arella eventually had the child and it was a healthy baby girl. The whole planet shunned the girl and her mother, for what they were, but it could not be overlooked that, half demon or not, the bastard child was still the only living heir of the great Lord Trigon. So the two were held inside the Lords palace, locked inside it's large walls. This would eventually become the place that Arella was to die in.

"Once the mother had passed away the child was neglected, kept alive, but only until the planets council could come up with a way for Trigon to have another child so that they could rule the planet once the Lord has passed on. But then on the child's second birthday something extraordinary happened, something that the council hadn't expected. The baby had powers. This was unusual, for half-breeds rarely showed any special qualities form their demon parents. This of course pleased the Lord, maybe this could benefit him. He trained the girl, night and day, in etiquette, fighting, telekinesis, telepathy. But he punished her if she got one thing incorrect. The punishments were…. terrible. He would physically beat the child or use any of his powers to cause her pain. She would lay on her bed bleeding cuts from where he had whipped her, bruises from where his fist connected with her stomach and a nurse would have to come wipe her tears and heal her cuts and scars.

"But there was one good thing in the child's life, she met a boy. He was a servant's child and dressed in rags but the two became friends, for they were both special. They both had powers. The boy unlike the girl was a full demon, but he didn't treat humans they way the rest of his race did. He saw no reason to rape them or to cause him pain. So the two would meet and 'play' in the halls of the castle. This relationship was also forbidden, the future ruler of the planet playing around with a common servant boy? When Trigon found out he was furious and beat both children to within an inch of their lives. From that day forward the girl was to have someone watch her at all times. A bodyguard if you will. A demon named Sharvra was given the job. But the two friends still met in secret and the boy's mother an extremely kind demon pitied the girl and helped to feed her and made it so the friends could meet without being caught. Then came the day that the friends had been waiting for, on the day of the girls ninth birthday a cargo ship would be able to take the girl away from this planet and her father. She could go to a small distant planet called Earth. At first the girl was thrilled, away from her father at last, but she realized the risk the boy, his mother, and the cargo flyer were taking. If they were ever caught the consequences would be severe. But they risked it anyway. The girl arrived safely on her new planet with nothing but a belt and memories to make her remember where she had come from.

"So she started a new life, just as she had promised the people she loved that she would. She lived on the streets for a while until she was found by a family who took care of her until she felt it was time to move on. She eventually did and joined a team of teenaged super heroes. I think you all know the rest of the story, and I think for the most part you figured out who the small girl and boy with the powers were."

The room was silent, absorbing the information they had just been given. That little girl and boy had been Raven and Kyzein. No wonder they're so close Robin thought. Cyborg smiled and threw his arms in the air.

"Oh it's a happy ending ya'll! I mean with friends like us how could your ending be anything but happy?" Raven smiled.

"I have a couple questions though." Robin said leaning forward "What ever happened to Sharvra? Wasn't he punished for letting you escape Raven?"

"And what's with his voice?" Beastboy asked looking at the two "How was he all inside my mind and stuff?" Raven shrugged and looked pointedly at Kyzein.

"I wasn't there, so I can't tell you too well. But he can." Ky nodded

"Trigon was furious when he found out Raven escaped, he went on a rampage throughout the whole planet turning over every rock and checking every household for her, killing anyone that got in his way. Of course me and my parents were his top suspects but he couldn't find any direct evidence saying that we had been a part of the plan. Of course I think it helped that my mother was sister to the lead council member. But as for Sharvra, well he was not so lucky. Trigon thought it was his fault Raven had escaped and punished Sharvra most severely, in the end he left nothing of his mouth left on his face. If he were to lift that mask you would see a horribly disfigured chin but nothing more. That is why he has to speak telepathically, he has no mouth to speak from." The Titans shuddered.

"Oh man that is sooo nasty." Beastboy shivered.

"And Trigon?" Robin questioned ignoring Beastboy, "What about him."

"He had to stay and 'rule' his planet. But Azarath has gotten much worse, even the rich are half starving and our cities are in ruins. We need a real ruler. But Trigon is getting weaker. He is over a thousand years old and is nearing his death, he is still the most powerful person on Azarath but he no longer has time to sire another child. He needs Raven back there if he is to continue ruling through her. For as long as the Lord lives he is absolute ruler, Raven would just be his spokesperson." Robin nodded.

"So now he wants Raven to come back to Azarath so his throne won't be given away." Kyzein nodded.

"And he'll get her back, no matter what the cost."



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