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Chapter 3: What happened?

By: Light of the Sorrow

Beta'd By: OokamiHanyouGurl

There was an awkward silence at the dinner table that night.

"So Kagome, dear, I think it's time to find you a husband!" Sayuri said cheerfully to Kagome., who began choking on her food.

"Mother, I'm only 17!"

"And what a perfect time to get married! Oh, I meant the nicest prince the other day. His name is Kouga, he's 19. He's a perfect gentleman and-"

"I don't want to get married yet! I want to grow up a little first! I want to go outside without guards for once!"

"Now, dear, get that stupid thought out of your head right now. There are robbers and kidnappers and all sorts of terrible people out there!"

"I haven't been outside by myself for 17 years, that's not fair!"

"Yes it is, I make the rules, you have to follow them." Kagome huffed and dropped her fork.

"Excuse me mother, but I've lost my appetite." Kagome started to pick up her plate, but Sayuri scoffed.

"Never pick up your own plate. Get that new slave of yours to do it." Kagome rolled her eyes but called Inuyasha over. Inuyasha eyed Sayuri wearily and stood next to Kagome.

"Yes master?" Kagome cringed at master.

"Take my plate." Kagome said, trying to make it less of a command. Inuysha picked up her plate and walked into the kitchen, Kagome following him.


"She just gets on my nerves sometimes Sango. She wants me to get married to Kouga!" Sango gasped.

"Kouga, the one that is like, obsessed with you?"

"Oh god, Kouga?" Miroku walked in the room. "Why are we talking about him?"

"Apparently, Kagome's mom wants her to marry wolf boy." Inuyasha said, cleaning Kagome's dish.

"You know him?" Kagome asked, sitting on the floor.

"Yes, he hates me because I'm a hanyou and I hate him because he's an asshole." Inuyasha scowled and made Kagome laugh.

"Kagome, why are you on the floor?" Sango said, tilting her head mockingly.

"It's comfortable?"

"Oh, Kagome dear, it's time to write to Kouga!" Sayuri called. Kagome hit her head against the floor.

"Ok mother." Kagome got up and starting walking out. "Kill me now!"


Kagome pounded her head against the table she was sitting at. It seemed like forever and all she had was 'Dear Kouga'. What could she put? She thought for awhile...would her mother be reading this? She hoped not.

Dear Prince Kouga,

I'm very sorry, but I don't want to marry you. My mother is forcing me. I'd love if we could be friends, but I'm not ready to get married.

Sincerely, Princess Kagome

She smiled, it was very short but to the point. There was a knock at her door as she folded the letter and yelled a come in. Inuyasha poked his head inside and stepped in the door.


"Yes Inuyasha?"

"Can I ask you a question?"


"What happened to your father?" Kagome grew silent. She remembered that day like it was yesterday.

"Mommy, mommy, look at this letter I got from daddy!" 7 year old Kagome ran to her mother.

"What does it say Kagome?" Sayuri smiled.

"It says that he's coming toda-" A knock at the door interrupted Kagome's sentence. Kagome cheered and ran to the front door, opening it. There was a man dressed in black, looking sorrowful.

"Is Jo'o Sayuri-sama present?"

"Mommy, there's a man for you!" Sayuri quickly came to the door with a smile, which soon disappeared as soon as she saw the man.

"I'm sorry Sayuri-sama, but there's been a carriage accident. King Akira...he's dead my queen."

Kagome gasped and started crying. "Mommy, he's lying. Daddy can't be dead! No, Daddy has to rule the kingdom!"

"I'm sorry Kagome..."

Kagome wiped a tear away from her cheek. "So, that's what happened."

Inuyasha smiled. "It's ok, he would want you to be happy."

"But atleast you have a father."

"Keh, he wasn't my father. He was my master. He'd kick me around because I was a hanyou, when it was his fault in the first place!" Anger boiled in Inuyasha and he got up and left without a word from Kagome. Kagome kept quiet soon after, but got up and walked to the servant's hall.

"Sango, open up, it's me!" The door opened and Sango ushered Kagome in.

"Kagome, why did you buy Inuyasha, he's really rude." Kagome was confused.

"He's really nice to me..."

"I think he's nice to you because you saved him."

"You just need to open him up I think."

"Oh Sango darling, I thought it was cold and you needed warming up." A voice said from the door. Kagome gave Sango a funny look.

"Go away Miroku!" Sango said embaressedly, Kagome giggled and whispered a goodbye and walked out the door.

"Goodnight Miroku!"

"Goodnight Kagome."

"How did you know it was me?"

"Who else would be in Sango's room at night?"

"You?" Sango came out of the door.



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