It Was Just a Dare

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Author's Note - Well, It certainly has been a LONG time, hasn't it? I think it's time to resurrect this story! Hope you enjoy.

Summary - Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango have gotten to know one another at school, but they still have problems getting along. Inuyasha is known to NEVER turn down a dare, so, what happens when Miroku dares him to become Kagome's personal slave during the entire summer while her family is away?

Here it is. Enjoy.

Chapter 21 - The Dells, Part 1

The bathroom was filled with steam and the sweet smell of white clay and pink jasmine as Kagome ran her hand across the mirror to clear it of the fog. She stared at her reflection in the smeared hand print. 'He likes me,' she thought jubilantly, a smile breaking out across her lips, her cheeks tinged with scarlet. The blushing had nothing to do with the humidity in the bathroom. It had everything to do with her glee. 'He actually likes me.'

She hurriedly ran a comb through her wet hair, admiring how long it had gotten. Once finished, she tossed the comb on top of the counter, grabbed her hair dryer, and clicked it on. As she was drying her hair, she was startled by loud banging against the door.

"Kagome, jeez, what's taking so long?" She heard Inuyasha yell.

"Just a second!" She replied loudly. She knew she didn't have to yell; with his dog-like hearing, he could easily hear her.

"Damn it, woman, that's what you said ten minutes ago!" He pointed out, banging on the door once more. "It's getting close to six o'clock!"

More banging.

Kagome tried to ignore the annoying, persistent sound as she finished up with her hair. It didn't take very long for it to dry. "Kagome, I'm already ready to leave."

More banging.

With an annoyed growl, Kagome flipped off her hair dryer, stomped to the door, and yanked it open. "Arrghh!" She yelled. "Give me a minute, all right? I'm almost done!"

Inuyasha just stared at her, his eyes wide, his mouth open. "Uh, Kagome…"

"And another thing," she went on as if she hadn't heard him. "You don't have to keep banging! I heard you the first time you said it, and the three times after that-"


"-so it's really annoying when you keep banging and banging-"



"You don't look like you're almost done to me." Inuyasha pointed at her midsection, a smirk starting to form across his face. Kagome, dumbfounded, looked down at herself to find she was only clad in a very short towel that exposed her cleavage up top, and down below, it was so short, all she would have to do was bend over just a little…

"Eeep!" She squealed, her face turning bright red. "Go away!" she yelled, running back into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

She heard Inuyasha snickering outside. "You're the idiot who opened the door, so don't try to blame me for it!"

Fuming with both embarrassment and anger, Kagome looked firmly at the door as if it were the object of her frustrations and shouted, "But you're the one who kept banging!"

"Feh," she heard him mutter. "Don't blame me 'cause you came at me while you were half naked."

"Ugh!" Kagome tossed her hands up into the air in annoyance, her towel coming undone and falling to the floor. 'Oh whatever,' she thought to herself, gathering up her clothes she had lain out and putting them on. She put on a touch of mascara and eye liner, and put a hair clip in her hair. It had a turquoise fabric lily on it, which matched her bikini perfectly. She pulled a sheer piece of white fabric around her waste and admired herself in the mirror. Her black hair fell gracefully around her shoulders, curling elegantly against her chest. The turquoise lily stood out starkly, but it looked good paired with her turquoise and white bikini. She had a charm bracelet on her right wrist. The sheer white fabric skirt fell gracefully off one side, adding a sultry effect to her outfit.

"Okay, I'm ready," Kagome called as she stepped out of the bathroom. She found Inuyasha leaning against the doorframe to her room, his arms folded across his chest, his silver hair falling around his shoulders. A sliver of the sunset filtered into her room, casting a glow into his amber eyes, making them appear more orange than their usual ocher. He was wearing a black t-shirt with dark jean cargo shorts and black sneakers.

He examined her, the same way she studied him, head to toe, and back up again. Her breath hitched in her throat in anticipation of what he may say.

"It's 'bout time," he muttered, pushing himself off the wall, gliding past her and heading downstairs.

Kagome's shoulders slumped in disappointment as she watched him descend to the living room. She began to follow after him when he paused on the last step, turned to face her, and said, "You look good."

"Thank you," she said, trying to hide how excited she really was. Once his back was turned, her face broke out into a cheesy grin, her eyes becoming dazed and dreamy.

"I knew that's what you were waiting to hear," he said, turning to look at her once again, an all-knowing smirk on his face.

Clearing her throat, Kagome feigned ignorance. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, stop acting dumb," he said, his grin broadening. "You can't lie to me."

"I'm not lying," Kagome protested, trying to keep a straight face. She descended the stairs and walked past him. She heard him sniff the air as she did so, and was thankful she had used her favorite, best-smelling body wash.

"Yes, you are," Inuyasha countered. "You forget I can sense when you're lying. I can also sense when you're really happy."

Kagome paused, thankful her back was facing him. 'Oh, that's right,' she thought to herself. 'Idiot.'

Deciding to ignore his comment, she continued down the stairs, lifting her hand above her shoulder and waving it dismissively. "Whatever you say," she said nonchalantly, glad he couldn't see her smiling. She gathered up a towel, her purse, keys, and cell phone and headed out the door, Inuyasha trailing close behind, locking it behind him.

"How do you think tonight's going to go?" She asked him as they wandered down her driveway to head to Miroku's.

Inuyasha shrugged. "No idea," he said. "I have a feeling, though, it won't be dull."

"What do you say that?"

"Around you? There's never a dull moment."

Kagome grinned uneasily, unsure if it was meant as a compliment or not. Either way, he spoke the truth. Between bar fights, drunken seductions, pool parties, and lots of arguments, the entire month they had been together could be described as anything but dull.

The sun was still pretty high in the sky, it's warm rays beating down on their shoulders as they stepped into Miroku's freshly cut lawn. Just as Kagome went to knock, Miroku opened the door. "Oh, hi, guys," he said, flustered. "I didn't realize you were here."

Inuyasha quirked an interested eyebrow, a smirk growing across his face. "Were we…interrupting something?" He asked incredulously.

Kagome giggled when she saw Miroku falter slightly. He swiftly regained his composure, and responded, "Of course not."

"Oh, keep lying," Inuyasha said, his all-knowing tone returning, his smirk never wavering. "You guys will never learn, will ya?"

"Learn what?" Sango asked curiously, stepping outside onto the porch with her friends. She was dressed in a pale pink bikini, with a deep magenta cover up draped over her arm.

"Nothing-" Miroku began.

"That I know when all of you are lying." Inuyasha interjected, a cocky smile on his face.

"What in the world would we be lying about?" Sango inquired, confused, as she slipped her cover up over her head before pulling her long hair back into a loose ponytail.

"Oh, I don't know," Inuyasha began sarcastically. "Maybe about how you two have been having quite a bit of fun while Kagome and I were gone."

Sango's face became the color of her swim cover up, her eyes wide, and mouth open. "No!" She hastened to assure him.

Kagome couldn't help but giggle. "It's no use, Sango," she told her friend. "Even if he couldn't sense you were lying, it's plainly obvious something is going on with you two." She didn't dare tell them about how she and Inuyasha had been eavesdropping on their conversation earlier that day.

"W-well…" Sango stammered. "What about you and Inuyasha, huh?"

Miroku crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against his door frame. "Yes," he murmured, concurring. "What about you two?"

Inuyasha scoffed, turning away from his friend. "Nothing to tell."

"Now who's lying?" Miroku challenged, sticking his chin in the air arrogantly.

"Even if I am-" Inuyasha began, folding his arms across his chest, "-which I'm not- you can't prove it."

This time it was Miroku's eyebrow that quirked. He began smiling. "Is that a challenge?"

Inuyasha laughed. "Ha! Bring it on."

"All right, just wait." Miroku commanded. "I'll prove something is going on between you two. Deny it all you want. You won't be able to refute cold, hard evidence."

"We'll see." Inuyasha replied simply.

Kagome and Sango watched the exchange between the two boys with flat expressions. "Boys," Kagome muttered, Sango nodding her head in concurrence.

"We're going to be late, you guys," Sango chimed in, pointing to the watch on her left wrist.

Using his index and middle fingers, Miroku pointed to his eyes before turning his fingers at Inuyasha, making the signature "I'm watching you" motion. Inuyasha lifted both hands and wagged his fingers at him, indicating that he dared his friend to "bring it on."

With exaggerated sighs and a roll of their eyes, Sango and Kagome climbed into Miroku's car, the boys following soon after.

There were people everywhere. There were people sitting on huge logs in front of the enormous bon fire that had been built in the center of the clearing. There were people sitting - or hanging - from the branches of the trees on the outskirts of the clearing. Some people had driven their cars into the meadow, their doors open or windows rolled down while they all conversed with one another. The music was loud, too. Kagome had no idea what it was, but she really liked the bounce of the techno-like beat.

The sun had begun its decent into the west, the moon deciding to show itself in the east. Lightning bugs had begun flitting about slowly, gracefully rising to the sky, occasionally letting off a glow of light.

Someone had brought a long plastic table, and adorned it with red solo cups and a giant crystal bowl. The bowl looked to be filled with fruit punch. A silver tin bucket full of ice and beer bottles sat adjacent to the punch bowl, and various bottles of whiskey, rum, and vodka were scattered in their midst. There was a cooler full of ice and various cans of soda. It didn't appear as if anyone were drunk…yet.

Inuyasha made his way to the 'bar,' and helped himself to a beer. Watching him move fluently through the crowd, Kagome began to relax. Leaving her purse and phone and keys locked in Miroku's car with Sango's belongings, Kagome followed the trail of footprints in the sand made by Inuyasha. She picked up a red cup and filled it a third of the way with whipped cream vodka. She then grabbed a can of cola from the cooler, popped the top, and poured it into the cup, making a delicious mix. Taking a large gulp, she felt the satisfying burn down her throat and into her chest.

Inuyasha smirked at her before chugging his beer. Sango and Miroku soon made their way by the friends' side. Sango looked around, observing the crowd as Miroku spied a small bottle of Brandy. He scooped it up and filled a cup with some.

"Relax, Sango," Kagome said. "Have something to drink."

"Yeah, drink," Inuyasha repeated, reaching out and seizing Kagome's drink.

"Hey!" She cried, mock anger on her face as she watched him take a sip of it. "Make your own!" Inuyasha grabbed the vodka bottle and poured more into the cup. "What are you doing?" Kagome demanded.

Inuyasha regarded her with calm eyes. "Making more, duh."

Kagome couldn't help but laugh as she yanked her cup out of his grasp. She took a sip of it, her face tightening slightly. "Jeez, Inuyasha."

"It wasn't strong enough," he explained simply. "Can't handle it?" He smirked.

"Oh, I can," Kagome assured him. That was a lie. Okay, it wasn't a big lie. She could, it was just strong; something she'd have to get used to. She finished her cup, only to have Inuyasha steal it once more and make another strange concoction. He took his time in drinking it, so Kagome grabbed herself another cup, filling it over halfway with liquor, then soda. She chugged half of it, smiling up at Inuyasha. "See? I can."

"So can I," Sango said, stealing Kagome's cup and downing the remaining contents. Once finished, she plopped the plastic cup down onto the table with a proud smile on her face. "Come on, Kagome," she said, grabbing her friend's hand and dragging her to where people were dancing. Kagome squealed in surprise, but soon fell into rhythm with the music, her body beginning to take the wheel, spinning and gyrating to the beat.

Inuyasha couldn't keep himself from admiring her. What guy in his right mind wouldn't be in awe of someone as striking as Kagome, with her perfect hourglass figure, long hair, and pure, innocent chocolate eyes? Her bikini hugged her in all the right places, and exposed all the right areas in between. Her creamy skin was flawlessly radiant in the warm glow of the fire. He was amazed at how sexy and graceful she was as she danced in perfect timing to the beat.

"She's perfect," Miroku murmured in awe.

"Yes, she is," Inuyasha concurred. Then it clicked and he jerked his eyes toward Miroku, "What, wait, who?"

"Sango," Miroku explained, his eyes never leaving the girl who was now doing a sexy dance with Kagome. Inuyasha's shoulder slumped in relief. At length, Miroku's dark eyes came up to meet Inuyasha's. "Did you think I was talking about Kagome?"

"No," Inuyasha muttered, his lie plainly evident.

In a sing-song voice, Miroku began chanting, "You think Kagome's perfect, you think she's sexy, you like her…"

"Cut it out!" Inuyasha slugged Miroku hard in the shoulder. "You think Sango's perfect, you think she's sexy, you like her…"

The two boys began playfully wrestling with one another, and didn't notice when the song ended and the two girls raced up to them. With sidelong glances at one another, Sango and Kagome grinned mischievously, before both of them shoved the boys, knocking them down into the sand, causing them to nearly collide with some bystanders. The girls only laughed as the boys struggled to stand and shake the sand from their clothing.

Inuyasha, giving up in his endeavor, simply opted for removing his shirt and shorts, revealing his flawless, sculpted torso. Tossing his clothes carelessly on the ground near a log, he met Kagome with a roguish look, a look Kagome knew all too well. With a high pitched squeak, she turned tail and ran toward the beach, Inuyasha following after.

The sun had set completely by this time, but Kagome knew the way. Carefully maneuvering over fallen limbs and rocks, avoiding briars, she broke though the tree line and was met with a burst of salty sea air. It smelled heavenly. Briefly, she wondered where Inuyasha had gotten off to, but decided she's take a moment to catch her breath and enjoy the beach.

"Damn it!" Inuyasha cursed aloud after he had ran into some girl, knocking her down. Normally, he would've been able to avoid the head on collision with ease and grace. It had to have been the alcohol. He wasn't drunk, but his reaction time was sluggish. "You okay?" He asked, reaching down, gripping her upper arms, and helping her to her feet.

"I'm fine," Kikyo said, meeting his eyes with no hesitation.

Inuyasha stiffened, his hands still clinging to her arms. He looked her over, and he told himself it was because he wanted to make sure she was unhurt. Deep down, he knew that was only half the reason. She was a sight to behold, in her crimson and white one piece, a white ribbon tied in her hair.


Her skin was pale, smooth, and flawless. Her eyes were dark and mysterious. Her voice was smooth with confidence. She had once been his, all his, and hadn't felt this awkward to touch her.


Shaking himself out of his distracted trance, he released Kikyo. "Sorry," he said, and went to walk around her, only to have her step in his way.

"Where are you going?" She asked, in her suave voice, like silk.

"I, uh…" He couldn't find the words. Was it Kikyo or the liquor?

"Stay," she urged. "Stay with me." She regarded him with calm eyes.

"I can't," he said. "I have somewhere I have to be."

"The only place you have to be," she said slowly, crowding up to him, "is right here in my arms."

Extending her arms, she embraced him gently. As tender as her hug may have been on his body, it felt as if she were squeezing his heart, bleeding it of its life. She hadn't held him like this since…it had been a long time, and somehow, it still felt familiar. A bit awkward, as if he had only been gone for a little while, but still familiar. Her scent, the softness of her hair, the smoothness of her skin; all familiar, proverbial things.

Things he had missed.

At length, he returned her embrace. It was a bittersweet hug, feeling almost illegal, yet comforting. He pulled away and looked down into her face as they still held one another at arm's length. She smiled at him, her brown eyes gleaming like a clever cat's.

Something didn't feel right. Her smile was cold, lacking humility and compassion. Her brown eyes were indifferent; unlike the affectionate eyes he'd grown so accustomed to. Kagome. He had to get back to her. Just as he remembered her, he jerked his eyes up toward the direction she had been running, basically begging him to chase her, and there she was, at the edge of the woods. He couldn't see her face; her bang were casting shadows over her eyes. Judging from her body language, though, she was hurt. He could sense it in the air; the atmosphere between them crackling and smoldering with tension. His heart was in his throat, and he jerked out of Kikyo's embrace. It was not enough, however, to placate Kagome.

He watched in horror as she turned and ran back into the woods, far away from the light of the fire.