Trapped and Paralyzed

(WARNING: This story deals with the matter of rape and sexual assault. Reader discretion is strongly advised.)

Chapter One – Eyes of Fear

Chris Halliwell, 16 years old, ran into his house, and slamming the large oak doors behind him. He locked them and turned off the porch light, and he then he pressed his back against the doors, gripping the door knob with all his strength, trying to forget what had just happened. Had it happened? Why did it happen? Breathing hard, Chris Halliwell stood their, he looked down at himself, his white shirt was stretched out and his jeans were wet, from the pool. The pool. It was coming back to him now, his coach, the pool, the other guys, the locker room, everyone was gone, he was about to leave, then his couch. He shut his eyes. His hands were shaking, he was breathing harder.

Chris Halliwell slid down the door, still gripping the door knob. He landed on the ground, his hand shaking harder, his was scared. More scared then he has ever been in his entire life, he was terrified. Sitting on the ground, the event began to play back in his head.

Chris heard foot steps from the kitchen and they walked into the foyer. It was his brother Wyatt Halliwell. Wyatt was 18 years old and he had just gotten home from wrestling. He had his big green duffle in one hand and his backpack on. He had a dark green shirt and blue jeans. He started up the stairs and then he heard someone breathing hard. He looked over and saw his little brother sitting in front of the doors. He seemed only to breathe.

"Chris?" Wyatt said

Chris didn't move he just sat there looking at the ground. Breathing hard and terrified.

Wyatt dropped his stuff and walked over to his brother. He knelt down and looked at his brother.

"Chris." Wyatt said. Silence. "Chris what happened? What's wrong?"

Wyatt used his hand to lift his brother's face, as Wyatt looked into his brother's face; he saw only the look of shear terror. Chris' eyes were the bright green they usually were; they were faded and full of terror.


Earlier that afternoon…

Chris was swimming, the water rushed passed his ears and body. He could hear his friends cheering him on from the stands. He hit the wall, turning around, he used his feet to launch off, and he was swimming again.

"What an awesome race here!" The Announcer said thorough the speaker system, "Chris Halliwell from Hyde High School, our home school, Michael Latner from West High School and Kelly Losner from Mira Costa High School, all right now in first place in the swimming. It's going to be a tough one."

The crowds got louder. It was a home meet at Hyde High School, and Chris Halliwell was one of the best swimmers on the team, and in the region. Then he remembered what his mother said, "If you can win this, agents all around country will be asking for you by name."

"Twenty feet, and still Halliwell, Latner, and Losner are all still in the lead. Ten feet!"

The crowds roared all shouting "Halliwell", "Latner", and "Losner". Chris shot his arm out and he touched the wall and the buzzer roared over the crowds.

"Whoa! To close to call, all refs will now look at the motion cameras for final call." The announcer yelled.

Chris pulled himself out of the water. So did Latner and Losner. Latner was a very small, toned and very curly brown hair. Losner was big, muscular, and looked mean. As Chris pulled himself out of the water, the girls from Hyde School whistled and cheered.




The girls liked to come to the swim meets and practices to check out the guys, Chris was no exception. He had been working out all summer and winter for the spring meets, and it seemed to pay off in more ways then one. His endurance and strength had greatly improved, but as his looks. The Girls liked his hard stomach and navel and well developed chest and arms. Chris grabbed his white towel and sat down on the bench waiting for the results.

"Nice job dude!" Said a senior, it was Jason Lee. He was like Chris' best friend on the swim team, and team captain.

"Good Luck!" Said Loren Sanchez another swimmer.
"Beat those rich ass guys from Mira Costa." Said Jesse Orlando another swimmier.

Chris pulled off his swimming cap and threw it on the ground. Then somebody grabbed his shoulders and started rubbing them. "Don't worry Halliwell." He said

Chris knew who it was; it was the Assistant Coach, Jarred Black. He and the other couches would massage the swimmers before each meet or stressful moments like these. Jarred Black or just known to the swimmers as Black was a rather tall man, and very strong. Rumors had spread around that he could bend a metal pole without ease; no one had actually seen it happen. He had brown hair and very young and kind face.

"Thanks." Chris said, as Coach Black stopped and went over to the head coach, Alex Orange, she was a young coach, with her red hair always in a pony tale and very stubborn. They started talking and both looked toward Chris' way. Then he pulled his attention to the three refs looking over a screen. The refs seemed to have come to a decision and walked to the microphone. The elderly man, who was bald and little fat, turned on the microphone and spoke into it.

"The Results are in." He said, "In a tie for second place is Losner and Halliwell-"The Hyde School and Mira Costa crowds cheered, but the West High crowds roared. "In First Place is Michael Latner!" The entire place roared and cheered.

The refs pulled all the swimmers over and gave them metals. Standing on a bench, Latner with a gold metal around his neck and Halliwell and Losner with silver ones, Chris frowned at his metal.

"Let's give a hand to all of our schools." Said the announcer once more, "Hyde High School's next meet will be March 8 at Mira Costa for regional, and there Mira Costa, West High, Hyde High School, South High, North High, and Redondo Beach High will all face off. Have a good day everyone."

Chris stepped off the bench and walked over to his teams, and then he was smothered in people. Guys were rubbing his head, slapping him on the back.
"Nice job Chris!" Jason Lee said coming out of the crowds of people, "I told you we would make it to regional, and there you kick all their asses and we can go state."
Chris smiled and saw a crowd of girls watching all the guys and Coach Black was smiling at him, giving him a thumps up. Chris smiled back.

"BABY!" a girl yelled, Chris turned around and saw a tall, girl with brown hair and dark skin run his way. It was his girlfriend, Bianca. Chris opened his arms as Bianca landed in them, she kissed him. "Awesome job."
"thanks." He said back, then kissing her.

"Baby I am so sorry but I got to run, I have a doctor's appointment, but call me tonight okay."
"Bye I Love you!" She said running off into the crowds.
"Bye!" Chris yelled off.

Chris turned around and saw about four guys watching him. "What?" He said
"You were going to say it." Said Jesse

"Say What?" Chris replied.
"I Love you baby!" Loren taunted.

"I love you too baby." Jesse taunted back

"Shut up!" Chris said as they laughed. They all grabbed their stuff and walked into the locker rooms.

"So Chris how far have you gotten with B?" Jesse asked opening his locker

"None of your business." Chris said opening his own locker.

"Awe, that far sorry dude." Jason implied.
"I would have hit that by now." Loren said

"Honestly." Jesse said

"Shut up guys! That's my girlfriend you're talking about." Chris said slightly annoyed.
"That's my girlfriend your talking about." Jesse taunted back at Chris.

"You don't want me to bring up Christina now do you?" Chris said back to Jesse.
Jesse looked at Chris, and then he shut up.

"Dude come on let's go celebrate." Jason said, as he pulled on his jeans and shirt.

"Celebrate what?" Chris said

"Your silver."
"Why? I have like 10 more of these at home, shame it wasn't a gold, it could have been lucky number seven."

"Well then grumpy Gus let's just go out, met us at Pizza Hut in like twenty minutes. Want a ride?"

"No, I'll walk I got to think about some stuff." Chris said

"Alright see you there."

The locker rooms began to empty until Chris was the only one their. He privately removed his Speedo and then pulled on his jeans. And then pulled on his white shirt and black sneakers, sitting their sighing he pulled his back pack out and put it on his back.

"Nice job out there." Said Coach Black walking into the locker room, and closing the door, and sitting down the on the bench that was ran in between the lockers.
"Thanks." Chris said, "How close was I from Latner."
"Orange said you were about a eighth of a second off. They almost called a three way tie, for first, but the refs believed that it was the right call."

"Oh okay." Chris said digging in his bag again. He pulled out his necklace it had triquetra on it, and put it on. He hands were still wet and slippery.

"Want some help?" Coach Black said.
"Okay." Chris said uneasy. Coach Black stood behind Chris and took the necklace and connected it.


"You're Welcome." Coach Black just stood behind Chris, for a moment. "You smell good." He said Chris turned around and stepped back giving him a weird look.
"Well-"He tried rearranging his words, "The cologne you are wearing smells good."

Chris looked at him weird, he got an uneasy feeling. "It's just Axe."

"Oh okay. Which One?"
"Phoenix I think, why?"
"Just curious. I got to go, see you later."
"Bye." Chris said

Coach Black tore off walking around the lockers. Chris stood there for a second it was weird. Was his coach coming on to him? Then suddenly the lights in the locker room went black.

"Oh shit." Chris said, He felt around for his duffle and backpack. He grabbed them and was off, but the doors were closed, he put his hand out and feeling the wall. Trying to find the door, he felt an indention in the wall, the door. He was about to open then somebody grabbed him, and through him to the ground.

"WHOA!" Chris yelled, but then somebody put their hand over his mouth and then put a sock in it, muffling him. Chris tried to punch but then someone grabbed his arms and held them down, he moved them beneath his back and held them down. The person's legs were on top of Chris'. Chris tried to scream through the sock trying to spit it out, but it was too big. His shirt was forced up and he felt a persons hand run over his stomach and chest. Chris tried with all his might to get away but nothing, he was trapped.

"I need to have you." Said a mans voice.

Chris tried to scream through the sock but he paralyzed, he couldn't move.

Chris didn't know how long he was lying there, but the man ran after only a few minutes. Chris got up shaking, feeling for the door, and opened it and ran. He looked at his watch, 7:31pm. Terrified he ran from the gym and the school, to home.

(NEW EXTENDED VERISON - I have gone through and edited content and added some never before scenes. So I hope you enjoy this. Happy Reading!)