Declaimer I do not own Pokemon Nintendo does

Declaimer I do not own Pokemon Nintendo does.

This is a Team Rocket story. But there is no Jessie and James or Butch and Cassidy. It's a little hard Because they're not even born yet when this story begins. With that said it has begun.

Two figures stood up on a window ledge of the Cerulean city warehouse. The gazed down at two trainers having a battle.

(Battle mode)

Trainer 1#: "MacChamp Mega Punch!"

Trainer 2#: "Charzard fire spin"

Both pokemon obeyed and started their attacks but the MacChamp was quicker and it stopped the Charzard in its tracks. The mighty fire pokemon fell to the ground defeated.

(Battle mode off)

"Nice battle Adam no hard feelings" said the second Trainer.

"No hard feeling Bob besides I won"

The two trainers recalled their pokemon and were about to leave when a little gray orb landed at their feet it. Gas came rushing out of it. " cough cough It's a smoke cough bomb!" the trainers said.

"ha, ha, ha, ha came a man's voice from above"

"Prepare for Trouble" the voice of woman shouted.

"And make it Double" came the man's voice again

"To cause are enemies devastation"

"To rob them across the nation"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love"

"To extend are power to the starts above"



"Team rocket blast of beyond speed of light"

"Surrender now or lose the fight"

The to trainers were blinded by the smoke and were caught off guard when an Arbok wrapped around them. The smoke soon cleared and the Trainers could see the two figures.

The man had short brown hair and brown eyes. He wore the black team rocket uniform(you all know what it looks like) The woman had long purple hair done in a comet style she had blue eyes and wore the woman's version of the uniform.

"Who are you?" said Adam

"Were Team Rocket and we are here to steal your pokemon" Jack said.

before he hit each of them over the head knocking them out.

When the trainers awoke they were alone and with their pokemon gone.

At some cabin in the woods.

"Jack another successful mission"

"Well it was your plan Miyamoto. Get the trainers to fight in the warehouse then use a smoke bomb on them." he said as he sat down on the bed next to her. He slowly put his arm around her. She then leaned into him.

"Jack you're so sweet lets go to bed"

"no thanks I'm not tired" he said.

"Who said anything about sleeping" she said smiling seductively.

Jack just smiled and turned out the light.

End of chapter one