Love's in the air in the Konoha Village! And Sakura's just made an inner revelation; she's in love with NARUTO! Can she tell him? What's he doing on a date with Hinata! Has he forgotten about her! And who is this mysterious girl who's stolen Sasuke's heart away? [NaruSaku SasuOC]

I just re-edited this entire story. I am making as many changes as needed, in hopes that it will inspire me to finish up the damn story. I've been trying, so what?

About Shikai Kana: She's an OC. She's based very loosely off of me, but she is NOT a Mary-Sue. She's far from perfect. She doesn't have a dark past. She isn't going to have every boy fall in love with her. She is not related to anyone in Konoha. Shikai means "Sight" and Kana means "Power" She was originally named "Luffy" but I changed it. Her bloodline limit is Mind-Reading. It's a "third-eye" called the Shinregaku-Me meaning psychic eye. She has to expand little chakra to read basic thoughts, though it is often muddled. She has to use significantly more chakra to predict movements of her opponent in battle.

When I started writing this story I hadn't decided which Sasuke couplings I liked yet. All I knew what I hated SasuSaku. Now, I have an extensive list, but this story is already started.

This is a very short first chapter but I don't care. I wrote this a very long time ago. It was my first fanfiction and the first one I ever put online. I can't stress that enough. I'm working very hard to make this good. I know it won't get as much love as my others because I have an OC in it, but hell, shut up, I didn't know.

ANYWAY. This is written pre-Shippuden. Please do not forget that.

Main Pair: Naruto/Sakura

Secondary Pair: Sasuke/OC
Featured Pairs: Ino/Shikamaru, Temari/TenTen, Neji/Hinata
Mentioned Pairs: Asuma/Kurenai, Jiraiya/Tsunade

Dedications: This story is dedicated to MelanieStar who was my first real reviewer and liked my stories. I really enjoy her reviews. I hope she stays around. She's a real sweetie. X3

Warnings: If you consider NejiHina incest, then there's incest and if you consider yuri bad, then there's some TemaTen. So suck it up. There's a little language and some light sexual humor. *faux gasp*

Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto
Fiction and Shikai Kana © Courtney Dracon (LuffySP)

I Just Wanna Say "I Love You"

Chapter 1: Sakura and Kana

"I love you,"


"Te amo."

"I, Sakura Haruno, LOVE YOU!"

Sakura sighed and stared at her own reflection. She brushed her rose colored bangs from her emerald eyes and inhaled.

"I love you." The words came out in a smooth, blunt fashion. She smiled at her mirror twin. "I like it." She told herself. He wouldn't understand beating around the bush. Her heart skipped a beat suddenly. She was really going to do this.

She was really going to confess her love to Naruto.

It had taken her too long to realize how she felt about her teammate. She could not believe she had been so blind. Naruto had always been there for her, yet she had been far too obsessed with Sasuke to see the boy waiting patiently by her side. She had never even bothered to give him a chance.

That was about to change.

However; doubts crushed momentary elation. What if he rejected her? She had spent such a long time trailing after Sasuke, he could have gotten bored. He could have moved on. That little purple-haired girl followed him around constantly. It was obvious she had a crush on him. What if he reciprocated her feelings?

Sakura attempted to shake these thoughts from her head, "He likes you right?" she told herself. "It'll be fine. You'll confess and he'll sweep you off your feet onto his white stallion and you'll ride off into the sunset." Sakura reassured herself. She looked back up into the mirror. Fear made her look pale. She needed makeup. Fiddling through the piles of beauty products on her vanity, she brightened her cheeks and eyes with a few small strokes of a brush.

She chose a blue top with short, puffed sleeves and a black skirt. The top had a low scoop neck she thought made her look just a little bit more gifted in the T&A department. She grabbed her bag and called her goodbyes over her shoulder, rushing out the door.

- 0 -

Sakura trotted down the streets of Konohagakure, searching for Naruto. Until recently, she most likely would have been searching for Sasuke, but things had changed. Consumed by her own thoughts, Sakura didn't notice where she was walking. She crashed into a girl.

The girl fell on her behind and let out a low grunt. She looked up at Sakura, "SORRY!" They said together; then laughed. Sakura held out her hand and helped her up.

Sakura surveyed the girl standing before her. She was taller than herself and her violet eyes were incredibly wide. She was foreign. The hiate headband on her forehead was that of the Village Hidden in the Clouds. The girl's hair was long and black, it fell past her waist. A long purple bang fell over her right eye. She was cute. The girl smiled at Sakura and held out her hand, Sakura took it and they shook hands. She had odd gloves on, ones without fingers. The dark haired girl dropped her hand.

"I'm Shikai Kana." The girl grinned to show sparkling white teeth, which were oddly sharp. Kana wore a black halter top. The collar wrapped around her neck like a choker. The fabric was oddly shiny, almost deep violet. Underneath the shirt were short fishnet sleeves and fishnet covered her flat stomach. Her eyes were so dark, they almost glittered. Kana hitched up her white skirt and grinned again. She treaded on one of her knee-high violet sandals. It was as if she didn't know what to say.

"Oh, hi!" Sakura greeted her pleasantly. "I'm Sakura Haruno." Kana studied Sakura intensely. Suddenly, Sakura felt a little self-conscious. It was as if Kana's eyes were burning through her.

"You're pretty." Kana stated plainly, looking Sakura up and down. Her eyes drifted over Sakura's low-cut blouse and stayed momentarily.

"Uh… thanks?" Sakura didn't exactly know how to respond to the comment. It was uncommon to meet a person and tell them how attractive you thought they were. What was with this girl!

"I've got to go see the Hokage." Kana looked up into her eyes this time. She placed a comforting hand on Sakura's shoulder. "Sorry to unnerve you like that," she apologized quickly, "but I thought you should know that the boy you like will think you're just as pretty as I think you are." She winked.

Sakura opened her mouth to say something, but Kana cut her off. "I can read minds." Sakura turned her head to the side. "It's a bloodline limit my clan shares." She explained quickly, "Now I really have to go, the Hokage is supposed to assign me a temporary team." She turned on her heel. "Why don't you try his favorite place? Boys aren't very difficult to predict." Kana included as she left, tripping over herself as she ran.

Sakura stood for a second, thinking. His favorite place? It hit her suddenly, Ichiraku! She sped off in the opposite direction.