It was just a dare

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Summary- Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango have gotten to know one another at school, but they still have problems getting along. Inuyasha is known to NEVER turn down a dare, so, what happens when Miroku dares him to become Kagome's personal slave during the entire summer while her family is away at a family member's house?

Here it is. Enjoy.

Chapter 20 - Summer Love

Kagome and Inuyasha were walking down the street in silence as the hot summer air whispered through their hair. In their hands they held a towel and waterproof sunscreen, so they wouldn't be victims of the horrendous sunburn that they had experienced before. They had learned their lesson.

"How long has it been?" Kagome suddenly asked.

"Huh?" The hanyou turned to look at her curiously. "How long has it been since what?"

"Since you accepted that dare…" she said, looking thoughtful. "On the first day of summer break."

"Almost a month," he said, looking up into the clear blue sky. A couple of fluffy white clouds dotted it. He eventually had to avert his eyes due to the sun. "Hard to believe."

"Yeah," she said softly, slinging the towel over her shoulder. "One month down, two to go."

"It sucks. I don't want to go back to that hell hole." Inuyasha muttered.

"Just think -- we'll be juniors when we go back." Kagome said, trying to lighten the mood. "One step closer to become the top of the school." She smiled.

"I'm already top of the school," he said smugly, smirking.

"Oh, really?" she asked, quirking her left eyebrow. "That's why you always got pushed around by seniors?"

"I did not," he grumbled.

"Sure you didn't," Kagome said in a sing-song voice.

"Don't make me," Inuyasha threatened.

"Don't make you what?" Kagome asked, clearly not believing that he would do anything to her over such a mediocre thing.

"Dunk you in Miroku's pool," he began, "and hold you under."

"You wouldn't!" Kagome said, her mouth falling open in mock shock.

"You never know," he said. "I'm full of surprises."

Kagome rolled her eyes at this statement and said nothing. At length, Miroku's house came into view and they walked through the lush, green yard and up his front porch steps. Inuyasha raised a clawed fist to knock on the door, but Kagome stopped him.

"What the--?" He asked.

She placed a hand against his mouth and said, "Shh! Listen."

So he did. He grew quiet and she dropped her hand, and they both listened carefully.

"Miroku, you're such a pervert!" Sango's voice echoed through the large house, and the two outside could hear her almost crystal clear.

"I know," Miroku said, sounding almost sorry and sincere. "But I can't help it. Besides -- you like me that way."

It grew quiet for a few moments and Inuyasha and Kagome were momentarily frightened that they had been discovered eavesdropping. However, after a while, Sango finally broke the silence:

"Yeah, I do," she said. "I love you, Miroku."

Kagome let out an involuntary gasp. Inuyasha smirked and rolled his amber eyes. Kagome peered in through the slender side window beside of the door and caught sight of something she was sure she wouldn't forget:

Miroku and Sango kissing.

Kagome instantaneously grabbed Inuyasha and jerked him to where he could witness it, as well, and she felt his body tense when he saw it.

'He's embarrassed,' she thought with a sly smile. 'He's embarrassed because we kiss like that a lot. But we're not going out…'

"Come on, let's go get in the pool." Kagome said. "We can wait for them."

He nodded slowly and they made their way, silently, around to the back yard. Once there, they removed the clothes they had slipped on over their bathing suits and placed them on a table nearby.

When Inuyasha wasn't looking, Kagome smirked and snuck up behind him. She then opened the sunscreen bottle and gave it a vicious squeeze. The cold cream flew out onto his exposed back and he jerked away, startled.

Kagome laughed at him.

"Very funny," he muttered. "Now come rub it in."

"Are you really that helpless?" She asked, rubbing her hands across the muscles of his back to rub in the cream. "Wait -- yes, you are. You're just a puppy."

She felt him growl deep in his chest, reverberating up her arms. She laughed. "I was kidding."

Once the sunscreen was applied all over Inuyasha's exposed skin, he grabbed Kagome and whirled her around and applied it to her back and shoulders. She took care of the rest.

Once they were finished, they jumped into the pool, feeling the refreshing, cool water cool off their sun warmed skin.

When Kagome resurfaced, she heard, "Well, we didn't know you guys were here."

Kagome turned and smirked all-knowingly at Sango, who was clad in a two piece, violet and pink bikini. "Well, we knocked, but you obviously didn't hear. So we just let ourselves in."

"I see that," Sango said, her face a slight shade of pink. She dived in, and swam to the other end of the pool before coming back up to the surface.

"Guess what I hear about," Miroku asked as he emerged onto the patio from his living room. He was wearing dark blue swim trunks.

"What?" Inuyasha wanted to know.

Miroku jumped in, the water only coming up to his muscular chest. "There's a party on the beach tonight, at the Dells. Everyone is welcome. But if you're caught by the cops, then it's your problem."

The Dells was a clearing in the woods right before you reached a small section of the beach. That's usually where parties were held, and the cops rarely ever showed up. If they did, though, then it was trouble for the many teens who were just looking to have a good time.

"Who wants to go?" Sango asked. "All in favor, raise your hand."

Four hands instantly went up.

"Then it's settled," Kagome said.

"We're all going to a party at the Dells," Inuyasha finished.

"By ready by six." Miroku stated. "Sango and I will come and get you."

Inuyasha and Kagome nodded and managed to sustain their giggles. They were both wondering just what would happen in the hours after they finished swimming, up until it was time to depart for the party.

They didn't ask, and instead just swam. They'd have to find out some other time.

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