He stared at her, confused and frightened. Terribly frightened. "'You're going to die soon anyway.'" Her words stung him more than anyone would ever comprehend.

"Which Chise are you... Right now?" he asked her, questioning the source of that statement. Chise remained silent for a moment.

"There's only one of me. There's only one Chise." Although he was still puzzled, he convinced himself that he understood. He began to feel pity for her, the only emotion that inhaled and exhaled along with him every time he was near her.

She was only a girl. Just a girl.

"She doesn't..." He found her eyes looking back at him, searching for something, trying to read his mind, as she waited for his next move. "She doesn't deserve this. My God, she's just a girl."

Tetsu sighed. "Okay. I get it now." They both hit the floor, Tetsu's body pressed on Chise's, while they kissed. He couldn't remember the last time he had been with a woman. If he had to choose, it wouldn't be this way, forcefully, hungrily, his lust preying on an innocent girl. Tetsu tried to go along with it, picturing Fuyumi in her place, until Chise spoke

"Mr. Tetsu? This is... Unh... This is love, right?" Tetsu stopped groping her once he saw the tears forming in the corner of her eyes. He said nothing, which made Chise hollow. "Can't you just lie to me?" He still said nothing. Chise looked in another direction and began speaking again.

"Shuji was the same way. I hated it." Tetsu listened attentively as Chise talked about everything in the saddest way possible. Even if her body was beyond repair, she still had the soul of a naive girl, still crushing over a lost love.

"Why are you here? Why do you fight? Why do you kill!"

Chise closed her eyes, covered her chest slightly, and replied, "Because I want to live. Why would you ask me that?" Tetsu let his eyes wander to the crack over her breastbone, which was surprisingly small compared to its usual length.

"Don't laugh at me. I'm a killing machine, but I'm in love. I never told anyone this... But... I have a dream. And I'm doing my best to live life." Chise's tone of voice changed. "Mr. Tetsu, it's never too late to fall in love, right? And if I can love, then I must still be human, right? Isn't love a human thing?" Pity rose up inside of Tetsu again. "Silly child..." Chise smiled.

"We don't have much time left on this planet and there's not much left of the person I once was," she continued. "I know I'm a killing machine and I can't be a normal girlfriend to Shuji because of that. All I can do is live and grow stronger. So, until Shuji dies..." Chise closed her eyes. "...I'll always love him and think of him."

"Are you crazy?" said Tetsu with a bored expression on his face. "That won't make Shuji happy."

This hurt Chise. "What?"

"That's a school girl's fantasy! And don't talk to me about love. You haven't even had sex yet."

"I have too! Halfway, though."

Tetsu laughed a little. "What? Did he cream his jeans?"

"That's not what I mean!" Chise blushed. "He. Um. Touched me."


"I can't say," she answered quickly, blushing at the mere thought of her brief intimacy with Shuji. "Here?" Tetsu slid his hand curiously up Chise's skirt.

"Hey!" she whelped.

"Where else could it have been?"

"No..." Chise whimpered. "Doesn't it feel good?" Chise closed her eyes shut and swallowed hard. "Are you embarrassed?" he asked, his fingers rotating where she was mostly sensitive. "Yes!"

"Men feel the same way women do. When you have sex, you expose vulnerable things... Not just body parts. But if you don't take the risk, you'll miss out on the best part."

"Mr. Tetsu... Stop..." He continued, ignoring her pleas. "Men and women have to touch each other's sensitive spots. We have to rub against each other even if we rub the wrong way!" Chise gasped, begging him to stop. "Sure it hurts, but we have to do it or we'll miss out on the joy!" Chise covered her mouth to try and suppress her sighs.

"That's how men and women have to live!" Tetsu finished and caught her under his gaze. "Go back to the base." He got up, leaving her on the floor with a look of confusion on her face. "If I ever see you here again, I really will do it to you. You'll never be a machine to me." Tetsu told her, gently. Her eyes widened. "Mr. Tetsu..." She sobbed and he helped her up. "Go or you'll be attacked again... By me." Her eyes peeked at the bulge in his pants. "I see that."

"I'm not going to walk you back to the base. You're safer on your own." Chise was a little disappointed. "What about you?" she asked while putting her shirt back on. He looked away, crossed his arms and said, "I'm gonna jerk off before I forget the feel of your body and then go back to the base." Chise's eyes widened in surprise and he saw her reaction from the corner of his eyes. "Yes, sir. My balls are about to explode because of you."

"Is there anything I can do to help you?"

"What? You want to help me?" he asked. "Not with that, sicko! I thought that you might get in trouble that you might get in trouble when you got back to the base because I kept you here so long." she told him nervously, trying to forget his perverted comments. Tetsu walked over to his bedside and grabbed his AK-47.

"Don't worry. I may be AWOL, but the officers need every experienced soldier they've got. They'll keep me around to fight." Chise took her belongings and bowed at the doorway. Tetsu lit a cigarette and smiled. "See ya." He waved. "If we ever meet here again, that'll be the day I die."

Chise walked slowly and cautiously, her insides scanning her surroundings to watch out for an enemy. Every time she heard a noise, she whimpered and tried to keep herself calm; she didn't want to accidentally set her missiles off. 'If I did that, the enemy would know our location and ambush us. We can't afford any more losses. The SDF doesn't stand a chance anymore.'

After a while, she relaxed and even hummed a tune to set her spirits up a little higher. She thought of Tetsu. She didn't mean to frighten him or even bring up the idea of having sex with her. She blushed. "I'm such an idiot." To the side of her, she heard a rustle and before she could scan the area again, she blasted a hole through an apartment complex.

She dropped her bags, stood there shaking with a hand covered over her mouth. She scanned the area as quickly as she could. When the coast was clear, she picked her stuff up and kept walking. She tried to hum again, but no sounds came out.

There was a faint ringing in her ears and she tried to shake it out, but it got louder and soon the world was spinning. She staggered into a wall and fell on the floor. Her hands groped their way into her bag and pulled out her medicine. She quickly swallowed what was left of it and waited until they settled in through her system.

Calming her weapon was getting harder now. It took longer this time, judging by the fact that the few pills she had were nowhere near to the average quantity she took. So, she prayed out loud to try and relax her body just to make the medicine travel faster through her veins.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I... Don't want to die, I don't want to die, I'm sorry, but I don't want to die. Don't kill me. Not now. Not now. Please. I'm sorry." She began to cry when she lost all use of her body. "No... No... No... Please. Work. Work for me. Please? Please? Ple-ease? Work! Dammit! Work!"

Chise squinted. "AAAAH!" she screamed into the night. "Her mind flooded her eyes with unwanted visions of Shuji and Fuyumi, Fuyumi kissing Shuji, Shuji blushing because of Fuyumi. She sobbed and screamed. "DAMMIT, WORK!" Chise lost her voice.

Chise lost everything except the hate growing inside of her. It fueled her senses, making her heart beat normally, the blood rushing back to her unfeeling limbs, and the ringing in her ears was now inaudible. The images stopped abruptly and she was able to get up. Her head was a bit heavy but she ignored it.

Her mind was overflowing with visions of murder and hatred for Fuyumi. She remembered the night he never came. She remembered how he broke her heart telling her that Fuyumi was his "first love". It didn't make sense. What was the point of being happy with him, if he was happy with her.

Her mind came to one conclusion: kill Fuyumi. It was the only way for Shuji to be released by that succubus's grasp. Chise didn't have the heart to do it, but whatever inhumane part of her living inside her, wanted to. How could she kill Tetsu's wife? Tetsu was going to die anyway. It was complicated, yet simple. Kill Fuyumi, but not hurt Tetsu.

She slumped over letting her body succumb to gravity. On her knees, her mind began to devise a plan. How do I do this? She thought. It came to her. I'll kill Fuyumi…after Tetsu has met his end. That was the plan.

Chise began to wheeze a bit. He breathing got heavier and heavier. In an instance her body collapse.