In the memory of Derek Bentley- the last boy was hung in Britain, in 1953. He was accused of the shooting of a police officer, a crime that he did not commit. It was in 1998, 45 years afterwards when he was finally proved innocent, and his body could be moved away from the shadow of the prison where he spent his final moments.

In drama last year, we had to re-enact the scene, and watch a film "Let Him Have It" which was a dramatised version of the event. I have decided to write a story based on this, and I hope you find this as touching as I do.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

"Ryou Bakura, you stand here accused of attempted homicide, one ritual slaughter, and several thefts from much distinguished museums in our country. How do you plead?"

The judge glared down at me from his lofty perch.

There was no use arguing anymore. "Guilty," I murmured resignedly.

What? The voice of my Yami echoed through the chambers of my mind, reverberating with horror.

"What?" The judge stammered, astonished. The jury erupted at my statement, breaking out into restless murmurs. In the stands, Téa fainted.

"I said, I plead guilty." I uttered each word slowly and articulately, knowing that I was lining out my own grave with them.

"Silence!" The judge brought his tiny hammer down. When there was quiet, he adjusted his wig, satisfied. The next words that escaped from his mouth were cruel, and merciless, and even his eyes had lost what pity they had had all the way throughout the trial.

"Ryou Bakura, you are a monster. You are not fit to walk this earth, and not even chains can restrain you from the monstrous force that has gripped you. You have embraced the devil, and seen that is to your liking. You carry out his bidding willingly with no thought or consideration at all for those around you, those that have loved you and those that still do. No words can describe your condemning actions last night-"

I told you the American justice system is fast! Bakura hissed.

"-when you committed the ultimate crime of all, the one of taking away another's life. Young Marik Ishtar had a full life ahead of him, and you stole it away. Not satisfied with the ritual you had carried out on his body, you then attempted to gain the same feeling of enlightenment by endeavouring to take Yugi Motou's life as well. However, the world was saved from another insane homicide from an anonymous phone call-"

You! Bakura pointed his finger at Ryou, eyes flashing.

"-to whom the world is ever grateful to."

Ironic, eh? Bakura mocked, jeering at my bowed form. Condemned by your own actions.

Nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

"So it is in this light that I sentence you to capital punishment."

I lifted my head up, brushing strands of thick snowy hair away from my tired eyes. So this was it, then. No, the judge looked like he was about to say more.

"However boy, the law is on your side. Seeing as you are under the age of eighteen, then your death shall be swift and painless. You will be executed tonight at sundown. May God have mercy on your soul."

And with these words, my fate was sealed.

I gazed at all the people in the stands. My gaze swept in Téa's weeping form, Joey's unwavering stare, Yugi's bowed head, and the stony glares of all the members of the jury.

They did not understand. No one would. Not even Yugi could begin to comprehend the power I had had last night, when I finally raised the Millennium Rod to the Heavens.

Ripping out Marik's heart had been a symbol of respect; it made sure that he wouldn't be able to return as a vampire or any other member of the undead. But then Yami Bakura had gotten greedy, and cried out that I was being attacked by Marik, to lure Yugi up to the rooftops. There had been a full moon then. I had drunk the moon's milky power, felt her influence burn through my body, spreading to my fingertips. I had been on top of the world, had danced over the city, but I didn't want to hurt my friend. No matter how much Yami Bakura had been controlling me throughout the whole ordeal, I couldn't let him force me to take the life of my friend, even if it meant calling in a higher authority.

So, blinded by Bakura's fiery hold, and burning in agony, I had eventually managed to make the call. And so Yugi had been saved.

But now I was going to die.

A life for a life.

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