It was just a dare

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Summary- Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango have gotten to know one another at school, but they still have problems getting along. Inuyasha is known to NEVER turn down a dare, so, what happens when Miroku dares him to become Kagome's personal slave during the entire summer while her family is away at a family member's house?

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Chapter 1 - The Dare

The school year was about to end, with everyone sitting in anticipation in their seats, not talking, but watching as the last seconds of their sophomore year ticked away. Inuyasha was glaring at the clock in boredom and irritation as thirteen minutes remained.

Kagome was gazing at it in disbelieve, not able to quite process the fact that she and most of her friends were moving on to the next grade of high school. She could not wait until school ended for she and Miroku and Sango and Inuyasha-who had all gotten to know one another quite well-were going to go to her house and celebrate. Her family was gone to another family member's house and was going to stay there most of the summer.

When there was ten seconds left, the students began to chant, "Ten, nine, eight, seven,"

Kagome glanced over at Sango, who was smiling brightly as she also counted. Miroku sat behind her, following everyone else. She looked at Inuyasha diagonal from her. He just looked bored, like always.

"Six, five, four, three, two, one!" Everyone began to cheer, whistle, and applaud as they leapt up, tossing books and papers everywhere, hugging their friends and squealing and yelling. Kagome hugged her literature teacher, whom was her favorite teacher and taught very well.

"I can't believe it!" Sango shouted as she walked up next to her friend as they walked out of the school. Miroku soon appeared, followed by Inuyasha.

"I know." Kagome replied. "Let's hurry to my house."

"What are we going to do there, Kagome?" Miroku asked curiously, raised eyebrows.

Kagome just glared at him. He threw up his hands defensively and said, "Ok, ok. I get it."

Inuyasha just let out a "Feh." And followed them out the door into the bright sunshine that lit up the clear blue sky. Some big, fluffy clouds peppered the blue. And, as they walked, they decided to describe what the clouds looked like to them.

"That one looks like a bunny," Sango pointed to one over a cluster of trees. "Isn't it cute?"

"That one looks like a puppy." Kagome said, pointing to her cloud she had spotted. Inuyasha let out a "Humph" at this because he was a dog demon.

"That one," Miroku said, "Looks like a woman in a bikini."

Sango and Kagome turned their heads toward him in anger. "Miroku!" They chorused in unison.

"What?" He asked, acting innocent.

Kagome and Sango simply shook their heads and walked on, their two friends following after them. They soon arrived at Kagome's house and she unlocked the front door, letting them all in. Inuyasha and Miroku instantly ran and plopped down onto the couch, eagerly waiting for the girls to get drinks and food for the movie that they were going to view in celebration of their graduation from tenth grade.

In the kitchen, Sango and Kagome were laughing and joking around as they prepared popcorn and got drinks.

"Man, we're getting old," Sango commented, "We're going to eleventh grade after the summer!"

"I know," Kagome murmured, still hardly believing it herself. "But we're actually still very young. We've got our whole lives ahead of us."

"Yeah," Sango pulled the popcorn from the microwave when it finished popping. "I wonder if we'll all still be hanging out later on like we are now. Don't you?" She glanced over at her friend inquisitively.

"Of course I do." Kagome answered, finishing her chore of pouring the drinks into the glasses. "That's one of the things I'm afraid of; losing contact with you guys."

"Yeah." Sango agreed, following Kagome as she went into the living room with the drinks. They sat the refreshments on the table in front of the couch, sat down themselves on the floor, and Inuyasha started the movie.

The movie was called "With A Paddle," which everyone found quite amusing, laughing as a bear carried one of the three boys away. As soon as the movie was finished, they all decided to play 'Truth or Dare.'

"Miroku," Kagome said, "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." He replied.

"Hmm," She said, "I dare you to eat glue."

His face twisted with disgust and he looked almost as if he'd be sick. "Would that be liquid glue or a glue stick?" He asked, his voice shaking.

"Liquid." She answered shortly. A long time ago, one of her friend's cousin had eaten liquid glue during a truth or dare game, so, that is how the dare came to mind.

"O-ok." He managed to say before Kagome went up to her room and came back down with the glue bottle in her hands. She handed it to him and he opened it and squeezed his eyes shut tight before pouring some into his mouth, closing his lips together and swallowed hard.

Once done, he gave the bottle back to Kagome, who laughed a little and sat it down on the table. "Inuyasha," Miroku managed to say after choking down the glue, "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." He replied almost instantly. If there was one thing that was definite about this dog demon, it was that he could NEVER EVER turn down a dare. And dare was something that he picked almost every time they played the dangerous game.

"Ok, then," Miroku said. He had known that Inuyasha was going to choose dare. "I dare you to…" He paused to think.

While he thought, Kagome and Sango watched in nervous tension at what Miroku was about to say. Inuyasha, however, looked confident.

"I dare you to," Miroku continued, obviously already finished thinking and made his decision, "be Kagome's personal slave…all summer long."

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