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Chapter eighteen: Perfected

"You really don't understand the concept, Roy," Maes stated, shaking his head. "You have to get into his head."

Roy glanced over at Hughes, a slight amount of annoyance showing. "Whatever you say, General."

"Awe. Don't use such a formal name. You're among friends." Hughes grinned his usual, lopsided grin with his eyes shut. Roy only sighed and shook his head, nodding slightly.

Currently, it seemed the only thing that the General was interested in talking about was to see if he got anything out of Ed. To Roy, having Hughes talk about his daughter would be less annoying. With the condition the chibi was left it, he would rather not discuss the topic. Yet Maes pressed onward, as if testing the Colonel's nerves.

"If you had him interrogated, I'm sure he'd finally give in."

"Can we just drop it, Hughes? It's been a long day and I'd really like to stop this discussion."

He pouted slightly. "You're no fun, Roy. C'mon. What's really on you're mind? You can say it." Roy just faced back to the front with an agitated look playing on his handsome features. "Upset because he was fucked besides someone other than you?" Roy's black eyes shot open as he turned sharply to face the General and watched that same face begin to slowly take on shape.

The hospital door creaked open and Ed shot up at once. He let out a whoosh of air when he saw that it was Lieutenant Hawkeye and Maes Hughes. Hughes gave his one-handed wave as Riza walked over to Ed's bedside.

"How are you feeling, Edward?"

The chibi gave her a reassuring smile with his reply. "Everything okay here." He let a clam expression follow afterwards. "What about you guys? Everything going alright at Headquarters?"

"Same ol'. Same ol'," Hughes replied as he, too, walked over to the bedside. "Oh! And good news! They said you'll be able to leave later on today. That is, if you're feeling up to it."

He let a stern expression play on his features. That expression received an innocent smile from Ed, guilty played.

"You bet! I can't wait to get out of here." He nodded his head. "The sooner the better."

"That's to be expected from you, Edward," Riza said as she gave a short smile.

For all truth to be unveiled, the chibi's biggest worry was being let out of the hospital. That would make him vulnerable once again, leaving him in the clutches of the horrid homunculi. However, if he even saw Envy again, he would be sure to make him regret it. That wretched smirk would be removed from his godforsaken face. Nonetheless…

"So what's the colonel up to?" Ed asked, referring to Roy.

Riza looked at him oddly, and Hughes, noticing the lieutenant's look, decided to answer for the both of them.

"Dunno. Haven't seen him for a while now. Last time I saw him, he was here, watching you for the night."

Ed shook his head.

"That's can't be right. When he left he said he was going to see you guys."

Maes and Riza exchanged glances.

"Maybe we missed him?" Hughes shrugged, however, though his tone sounded as if he was just going to pass it off, his body movements said differ.

After that, Hughes began to shift nervously and Riza continued to keep glancing at the door. Ed decided to end this.

"You guys can go on ahead and head out. I'll probably be let out in a few hours."

"Are you sure, Ed?" Maes asked with a serious, yet nervous, expression.

"Yeah. I'll meet you guys back at H.Q later."

"If you're sure," the Major said as he began to head for the door. Riza bowed and gave Ed a farewell as she left and right as Hughes was to leave, he stopped and spoke over his shoulder. "Take care, Ed."

Ed only nodded as the door shut behind Maes.

(Sou asobi datta
Sukima no tada umeta dake
KIZU tsuketa kokoro wo iyashite)


Roy dropped his weapon while he ran; realizing that he was now out of bullets and the extra weight was weighing him down. Well, he knew who was responsible for Ed, the only flaw was that he was about to be taken care of so he would never slip up.

He skidded to a stop directly in front of the homunculi. Envy outstretched his hand and gripped the collar of Roy's uniform.

"Why run? C'mon now. Even the chibi didn't run this much. You're actually tiring me out."

"Would you just stay the hell away?" Roy asked forcibly as he brought up his leg and kicked Envy away from him.

He took off once more, this time he dove into a local bakery loaded with customers. Some looked at him strangely and he gave an innocent smile and a wave.

"Everything's all right here, folks!" He grinned as he held up a hand, as one would to surrender. As they turned back to their own business, Roy heard a voice by his ear.

"Fine. I won't do anything to you here. I guess I'll just go back for chibi-san."

Roy spun around, only to see that the green-haired homunculi had vanished. He gritted his teeth and took off out of the store, heading for the hospital.

He intercepted Hughes and Riza on the way, and had them run back to the hospital with them, explaining it all on the way.

"Yes!" Ed hyped as he signed a release form. "Freedom!" His arm was now in a sling and he was using crutches, but overall, he was still as sane as one would be after…point made.

Right as he exited the hospital, he saw the three military members exit a vehicle and head for him. He gave a smile and a wave, now nervous.

Great! What is it now?

The three ran up to him, thankful that he was all right and surrounded him. After convincing them that he wouldn't need protective custody (I've been watching Law & Order too much lately) he headed back to the car with them.

"I'll be fine! The apartment is right around the block. And besides, Al should be back soon. He'll drop by here first, though because he originally went to the library to pick up some books." He said convincingly.

Riza shook her head but agreed.

"If you're sure you can handle everything, Edward."

"Don't worry!" He smiled.

"Take care of yourself then, Ed," Maes practically commanded as he climbed into the car after Hawkeye.

Roy stood there for a moment and then shook his head to Hughes and Riza. "I'm gonna head over with Ed. After all, he may trip over a crack and hurt himself," he said as he flashed a grin towards the chibi who shot him a dirty look.

"All right. But be careful you two."

The car door shut and they left, but not before waving through the window; at least Maes did, anyway.

Ed glanced up at Roy once the car was out of sight.

"So where did you really go?" He asked with a look of concern.

Roy just grinned and looked down, replying 'nothing.'

"Don't lie! I'm not a kid, Colonel."

Roy sighed and told him…everything. At the end of it, Ed was staring at the ground, mumbling 'bastard' to the vacant Envy.

Roy wrapped his arm around Ed's shoulder as they began to head back to the apartment.

Above them, sitting high on a rooftop, Envy sat with Lust and Gluttony, staring down at the unsuspecting couple. Envy pouted as he sat with his elbow on his knee and his chin in his hand.

"I thought for sure I had him, too! Damn that Roy Mustang for interfering. I should have just taken care of him…"

Lust laughed to herself.

"Well, that's what you get, Envy, for playing around. Had you have just finished off the Fullmetal Alchemist in the beginning, we'd be through with this."

Envy turned his head towards Lust and stared up at her, his cat-like eyes reflecting the sunlight. "I was just trying to have some fun."

Lust just sighed and stared down below at the two once more. "So what now, Envy? Are you giving up?"

Envy looked back down and let his grin etch across this face.

"Oh no. Sooner or later, Edo-kun will be mine. But my first mission…if to take care of that colonel…and everyone that currently surrounds Ed. So I guess I have to get to Roy first. That Major...Major Hughes…he'll be first. Then Roy…then I'll get to my sweet, sweet chibi-san."

Lust just nodded. "Don't get caught, Envy. Father wouldn't like it." She turned to Gluttony. "Let's go, Gluttony." They walked away, leaving Envy to stare at the walking Roy and Ed.

He began to rock back and forth, singing:

"Hey my baby

Even if you think mutually

The lie is used for the mind.

You're my special You're my bad boy

Don't tell a lie anymore to me

It only has a word to arrange it easily.

Hey babe just my hot boy

To you who wants to compromise only even a little

I just want you babe

You're my bad boy "All of me is not caught.

Hey babe just my hot boy

I want you to try to watch again.

I just want you babe

You're my bad boy."

He stopped suddenly and grinned once more. "The game's only just begun, chibi-san."

From Koda Kumi's song: Lies.

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