Shadow of the past part IX "Some how I knew"

Get ready sniff it's short but a real a tear jerker.

(Jacks POV)

I sat down on the bench, the same bench I sat on when my daughter went away to pokemon tech, and Jessie was supposed to arrive weeks ago. But the she never came home. The school called and said she disappeared. Its my fault she ran away, Maybe if, I hadn't yelled at her she would be home now.

It was most likely that last part "I'm very disappointed in you Jess"

Soon it became clear if I was to find her I'd have to look for her my self,

I got up and started walking, All I had were the cloths on my back and six pokemon.

Arbok, Jolteon, Kadabra, Ivysaur, Chansey, and Nine Tails.

I told my self I'd find her even if it took ten years.

But some how I knew I would never see my daughter again.

{The End}

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