The sun rose swiftly over the tiny village of Meridian. It golden rays reflected prettily from the white manor house which stood overlooking the village. Within the house, a raven haired woman stood at her window, staring off into space.

She was the lady of the village, Lady of Meridian. To those who knew her personally she was simply Meredith. The wind swayed the grasses outside her window and Meredith turned when one of her serving women called her name.

"Milady?" The girl asked timidly. Meredith turned and smile at the girl.

"Yes my dear?" Meredith's voice was soft and musical, like the vibrations of a violin string.

"You have a visitor." Meredith paused in surprise before leaving the room, emerald green skirts swishing. She made her way into the grand hall where a tall cloaked figure stood.

"You summoned me." The voice rang out, a deep earthy tone full of sly and cunning. Meredith nodded unable to answer. "What is it that you wish, my Lady of Meridian?"

Gwendolyn rose early, her back creaking terribly from having to sleep on a straw mattress. Dutifully she rose and moved across the room to where her daughter lay sleeping. Gwendolyn was a spinner as her mother was before her. A wonderful spinner she was, with a good work ethic and a devotion to her work. She possessed these traits proudly, though unfortunately they had not been passed on to her daughter Rhiannon.

Rhiannon slept across the room from her mother, besides a window that looked out over the neighbor's horse pasture. Rhiannon was a beautiful girl, with curly, chestnut brown hair and sparkling green eyes that always seemed to look distant and in the world of dreams. Rhiannon was also a spinner, though she lacked the dedication and some of the talent her mother possessed.

"Rhiannon, wake up," Gwendolyn shook her daughter gently. Rhiannon groaned quietly before pushed the thin blanket away from her body. "That my girl. Now, Rhiannon, please go fill the water buckets at the well. And please darling, no wandering! We have a large order to fill for today."

Rhiannon rubber her eyes and did as she was told. The well stood on a small hill not far from her home. She dropped the bucket and waited for the splash toe echo from the deep. She glanced up at the clear blue sky, and before she knew her mind had wandered far away into the world of day dreams and fantasy.