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Chapter 7: The Set Up

As Kana exited Ichiraku she thought back to what had happened since she came to Konoha. She was happy with the way things were going. Everyone was really concerned about Sakura and Naruto. They wanted them to get together. Kana thought it was sweet that people could care so much about each other. She was glad that people of the Hidden Leaves cared so deeply for one another. She hoped she could bring that back into her village.

"Kana-San…" She turned to find Sasuke, following her up the street. He looked as though he had something on his mind. She raised an eyebrow. "I need to tell you something."

She stopped walking, "What?" she questioned, her usually brash attitude was masked. She was calm and collected. She was going to play with Sasuke. She knew what he was going to say, she just wanted to hear him say it out loud before she gave him any kind of satisfaction.

He took a large intake of breath and stumbled over the words he'd never thought he'd say, "I—I like you…" he spat out. She smiled slowly. It was exactly what she wanted to hear.

"I like you too." She told him. He blushed, surprised.

"R—Really!?" he said almost excitedly, but not enough to break his usual somber demeanor. Kana nodded and they stood there for a minute before Sasuke asked, embarrassed, "Now what?"

Kana turned back into her old self and burst out laughing. Taken aback, Sasuke's face reddened, "You have no idea how this works, do you!?" he blushed harder. "You kiss me now, stupid." She grabbed his navy shirt and tugged him into a kiss.

The chemistry between the two was palpable. Sasuke didn't understand love very well. He thought being alone was the only way to go, but the more time he'd spent near this girl, the more he'd realized he was wrong. Everyone deserved to be happy… even him.

Kana ended the kiss. She smiled at him, "I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Anko wanted to meet us at the big ass Hokage thing at two. Goodnight."

"C—can I walk you home?" He said, smiling slightly. The first sincere smile he could remember wearing since his parents' death at the hand of his brother all those years ago. Maybe happiness wasn't so far away…

Kana held out her hand and Sasuke took it. They entwined their fingers and she flashed him her spiky toothed grin, "Heck yes!" she beamed.

- 0 -

The Next Day…

A collection of ninja waited underneath the wall for Anko. It had been only two days, and yet so much had transpired since they'd met in the clearing. There were four new couples that had all managed to get together over such a short amount of time.

Naruto and Sakura, sadly, were not one of the happy couples. They were far away from each other as the teams waited for Anko to arrive. They both saw when Sasuke and Kana ran up into the crowd hand-in-hand.

If Sakura had been drinking anything, she would've spat it out. Sasuke and Kana!? They'd gotten together before her and the man she loved? That didn't seem fair! Sakura burned with jealousy. She wasn't jealous of Kana, she was jealous of the couple. She was happy that they'd found each other, she just wished she could have the same satisfaction.

Sakura looked over to see Ino's reaction to the new couple. She was surprised to find that Ino could care less about Sasuke and Kana. She was far too busy chatting animatedly with Shikamaru. She was seated on his lap, absentmindedly playing with his hair while she spoke. Shikamaru didn't seem the least bit upset at having Ino pampering him while she talked endlessly. He was smiling slightly, listening in that bored way of his.

Neji and Hinata were conversing quietly. They had their foreheads pressed together and their fingers entwined. Sakura had never seen Hinata talk so much in her life. She was still quiet and shy, but she seemed so much more at ease with herself now that she had Neji's hand in hers.

The couple that struck her the most however, was Temari and TenTen. They had skipped past conversation entirely and were kissing shamelessly. It didn't disgust her to see two girls kissing; she just didn't realize that they had so little shame! She wished she could do that!

She looked over at Naruto. He was staring around at all the couples with just as much surprise as her. Sakura wondered what he was thinking, wishing she had Kana's mind reading powers.

If she had had mind reading powers, she would've have known that Naruto was having the same problem. He watched the couples with burning jealousy. He wanted to be happy too. He had every right to, didn't he?

The chatter was cut short as Anko appeared unexpectedly in a puff of smoke. "Hey guys!" she looked around, spotting all the new couples immediately. She smiled, "Looks like love's in the air!" she said and then, noticing the gloomy faces of Sakura and Naruto she added, "Well, for some of us at least."

"What are we doing today?" Kiba asked, fearfully, "Please God, don't make me—"

Anko cut him off, grinning, "Don't worry, Kiba. I'm not going to make you guys do anything like that today. Kiba won't be in control." The entire group sighed in happiness. Nobody wanted a repeat of the last time. "Does everyone remember studying Chakra placement? Focusing your Chakra into a specific part of your body?" they nodded, "Great. What did you do?" she asked. Naruto raised his hand. She pointed to him.

"Kakashi-Sensei made us climb trees." he told her.

She grinned and clapped her hands together, "Perfect!" she smiled, "Because I want you to focus all of your Chakra in your feet and climb up the wall." Nearly everyone's mouths dropped open. She returned the shocked looks with a grin.

"That'll spend all of your Chakra, though!" Sakura cried out fearfully, "If you fall, you could die!" Anko smiled devilishly and nodded.

"If you're talented then you'll be able to save yourself when you fall. Use your personal talents so you won't fall to your demise. But when you climb up, I expect you to use only your feet and your control of your Chakra. Just like last time, there will be no jutsu." She eyed the group, an evil glint in her eye "Got it?" she asked. They nodded shakily.

"What if we can't control our Chakra well?" Kana asked, sweating slightly.

"Then you die." Anko laughed sinisterly.

Kana's eyes widened, and Sasuke squeezed her hand. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, I'll never let you fall." She blushed slightly and stood up with more confidence.

"You're so lame it's adorable." She whispered back into his ear. He blushed and frowned, glaring at her out of the corner of his eye. She smiled back at him and kissed his cheek playfully. Sasuke's blush intensified and he looked at his sandals.

"Get ready!" Anko screamed. The young ninjas arranged themselves in a line at the base of the stone Hokage. "Get set!" They stood erect, eyes closed, focusing their Chakra to their feet. A low current of energy vibrated the ground. "GO!"

Clothed feet slammed into the base of the rock and pattered upwards like hail on a tin rooftop. Temari pulled ahead of everyone else. She ran to the chin of the first Hokage, but slipped over a dusty rock. She fell backward. In a flash, she grabbed her fan off of her back and whipped it open, gliding down safely over the tops of everyone's heads. Temari flipped the fan closed and landed on her feet in front of Anko, tucking it on her back. "Shall I try again?" she asked. Anko smiled and nodded, gnawing on yet another piece of strawberry pocky. Despite having a girlfriend, Temari blushed. It wasn't all that easy to get over an attraction to such a stunning woman.

Temari shot back up the stone faces of past Hokage.

- 0 -

Meanwhile, Hinata was struggling, clinging desperately to the lips of the Third Hokage. She felt her fingers slipping. She couldn't get a good grip on the giant's lips. Her sweaty fingers slid off of the granite.

Hinata screamed. She had no way to slow herself, she would die. Tears sprang to her eyes, she clenched them shut. Suddenly, she felt another's fingers entwine with hers. She opened her eyes looking up into the sun blurred view of her savior, but by the way the hand felt, she knew who it was.

"I love you." She told her rescuer.

"I love you too." Neji smiled down at her.

In the meantime, Kiba was scaling the faces with ease; clawing into the stone. When he felt himself beginning to fade, he wedged himself into the Second's nostril taking deep breathes. He smiled to himself, waiting for the perfect moment to enact Kana's plan.

Kiba knew his job. He needed the moment.

His moment came as soon as an orange jumpsuit fell past his perch. He watched Naruto fall. In mid air, he saw the fox boy throw a kunai into the wall. Looking closely, he spotted the thin thread of Chakra attached to it.

Naruto pulled himself to the wall and skidded downward, landing at the bottom a little dusty, but generally unharmed.

Kiba smiled. Step one was complete and he didn't have to do a thing. He slipped his head out of the Second's nostril and looked around. Looking down, he spotted Sakura running upward directly underneath him, her face concentrated.

He studied her face, she wasn't looking at him. Akamaru barked in his ear, telling him it was time to do it. Kiba nodded and growled lowly, drawing saliva into his mouth, forming a wad of spittle and mucus. He hawked a loogie. It landed directly in the middle of Sakura's forehead. He grinned and stealthily receded back into the nose.

- 0 -

Sakura felt the wetness on her forehead. She didn't even see it coming! Startled, she lost her footing and fell backward. In her fear, she couldn't think of a way to save herself. She screamed as loudly as she could. She wondered why people screamed when they were falling, as if it would slow them. Like it would form some sort of sound ball for her to land on…

At the bottom of the statues Naruto heard a familiar scream. He looked up, and caught sight of the pink-haired girl falling. He focused his Chakra into his feet, though the energy wasn't his. His love for Sakura brought out Kyubuui's red Chakra from the depths of himself.

He ran up the side of the stone wall at super speed. From the base, Anko watched in amazement as the blonde boy rushed up the faces of the Hokage, a trail of dust forming behind him.

- 0 -

Sakura felt like there was no way she could escape. She would die here; there was no one who would save her. Not Sasuke. Not Kana. And especially not Naruto…

Without warning, she felt someone's arms grab her waist. She was pulled back into a warm body, she clenched her eyes shut as her savior skidded down the wall; still clutching her to their body.

She couldn't hear the noise, couldn't feel the dust, and couldn't see her savior. She could smell them, though, they smelled like… ramen.

Suddenly, the movement stopped, and in a sudden influx of activity, all of her senses returned. She could hear the gasps, the calling of her name; could feel the grittiness of the dust in her mouth. She felt like crying, how embarrassing…

- 0 -

From the top of the wall, Kana's voice rang out to her fellow conspirators, "It's happening! It's happening!" nine pairs of eyes flew to the bottom of the wall.

"Do you think he'll do it? Or will he chicken out?" Temari asked as she flipped up onto Tsunade's stone eyebrows.

"I hope not," Hinata said as Neji tugged her up to the top of the wall. She seated herself next to Kana and looked down. "I want him to be happy…" she sighed, tucking her purple hair behind her ear and bit her lip nervously.

"I think he's gonna do it!" TenTen yelled as she flowed up the wall with ease, using her weapons to pull herself to the top of the stone.

- 0 -

"Sakura-Chan, are you alright?" A husky voice asked her, choked with fear. She opened her eyes to find Naruto staring down at her, his blue eyes full of concern. His face was twitching slightly. She felt the shock wash over her.

"N—Naruto?! You're the one who saved me?" she asked in disbelief.

"Yeah…" Naruto blushed, avoiding eye contact. His nose twitched and she smiled up at him. She liked how it felt in his arms. She felt whole, and protected, yet, she felt, if she were back on her feet… she could protect him right back. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.

She voiced her concerns, "I—I thought you were in love with H—Hinata!" Sakura found herself shaking in his arms, clenching onto his orange jumpsuit in fingers like vice grips. She looked up into his deep cerulean eyes, begging for the answer she needed to hear. It would be a moment before he stuttered out the words she was hoping for.

"No, not at all." he told her, "I'm in love with—" he started to confess, but found himself without words. What if she turned him down? That would do him no good at all.

Maybe the risk wasn't worth taking…

"Who are you in love with, Naruto-Kun?" Sakura prodded him. Please say me! Please say me! PLEASE SAY ME!

Naruto's blue eyes flickered with his inner confusion. The boldness he usually held vanished as the thought of all the possible outcomes of the situation. He didn't like his odds. So he stuttered, "O—oh! No one! I'm not in love with anyone."

He placed her on her feet; where she stood, stunned, and ran up the stone faces of the Hokage. Dust blew back into her face. She couldn't move, for her surprise.

As he ran up the wall, Naruto contemplated what he had done. His face burned with his embarrassment. But it was better to pretend he didn't care than to put his heart on the line and have it crushed by the pink-haired vixen.

Love is a many splendored thing. It holds pain and happiness. Your love can destroy you if it is not reciprocated… or even worse… if it is, and then the love of the person fades and they leave you out in the cold, begging for them to return. Some spend their entire lives trying to understand love; yet others, pretend it doesn't exist and don't bother when they fear their heart might be broken, then, they spend an empty existence, never discovering the joy and sadness that can only be shared with another person.

- 0 -

The Conspirators sat at the top of the wall, dumbfounded. Hinata was nearly in tears, her desperation shone in her huge eyes. Kana fell backwards onto the stone and screamed into her hands, more angry than anything else…

"Idiot... idiot… idiot…" Kana mumbled endlessly as her fellow schemers chattered around her. They were in a circle, separate from the group of ninja (including Naruto) that were waiting for Anko. They kept their voices low, their tones serious.

"I didn't think he would back out like that…" TenTen muttered, frowning. "I feel bad for him, I think that he believes if he tells her his feelings, they won't be requited and he'll be left with nothing to fall back onto…" her birch eyes flashed, "I know I did…" she muttered, blushing. Temari placed her arm around her girlfriend's shoulder and pulled her firmly into her body. TenTen fell silent. She smiled into Temari's shoulder.

"I think he was just being a dolt." Kiba spat, angrily. Akamaru barked in agreement.

Neji nodded, "He should've just gone through with it; what does he have to lose?" he asked, tucking his long hair behind his ears and crossing his arms.

"Everything…" Sasuke murmured, eyeing Kana; who was still on the ground, shielding her eyes with her arm, mumbling to herself. Neji looked at him, than at Hinata, nodding to show he understood where he was coming from.

"It's just fear." Ino said, placing her hands on her hips, indignantly.

"Fear drives us all…" Hinata whispered. Everyone looked at her, their eyes wide. It was rare for her to be so vocal with her true feelings. "I believe that it will destroy us too; we are so scared of the outcomes of situations we over think them rather than just doing what we know needs to be done…" Everyone was quiet for a moment, considering what she said.

Suddenly, a voice that had been silent the entire time spoke.

"We're gonna have to pull out the big guns…"

Everyone turned to Kana. "What?" Ino asked, raising a pale eyebrow in confusion. She never understood this weird little exchange ninja. "What are you talking about?" she repeated herself.

"We're gonna have to pull out the big guns…" Kana repeated; her arm was still slung over her eyes. Her black hair sparkled in the sunlight. She removed her arm from her face and pushed herself up onto her elbows and frowned at the onlookers. "They're not going to do this easily…" she muttered.