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Chapter 1: A Day in the Life

Kagome sighed one more time. She had been doing that a lot lately. There was nothing to do around the castle. She could talk to Sango, but Sango was cleaning Queen Sayuri's room.(That's Kagome's mom) She could talk to Miroku but she wasn't getting groped again. She looked out the window and sighed again. She saw the town, bustling with all the people and she frowned. How she WISHED she could go to the town, without a guard or without her mom. She stood up and walked out her door and walked down the long halls to the kitchen. She walked over to the maids cooking dinner and sniffed the air.

"Wow! This smells great!" Kagome said smiling at the cooks. The cooks smiled back. They had known her since she was a little girl, and they knew that Kagome was a very caring child. She was sweet and helpful, and always knew how to cheer others up.

"Thank you Princess Kagome." The cooks said, stoking the fire every once in a while.

"Oh, Kagome dear!" Kagome hear somebody say. She turn around and met her mom.

"Hello mother." Kagome said smiling.

"Kagome dear. I need you to come to town with me. We need a new slave." Sayuri said, giving a sack of silver and gold coins to the guard coming with them. Kagome shivered at the word slave. She hated using and hearing it. It just didn't sound right.

"Ok mother. Can Sango come as well?" Kagome asked, grabbing an apple from the basket on the table next to her.

"No dear, Sango still has to clean my room. Now let's go." Sayuri said, as she walked out the door, into the carriage waiting.

"Ok mother." Kagome grabbed another apple, just in case somebody needed it, and followed her mother.

(Ok they are in the town now.)

"Everybody! Straighten up! The Higurashi's are coming!" The slavekeeper said, hitting all the cages with a stick. (Like they do in jail) All the slaves were kept in different places. The humans were kept in the front, the demons in the middle, and the hanyous in the back. Queen Sayuri and Princess Kagome walked into the slave shop, Kagome reluctantly, and they were greeted by the slavekeeper.

"H-Hello Queen and Princess!" The slavekeeper bowed in respect.

"Hello. My daughter Kagome here needs a new slave. Please show her your best ones." Sayuri said.

"Y-Yes ma'am! Please, come this way Princess." The slavekeeper said showing her the way.

"Actually, can I look myself? It's easier for me that way." Kagome sad politely.

"Princess, I'm not sure if that's a good idea." The slavekeeper said, worried for the princess.

"Please sir?" Kagome said, really wanting to go herself.

"Ok, Princess, whatever you say. Go straight, humans are first, then demons then hanyous." The slavekeeper said, venom in his voice at the word hanyou.

Kagome walked through the shop, looking at the humans, who were very desperate to get bought. She then walked past the demons, who growled at her. She backed a little but kept walking to the hanyous. She looked in the cage and saw two people. A bigger boy, who had silver hair to his waist, and had dog ears on his head, and a smaller boy, who sat in the bigger boy's lap. He had a blue bow in his hair.They were both sleeping, but probably very uncomfortably. Kagome opened the cage and walked over to the two boys. She kneeled by them, and looked at them. They both looked peaceful but scared. The bigger boy sniffed the air and slowly opened his eyes. He looked directly at Kagome and she jumped back.

"Whoa, you scared me there." Kagome said as she smiled at the boy. "Hello, I'm Kagome."

"A-Are you the Princess?" The boy said, scared.

"Yes, I am. What is your name?" Kagome said sweetly.

"His name is Inuyasha!" A small voice said. Kagome looked around and someone jumped on Kagome's shoulder. Kagome smiled.

"Umm, Hello there little boy and Hello Inuyasha."

"Shippo! Get off the Princess's shoulder!" Inuyasha said as he grabbed Shippo off Kagome's shoulder.

"No, that's ok Inuyasha. Now how would you two like to live at the palace with me?" Kagome said smiling.

"At the palace!" Inuyasha and Shippo said.

"Yes, at the palace." Kagome said giggling. "Is that a yes?" Inuyasha and Shippo shook their heads vigorously.

Kagome laughed. "Alright, but you have to tell me one thing. Shippo, why are you in the hanyou section? Aren't you full demon?"

Shippo looked at Inuyasha "How did she know?"

Kagome smiled "I have my ways. Now, before we go, would you like a apple Shippo?" Shippo jumped up and smiled. "Yes master!" Kagome shook her head. "I'll give it to you, if you promise me something."

Shippo scratched his head. "Ok."

Kagome smiled and handed Shippo the apple. "Never call me master. Just Kagome."

"Ok Kagome." Shippo said with his mouth full.

"Inuyasha, would you like an apple as well?" Kagome said taking the other apple out.

"Yes I would Kagome." Inuyasha said taking it and eating it quickly.

"Ok, are you ready?" Kagome said standing up. Inuyasha and Shippo nodded. "Alright, let's go." Kagome said walking towards her mother and the slavekeeper. Inuyasha and Shippo walked through, ignoring the comments about 'filthy hanyous' and 'disgusting creatures'. Inuyasha kept his head down.

"Mom! I found two!" Kagome said, walking to her mom. Her mom looked shocked and the slavekeeper was as well.

"Why do you want this filthy hanyou and this small demon? Are you crazy?" The slavekeeper said.

"Excuse me sir! But I chose them myself and I respect my decision. So maybe you need to respect it as well." Kagome said, shock and dismaid.

"Y-Yes princess. That will be 5 gold coins and 2 silver coins." The slavekeeper said...afraid of her little...outburst. Sayuri paid the slavekeeper and walked in front of Kagome.

"Kagome where are we going?" Shippo whispered to Kagome.

Kagome smiled and looked at Inuyasha and Shippo. "We're going home."


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