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Chapter one: Party Animal

Ed and Al sat in their room bored out of their minds. Ed was reading a book on advanced Transmutation and Al was staring out the window. It was mid-afternoon, the

sun was beaming through the window, pigeons were hanging on the windowsill, and besides the fact that it felt a hundred degrees outside, it was a nice day all in all.

A knock on the door broke the silence. Al stood up and answered the door.

It was one of the military recruits.

"Edward Elric?" The man asked, as he looked past Al to the blonde with his feet propped up on a chair.

Ed shut his book and stood up. Walking over to the door, he yawned and stated,

"That's me."

"Colonel Mustang asked that I deliver this to you," he said as he handed a letter to Ed.

As the Fullmetal Alchemist opened the letter and began to read it, the recruit continued,

"He wants you to attend the military ball that's tonight at seven o'clock."

Ed looked up at the man.

"So it reads," was the reply.

He sighed and folded the letter back. He glanced at Al who was still standing beside him.

"And what of Al?"

"Um…Colonel Mustang asked that it just be you. Sorry."

"Oh! I don't mind, Ed. You should go. At least you'll have something to do," Alphonse explained to his brother.

"Are you sure, Al? I mean, you don't mind being here alone?"

"Not at all! I can go about the town."

Ed sighed again and looked up at the officer once more.

"Well…alright then. But I don't have anything nice to wear," Ed shrugged with his eyes closed.

The man thought as if he were trying to remember something.

"Oh, yes. Colonel also told me to tell you if you didn't have anything to wear that there's a man at the end of 4th street that could rent you a tuxedo."

"Well, alright then. Thanks."

Ed closed the door and the footsteps were heard by the man that just left the stoop. He sighed and read over the letter again. He glanced at Al and stated,

"Wanna go help me find a tux?"

Al seemed to jump at the opportunity to help his brother.

Upon arriving at the shop, the two brothers noticed that it looked rundown compared to the other stores. A bell went off when they entered and they began to take a look around at all the suits. Ed fooled around and took a dress off one of the racks and pretended to be a girl, making Al laugh.

They took a look at all the tuxedos until Al came upon a black and white one that was just Ed's size.

"What about this one, brother?" Al asked, showing his brother the suit.

Ed came up to it and looked at it, inspecting every crease and stitch.

"That one has yet to be rented out," an old voice called behind the two boys.

The man looked about in his sixties. He had a gray hair, a bald spot on the top, a gray mustache, small brown eyes, and wrinkles in his forehead and from smiling.

"It's a nice tux," Ed replied, drawing his eyes back to the suit.

"It's one of my better models. You could try it on and see if it fits. There's a dressing room in the back," the old man explained.

"Sounds good."

Al handed Ed the tuxedo and the blonde walked to the back. The dressing room was very old fashioned. It was an old wooden door and walls.

Ed took off his coat and shirt, replacing it with the tuxedo top. Kicking off his shoes, he removed his pants to put the suit pants on. He put on some black leather shoes that were already inside to changing room.

As he opened the door, he fixed the cuffs of his shirt and straightened it out.

"How's it look?" He asked the old man and his brother who turned their attention to him.

"I like it!" Al exclaimed.

"It looks very good on you. But there's something missing."

The man went back behind the counter and pulled out an old box. Removing the lid, he took out a red tie that lay within.

"Try this on."

He handed it to Ed. It took Ed a couple minute before he finally got the tie right and he then buttoned his jacket back up.

"Okay now?"

"Now that's perfect," the old man smiled.

"Great! I'll take it," Ed laughed as he went back into the changing room to put his other clothes back on.

He paid for the suit and Ed and Al left to head back.

Then they arrived, Ed looked at the clock and noticed that it was already five-thirty. They had taken more time than he thought looking for a tux. He went straight to the bathroom and started to get ready.

It wasn't until six-fifteen that he exited the bathroom. Al was reading a book when he came out.

"So, am I good to go?" Ed asked as he made sure there was no lint on the outfit.

"You look great, Ed. But uh…if you don't mind me asking, how are you planning on getting there?"

"I was gonna take the bus."

He looked at the clock.

"I better get going. It's a long ride. Are you sure you don't mind not going?" Ed asked with a raised brow.

"Not at all! You should go have fun. I'll be walking about the town until then. Okay?"

Ed nodded. He said goodbye to his brother and left.

It was going to be a fifteen minute walk to the bus stop and Ed sighed knowing this. But he pushed the thoughts away and started walking. He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked up into the sky which had already grown dark.

He was almost half-way there when he heard a beep from behind.

He stopped and turned around to see Roy Mustang in a jeep coming up on him. He slowed to a stop and looked at the fifteen-year-old.

"You clean-up pretty well," Roy stated blandly.

Before Ed could argue, Roy continued.

"Jump in. Unless you want to take the bus," he offered.

Ed gave a glare to Roy but didn't protest. He went around to the passenger side and got in. Roy hit the gas and started driving.

After ten minutes of driving, Ed thought it was too quiet and was going to enlighten the mood (or try) but Roy started first.

"I was surprised you would even go to the ball."

Ed looked at the older man.


"Because I figured that you wouldn't want to be around a bunch of military personnel at once," Mustang replied as he stole a quick glance at the boy sitting next to him.

"If I told you it was because I was bored, would you believe me?" Ed asked with a weary smile.

Roy did an odd half-smile.

"More than you think."

Ed went silent again as he tried to think of something to ask relating to the subject.

"If you thought I wouldn't go, why did you invite me in the first place?" Ed pondered as he crossed his arms.

"Because everyone else had already been invited by someone else. I was the only one who hadn't asked anyone so I figured I see if anyone had already told you about it. Looks like I have good-timing."

"Or really bad-timing. However you want to look at it," Ed shrugged with a snort. "After all, it's obvious I wasn't exactly the top person on your list to take."

"Actually I was planning on asking you anyway. I was just too busy and never got around to it until this afternoon."

Ed hid his face as it turned a small tint of red.

Why am I blushing? It's Mustang! Why am I so nervous all of the sudden? Ed asked himself and wasn't sure on the answer.

"Ed?" Mustang asked as he looked over. "Why'd you just go quiet all of the sudden?"

"Eh? No reason!" He stated nervously as he shook his hand.

They finally came upon the building in which the ball was being held. To Ed it looked more like a palace!

They walked up stone steps and entered two giant doors that had carvings of heaven and hell on it. When they entered inside, there had to be well over a hundred military personnel.

"W-O-W!" Ed exclaimed. "This is…big!"

"Tell me about it. The Kazer Palace. We hold the ball here every year," Mustang spoke out.

They talked for a bit about the yearly military ball; at least until Riza came up. She was wearing a silver evening gown and earrings. She started talking to Roy and gave him a glass of champagne. Since Ed was too young to have alcohol…well you get the point.

When Roy left with her because she wanted to show Roy something, Ed tried to spark a conversation with someone else but soon realized how out of place he felt. He was surrounded by so many people and yet he felt as if he was all alone. Who knew that Roy actually made him feel useful? The Colonel was so harsh but for a brief few minutes, he was the only one who even spoke with the teen.

Why the hell did I come to this stupid thing? The blonde asked himself. I shouldn't even be here. I should just leave. Walk home. I think that's what I'll do. It's only an hour walk. What could happen?

And with that, he backed towards the double-doors and left.

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