In magic land far away

Amongst people whose voices

The rich don't sway

A dreamer's life will change forever

When a spell is placed upon her.

Told to spin golden thread

Unable to, yet afraid

Told if not she will be dead

Seeks the help of a forgotten fae

And may regret it to this day.

The cunning fae will place the spell,

Not a princess, but a pauper

Oh but one fae will tell

Prevent the one hundred year sleep

From within the forest deep.

Put into this mix

A sorrowed Lady

The dark visitor who will lift her hex

Place in fate in the hands

of a maiden who can barely stand.

Upon this maiden rests the life

And livelihood of all she knows

A prince can aid her in the strife.

She will seek to aid the kingdom,

But with dark forces rising,

Will she survive?