Chapter Nine – Payback, Part Two

Everyone looked at Chris.
"Look, I am fine!" Chris snapped back at them, "I am not going to break down again." Chris turned and walked into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed a diet Pepsi.

"What did you say to him?" Piper asked her father, Victor.
"I didn't say much I was more like holding his hand, and being there for him." Victor replied.
"May I ask what happened up their?"

"Well." Victor said sitting down on the couch, Piper sat next to him. "He was really, really worked up. I've never see you girls cry that much even to this day. It seemed like he wanted to tell me something else besides the rape thing."

"Like what?"
"I don't know. It was something in his eyes that said something, but I couldn't understand It."
"Anger?" Phoebe asked

"No it wasn't anger. It was something. Put it to you like this, you know how you girls would always really connect with your Grandmother more then me?"
"Well yeah."
"Dad, she was a woman and we were girls." Phoebe said

"That's my point; I think because the Elders have been keeping Leo so busy, the only real older male in the house hold he has been keeping looking up to is Wyatt."
Everyone looked at Wyatt.

"How many times has Leo actually spent time with Chris? And how many times have you, Wyatt, spent time with Chris in the past few weeks?"

"Well Chris and I go out a lot, double date sometimes and just hang out." Wyatt said

"But how many times have you and Chris gone out, in lets say, the past two weeks.

Wyatt thought for a moment. "Like 5 or 6 times."
"Okay, now how many times has Leo spent time with Chris?"

"None as far as I know."
"Where you going at this?" Phoebe asked

"My point is, what I think Chris was trying to tell me, was he needs an older man to bond with. Older than Wyatt, like a father figure. And I think he wanted me to do that with him up their."
"Why would he need that he has Leo." Piper said

"But Leo, from what you've told me and I am getting right now, isn't here for Chris."
"I am here for Chris." Leo said walking into the room.
"Leo!" Piper said

"Leo, I meant no disrespect. I was just saying-"
"I know what you were saying." Leo said, "But my job is keeping me busy from my family."

"So ask for some vacation time." Victor said

"I can't just ask for vacation time. I have other charges-I mean clients."
"I am sure a week wouldn't hurt your other witches and wizards you watch over."

"He's right Leo." Piper said.
Leo sighed. "I'll go ask," he said orbing out.

"So where's Chris anyway?"
"Kitchen." Piper said

Chris sat at the kitchen table with a diet Pepsi in his hand. He was thinking. Then Victor, Piper, Phoebe, and Wyatt walked into the kitchen all sitting around the table. Before Victor sat down, Chris asked him to talk with him outside. In which he did.

As Victor and Chris went outside, Paige leaned over to Piper, "I think this proves Victor's point."
"oh you think?" Piper said.

Chris closed the doors, to the backyard, and they sat together on the white painted, Victorian, Iron bench. Chris looked at the flowers. Then he drank deeply from the can of Pepsi.
"I heard what you guys were saying in there." He said

"Oh, you did?" Victor replied

"I am sorry kid, I didn't mean to offend you."

"Don't be sorry. Matter of fact you've been the first person to actually figure me out in a long time. Actually the only person since I last saw you at Christmas."
"And it's good, cause Leo isn't doing that great of a job."
"Don't you mean your dad?"
"No I mean Leo. Fuck man." He said with a slight laugh.
"Hey, what did I say about swearing?"
"It's okay."

Chris drank again. "Well when it happened, and I came home, their was Wyatt, and he's been their with me through out the entire or deal. And Leo hasn't been there that much for me lately. I mean he's their for Mom and Wyatt, almost all the time, but never for Me."
"I am sorry kid. I really Am."
"Don't be. It's not your fault. I mean I have Wyatt and you, and Mom, Aunt Paige and Aunt Phoebe, and Darryl Morris, the cop dude. I mean I got every I really need."

"You don't mean what you're saying are you?"

"Are you saying you don't what your father anymore?"
"Well," Chris looked up, he thought for a moment. "I always believe in giving people second chances, and if Leo wants to be part of my life again, that's great. And if not…"
"I'll be here, until the end of my days."
"Thanks." Chris said with a smile.

"No problem."

"I wonder what their talking about?" Paige asked

"They're talking about us, and Dad." Wyatt said
"God I hope it doesn't turn out all for nothing." Piper said

"What are you talking about?" Wyatt asked

"Umm…Wyatt, sweetie, can you give us some room for a second I really need to talk with Paige and Phoebe alone. And no snooping!"

"Okay." Wyatt said orbing away.
"Paige is he near?" Piper asked in a low whisper.
"No he's in his room." She replied.
"Okay good." Piper said, "I hope it wasn't all for nothing that when Chris came back from the future."
"What are you talking about all for nothing?" Phoebe said

"Well, Leo still isn't their for Chris."

"Oh." Phoebe said

"But he's a Whitelighter now, not an Elder or an Avatar."

"But he still isn't their. Look you can just tell by the way Dad and Chris are talking, by their facial expressions, which they're connecting."
The three of them watched Victor and Chris talk, and Victor looked like he was acting like someone and Chris laughed.

"When as Chris laughed with that much happiness on his face before?" Piper asked

"A long time." Phoebe said
"Agreed." Paige said

"I just hope Leo can connect with Chris one way or another." Piper said

"He will honey, just give it time. I mean look, you haven't died yet, so that's means something." Paige said, "That him coming back really did change a lot."
"But not enough."

Chris and Victor got up from the white iron bench and walked inside. Chris walked through the kitchen without talking to his mother or his aunts and he smiled. Victor beamed at his daughters and step-daughter and then looked over at Chris.
"When he talks it's like nothing ever happened. He's he." Victor said, sitting down next to Piper.
"That's good." Piper replied.
"But he is angry, but not at Black."
"Who?" Phoebe asked


"You see, I told you!" Piper exclaimed.
"How is he angry at Leo. He didn't call him Dad, he called him Leo." Victor said, "I knew he wouldn't be a good father."
"DAD!" Phoebe nearly yelled.
"Leo is a good father."
"Then why is Chris feeling neglected?" Victor asked them

The day continued without ease or trouble. Victor stayed for dinner. They made Chris' favorite. Macaroni with Cheese, and Piper's Butter Biscuits. Wyatt liked this too, they both inhealed their plates before the sisters or Victor were halfway done. They said a farewell to Victor as his cab waited for him outside. He told Chris to call after everything had passed. He promised. After lots of hugs and kisses goodbye, the Halliwell's waved goodbye and watched the cab roll around the corner.

As Chris stood in the night, on top of the damp earthy grass, something in him felt good and safe, but as the cab leapt around the corner, the light faded. He remembered when he would run after the car when he was little. But he was more grown up now. He walked inside with everyone else.

"you okay?" Piper asked him, closing the large oak doors.
"Fine." Chris said as he gave a small smile. He then ran up to his room and shut the doors.
"Some is wrong." Phoebe said as Chris was out of hearing range.
"What are you talking about?" Paige ask

"Well Leo hasn't come back yet."

"So." Piper said

"It's been almost 12 hours." Phoebe said, "They never keep Leo that long."
"Well maybe he's with another charge or something." Piper said

"I don't know." Phoebe said

"Well figure it out; I am going to have a big slice of that Chocolate Cake in the kitchen." Piper said padding her sister's shoulder.
"Woo, good idea." Paige said following her.

Chris lay on his bed, and with a smile on his face he thought of the torture he was going to inflict upon Coach Jarred Black, the next morning at school.


Chris woke up, and this time he didn't turn over and go back to sleep, he turned on the light and went to his closet. He looked around; he pulled out a pair of black dickies pants, his pair of black sneakers, a black shirt and another black Speedo. He changed into them. He then went under his bed and pulled out a pine colored box, titled, "Chris' Torture Potions." He slid the cover off, and their laid 8 long potion viles, all very deadly. He carefully took three of them. A dark green colored one, Roots, a light blue colored one, Fire, and a orange colored one, Agnony. He slid them in his pocket. Smiling, he grabbed his backpack and yellow duffle bag, and went from his room. As he put his stuff on the floor of the foyer downstairs, he was greeting by the smell of breakfast cooking.

"What you cooking?" Chris asked Piper who was attending the oven, and pulling out a pan of muffins.
"Muffins, I made your favorite, Banana Nut!" She said with a smile

Chris gave her a small smirk, "Why are you asking so nice?"
"Trying to make it easier."

"Then why aren't you making Melinda's or Wyatt's favorite?"
"I did, Chocolate Chip for Melinda and Raspberry for Wyatt."

"Well I am off to school, I'll see you later." Chris grabbed a warm Banana Nut muffin. And turned his back.
"You know you don't have to go to school today, you can stay home." Piper said with a concerning voice.
Chris stopped, he almost broke down, but he had to stay strong. "I'll be fine."

"Okay, then."
"Have a good day, I love you."

Chris left from the room, grabbed his backpack, put the muffin in his mouth, and grabbed his duffle and orbed from the foyer.

Wyatt walked down as Chris orbed away. Wyatt was dressed in a white and blue button down shirt, with a blue t-shirt under it, blue jeans, and sandals. He had a pair of brown sunglasses resting on the top of his head, and cologne which made his mother cough.
"Oh awesome, Raspberry, thanks!" Wyatt said

"Sweetie-"Piper coughed, "You're welcome, just-"She coughed again, "Not so much next time okay."
"Alright." He said, he grabbed a plastic bag form the drawer and put about 4 muffins in a bag. And an extra one in his mouth. "Thamunks!" He muffled through the muffin.
"Don't talk with your mouth full."
"Sorry." He said swallowing.

Piper then took an attitude to more serious things.

"I need to ask you a favor, please."
"Sure, what is it?"
"I need you to watch over Chris today. Please?"

"Well I was going to do that anyway. I mean you don't go from crying to sane in like 10 minutes."

"What did Grandpa say to him?"

"I don't know, neither he nor Chris wouldn't tell me, but I am glad someone got through to him."
"Me too."

Wyatt blinked and was very pensive for a moment.
"What?" Piper asked

"I don't know I just felt like very weird for a moment, oh well."

"Have a good day okay."
"Will do." He said. Wyatt went from the kitchen.

Wyatt went back to his room, swallowing the last bite of muffin, grabbed his bag and duffle and car keys and went down to his car.

Chris' orbs materialized in the boy's locker room. He felt his pocket, making sure the potions were still there, they were. He smiled. He put his stuff down, and went to the door. He placed his hand and then his mind replayed the event in his head. He felt fear, and then he felt courage. He opened his eyes and went into the gym. No one was here, thank god. He saw the light was on in the office.
He walked over. He opened the door…


He opened the door, and he saw his man. Jarred Black was there on the phone. He put his hand, as a motion for "What a minute." Chris smiled, keeping his fingers on the Agony potion in his pocket and ready to use his powers if necessary. He sat down on the chair opposite of his desk. Then fear, lots of fear filled him. Why is here? He could rape Chris again! He had to leave, NO! He needs to seek his revenge, he needs to! Wyatt is out in the open, he can call for him. He felt safe.

Black was typing on the computer now, looking as he always did to Chris, before he raped him. A professional, decent, good man, but all he saw now was scum! A perverted man with no sense of life or innocence. He wanted to kill him right then and their, but he couldn't. Chris kept his fingers wrapped around the orange potion. How was he going to do this? In the office? Drown him in the pool? Or slowly torture him in the roots and a ring of fire around him. He smiled. Black hung up the phone. OH GOD!

"Good morning, Christopher, how was your weekend?" Black asked

Chris was floored, is this guy fucking serious? He's crazy. Just play along.

"It was interesting. How was yours?"
"Awesome." He said with a very evil smile. He got up from his desk, Chris suddenly felt scared again. He needs to be ready. WYATT HELP! He stood up, to be safe. His eyes followed Black, he thought Black was going to open the door, but in fact he was beginning to lock it.
"What are you doing?" Chris asked

Black must have turned and locked 3 locks. Then he turned to Chris. Chris was shaking in fear. He began to walk back.
"Well Chris, I had an awesome weekend, and I hope to have an awesome Monday."

Chris was then stopped, by a wall. Oh god, oh my fucking god! Wyatt Help! WYATT FOR GOD'S SAKE HELP ME! PLEASE! WYATT!

Chris had his fingers around the potion, but they didn't move, he froze.
"No, please! No." Chris managed to say.
"Well what kind of stupid does it take to come back into my office? Well you apparently. Bron and no brain. Smart." He placed his hand firmly on the wall next to Chris' head. Chris looked at in fear. Then he felt another hand on the back of his hair, it was pulling him down.
"NO PLEASE! WYATT!" Chris screamed.


Chris was pulled to the ground, he wanted to throw the potion, and he couldn't, why can't he? Just jerk your hand, and make sure the potion lands at his feet. He felt Blacks hand moving around his hair. "So beautiful Christopher, so beautiful." Chris, found his courage again. He looked up. He telekinecally threw Black against his desk. Chris got up and went to the door, and begin to unlock them, then, Black was on him. He pinned Chris against the door. His courage vanished.
"No please, I'll do anything, please!" Chris pleaded.
"Sorry, but I have to have you again."
"Oh god no!" Chris said, tears were forming in his eyes, then with all his might, and all his voice, he yelled. "WYATT! WYATT! WYATT-" Black's hand muffled him.
"No calling for your brother, why do you call for him?"
"Cause he's knows I'll show up." Said a voice behind them. Black turned around. "and for future reasons, pervert, fuck this!" Wyatt punched Black in the face. Black was thrown against the wall. Chris was still paralyzed against the wall. He took Chris' hand, and orbed out of the office.
Chris and Wyatt orbed back on the other side of the door in the gym.

"What the hell do you think you were doing in there? Trying to get raped again?"

"No, I was going to kill him." Chris finally said, his hands still shaking.
"I am taking you home."

"NO! I have to do this!"
"And freeze up again? Fuck no!"
"FUCK YES!" Said a voice, the door had opened, and Black stood their. Before Wyatt could react, He had tackled Chris, and they were both in the water.
"NO!" Wyatt said.

Chris was being dragged to the bottom, tow hands gripped around his neck, he couldn't breathe. The potions fell from his pocket, Chris didn't notice. Chris was beginning to black out, and then orbs around him, and then he was back on dry pavement. Next to his brother.
"Are you okay? Chris?" Wyatt said as Chris laid on the ground. He didn't move. Black lifted himself outside the pool. And looked at Wyatt kneeling at Chris, he saw Wyatt's butt.
"Oh I would love to ride that." Black said.
"No you don't! Stay away from him!" Wyatt said standing up.

"NO! He's mine!"
Wyatt felt a sudden wave of anger, his empathy power was kicking in, he felt Chris emotions towards Black.
Wyatt never felt so much anger and hate in his life. He put his hand and Black froze, he threw him against the wall. Black whimpered in pain.
"You asshole! Now you pay!" Wyatt said, a ring of fire appeared at Black's feet. Chris opened his eyes and saw Black screaming in pain, and Then Wyatt conjured an athame in his hand, and then he stabbed Black, square in between the legs. He yelped in pain. And then he was vanquished in flames. Wyatt's empathy, stopped. He looked down at Chris. He helped Chris to his feet. And then Chris said, "No, I don't want to talk about this, please lets just move on from this."
Wyatt didn't argue.

Chris went off into the locker room. Changed into a dry pair of jeans that he had in his duffle and a dry shirt, he then put his duffle in his locker, and his backpack on his back and went from the room. With his brother, Wyatt they went into the school. Chris saw Bianca.

"Why didn't call me?" She said, Chris didn't answer, with his arms he embraced her and kissed her. Forever he kissed her. He never wanted to let go, never wanted to feel what he felt. And for that, she shouldn't have to know. Chris pulled back and saw all of Bianca's girlfriends smiling at her.
"Wow, what was that for?" She asked

"Because I love you." He replied.
"Oh well thank you. How was your weekend?" She asked

"Don't ask." Chris replied, and with Bianca he walked off.