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Chapter 1

Kyo stood in a clearing that held only a large oak tree, somewhere in the forest that surrounded the Sohma property, although he'd never seen it before.

Standing in front of him were two young women, who looked to be about eighteen or nineteen, dressed in contrasting gold and silver, one's hair and eyes matched her clothes, and likewise with the gold.

"Who are you?" Kyo asked. They merely smiled.

It was then that Kyo realised that both women had matching wings protruding from their backs, the same colour as their clothes and physical features. He also noticed that both women carried swords; Katanas actually, and a bow with a quiver full of arrows slung across their backs, settled between their wings. Their weapons were the opposite colour to everything about them; the silver woman carried the gold ones, and vice versa.

Kyo sensed rather than heard another person come up beside him. He turned and came face to face with Yuki.

The grey haired boy looked as confused as Kyo felt. "Where am I?" he asked, dazed.

"Good question." Kyo answered. He looked towards the two girls. "I don't suppose you could answer that?" he directed the query at them. They merely smiled and beckoned.

"This is strange," Yuki said. "Why am I having a normal conversation with you of all people, in my dream?"

"Your dream! Hold it nezumi! You're in my dream!" Kyo snapped.

They were silent for a minute. Then their eyes widened simultaneously. "We're having the same dream!" they said together.

And then they woke.

Yuki was sitting up in his bed when Kyo burst into his room. "Did we just have the same dream?" he blurted.

Yuki ran a hand though his already messy hair. "It would seem so." He murmured.

Kyo leaned heavily against the door frame. "That was… weird."

"For want of a better word, yes, it was." Yuki nodded in agreement as Tohru called them down to breakfast.

"Let's not say anything about this okay." Kyo said. Yuki nodded again, not awake enough to do anything else.


I have no idea how I made it through school. I was exhausted after that dream this morning. Yuki almost fell asleep at his desk twice, and Arisa had to poke him in the ribs from her desk beside his to wake him up.

The only interesting thing that happened today was the new students that came into our class. There were five of them; all from a school the other side of Tokyo. Sakura, an auburn haired and emerald eyed teen. Tomoyo, with ebony coloured hair and eyes that matched Yuki's own vivid violet.

Tomoyo in particular attracted a lot of attention from the other boys in the class. Eriol, her English born boyfriend who spoke perfect Japanese, put his arm protectively around her. Eriol had blue hair and coal black eyes that were hidden behind thin-rimmed glasses. He was softly spoken and polite, the polar opposite of his cousin Syaoran; auburn haired and amber eyed, I soon discovered that Syaoran had a temper that rivalled my own. He seemed to be rather argumentative and would willingly pick a fight unless Sakura stopped him.

Their other cousin, Meiling, with her black hair and wine coloured eyes, was also quite popular with the boys the moment she entered the classroom. At recess, I saw her sparring playfully with Syaoran, and I thought briefly that I'd like to put them up against Kagura; God knows I need a bodyguard or two to protect me from that mad woman!

Yuki looked like he was about to fall asleep again as the final bell rang to signify the end of the day. I hit him lightly over the head on my way out and he rubbed his eyes blearily as he stood.

We made our way silently home, too tired to actually say anything. Tohru has gone to work so it was just the two of us.

I barely got my homework done before I decided to take a nap. I never even made to the roof, where I often spend my afternoons. In fact, it was a wonder I even made it to my bed before I collapsed into a deep sleep.


That bloody dream again! Kyo and I have had that same dream every night for the last two freaking weeks! It's always the same; the gold and silver twins… the winged women. Kyo and myself standing in a clearing with a single tree in the middle. This is getting ridiculous, Kyo and I have both been falling asleep at our desks, and I've only woken up again when Miss Uotani poked me in the side for the fourth time today alone. I looked down the row in front of me and saw that Kyo was asleep too. Looking beyond him I saw that our new student Sakura had was also dozing on her maths book.

I think our teacher gave up trying to teach Algebra when he realised three of his students had fallen asleep in their chairs because he'd already left the room. I got to my feet and prodded Kyo awake.

As he rubbed his eyes I sat in the previously vacated seat beside him and said. "This is stupid. We've got to do something about these dreams!"

"And what exactly do you propose we do kuso nezumi?" Kyo snapped at me.

I glared at him. "Well, baka neko, we could start by finding that clearing!"

Tomoyo shook Sakura awake as Eriol and Syaoran studied the two Sohma boys carefully. "How long do you think it will take them to figure it out?" Syaoran asked.

"Probably not that long," Eriol answered softly. "Their powers are almost as strong as Sakura's. It's highly likely that they'll just follow what they sense without meaning to."

"They're already as strong as Sakura? Without any training?" Syaoran said, surprised.

"Yes, they'd have to be, if the twins have elected to be their guardians." Eriol replied.

"But why weren't they chosen earlier?" Syaoran wondered aloud.

"I really have no idea," Eriol answered. "All we can do now is watch over them."

"How much help could they need?" Meiling demanded.

Eriol grinned, watching the now bickering Yuki and Kyo. "Apparently a lot more than I thought they would!"

"I sense strange waves coming from some of the new students." Saki Hanajima murmured. "But different from the waves that are emitted by Yuki, Kyo and Shigure-san."

"Here we go again, Hana's electric report." Arisa said with a grin.

"Different? How?" Tohru asked, trying to ignore what Saki had said about Yuki and Kyo.

"They have incredibly strong auras. Like they can do things that other people can't… magical things. It's almost like the readings I get off Megumi, only stronger." Saki said dreamily.

"Magical huh? Lets not read into this too much okay Hana?" Arisa said sceptically.

"Speaking of the Sohma boys, here they come now!" Tohru chirped happily.

"Miss Honda, are you ready to go?" Yuki asked her with a smile.

"Yep!" Tohru said with a huge grin.

"Great, all we have to do is find Hatsuharu and Momiji; they're coming home with us. I hope you don't mind if they stay for dinner." Yuki answered.

"No problem! It'll be great to have them over!" Tohru replied as Kyo groaned.

The minute they arrived home, Yuki and Kyo put their bags away and told Shigure they were going out for a while.

"Going out eh? Together? My, my; isn't that interesting! Is there something you two aren't telling us?" Shigure quipped.

"You sick bastard! You really get a kick out twisting people's words don't you!" Kyo hit him on the head and stormed out.

Haru and Momiji went with them to the front door. "Can we come?" Momiji asked.

"Not this time Momiji. Why don't you stay and help Miss Honda with dinner." Yuki told his cousin kindly. Momiji scampered joyfully back inside.

"Damn Shigure!" Kyo muttered. "Why does he always have to be like that?"

"I don't know, but I'd really like to knock him through the roof one day!" Yuki sighed.

Only Haru caught the faint blush that was staining Yuki's pale cheeks.

"So what exactly are we looking for again?" Kyo asked.

"Baka neko! We're looking for the clearing from our dreams!" Yuki explained patiently.


"No idea."


Yuki ignored the last comment and continued. "My guess is that it's somewhere in the woods around the house. But I've never seen it before."

"Great, so where do we start?" Kyo demanded.

"No idea."

"Follow your instincts… let your senses take you to where you want to go." A voice, as if blown through by the wind, echoed in their minds.

"Close your eyes and concentrate… let your mind and heart lead you. Listen to the surrounding magic!" Another voice sounded melodiously in their ears.

Yuki looked at Kyo and shrugged. "What else have we got to go on?" he asked.

So both boys closed their eyes and listened. "This is stupid!" Kyo growled after a while. "I can't hear anything!"

"Listen with your mind, not your ears. Let everything else fade away." The voices whispered.

So they tried again. Slowly but surely, the sounds of the forest began to fade away, and the constant pull of the magic could be felt beneath it all.

"That way!" they said together and sprinted off into the trees.

They stopped to catch their breath. As they did, they lost their grip on the aura they were chasing, so they stopped briefly to find it again. Eventually, they rounded a corner and came into the clearing that they knew all too well.

They stopped again, breathing heavily. When he could do more than wheeze, Yuki took in their surroundings. "I must've been through this part of the woods a thousand times, so how come I've never seen this place before?"

A voice answered them from the branches of the tree. "Because we kept this place in hiding until you were ready to find it."

The boys turned to stare at the tree, and the gold and silver winged women lighted on the ground in front of the sprawling oak. The golden one carried a silver sword, bow and quiver of arrows, while the silver one's weapons were gold.

"Welcome masters." The silver one said. "I am Andromache and this is my twin sister Andromeda. We are your sun and moon guardians."

"Sun and moon guardians huh? Riiiiggght." Kyo scoffed.

"Do you really expect us to believe that?" Yuki asked; a small smile playing across his face. Kyo began to chuckle.

The golden one, Andromeda, rolled her eyes. "Ah, hello? News flash boys, but you're telling girls with wings that you don't believe what they're telling you."

That shut them up. "Right then. Well if you're our 'sun and moon guardians', then what are we?"

"You are Card Captors." Andromache answered, her voice as smooth as silver. "We sent you the dreams to guide you here. Only those with magic can find it."

"Magic?" Yuki asked, raising and eyebrow. "Even I know there's no such thing as magic."

"Once again, you're telling girls with wings that you don't believe in magic." Andromeda sighed. "Besides, how do you think you're family got that curse of theirs? Luck?"

"How… how do you know about that?" Kyo stammered.

"We're your guardians, we know everything about you." Andromache said in her soft voice.

"Technically, we were meant to get you when you were ten, but from what we saw, you were both going through a lot of shit at that time, so we decided to seal the clearing until you were ready to handle it." Andromeda added grimly. "I have to say, I don't think much of the head of the family."

"Neither do we." Yuki answered with a slight smile at her indignation on their behalf.

"Okay, so I guess it's safe to say that we believe you, if only for the fact that you both have wings coming out of your backs." Kyo said. "What exactly are we supposed to do?"

"Centuries ago, a sorcerer called Clow Reed created a deck of magic cards known as Clow Cards. They have long since been captured. No one has ever been able to reciprocate Clow Reed's power… except his younger sister Claudia. Desperate to outdo her older brother, she created a deck of cards ten times more powerful… but they are also ten times more unstable. Clow Reed sealed them away for everyone's safety, but recently they've gotten stronger than the bonds on the book that held them, and they've begun to fly all over the city. This is were you come in." Andromache told them.

"Basically, it's your job to go and recapture them." Andromeda said cheerfully. "Lucky for you, you're strong enough now that you don't need a staff, which makes things easier. You will need to know the incantation for returning the spirits to their card forms, but you're strong enough to not need to have the cards on you to be able to use them."

"There are twelve cards that both of you will have power over, and the rest will be shared between you. The cards ruled by the moon will go to Kyo and the cards ruled by the sun will go to Yuki." Andromache concluded.

"Here, take this." Andromeda passed them a card that read, "The Fly". "It's the only one that hasn't escaped."

"To keep them permanently sealed, just write your names on them. So Kyo writes his name on his cards, and the same with Yuki and his cards. You both write your names on the shared cards."

"Got it. So how will we find you when we need you?" Kyo asked.

Andromeda grinned. "We'll be with you all the time; we have smaller forms that are more convenient for travelling with you."

Andromeda closed her eyes and was enveloped by a soft, ethereal golden light. When it vanished, what was left where she had been standing was a small golden kitten with wings.

"You look like a stuffed animal!" Kyo laughed at her. "I wonder where the batteries go?" he quipped.

"So not funny!" Andromeda said sarcastically. She flew over to Yuki and sat herself on his shoulder. "I'm coming with you." She informed him. "If you're to be in charge of the Sun cards then you need the sun guardian. Besides, Kyo's mean!" Yuki chuckled softly.

Andromache sighed. "She's so immature." She muttered to herself before closing her own eyes and letting silver light surround her. Kyo watched, fascinated as the little silver kitten flew and settled on his shoulder.

"We'd better get back to the house before Shigure comes up with some other excuse to pay us out." Yuki said to Kyo.

"Yeah, I guess so." He replied. "Try not to speak unless we're alone. We really don't need Shigure or Tohru thinking that either we've gone insane, or they have." They set off back towards the house.

"It's all right." Andromache said from where she sat on his shoulder. "We have the ability to speak with either of you mind to mind. You can also talk to each other mind to mind."

"Don't worry," Andromeda added, seeing the horrified look on Yuki's face, "You're thoughts will always be your own." She felt him relax almost instantly. "Although that doesn't mean they're safe from us." She said wickedly.

"Ignore her, any thoughts we may get from you will be kept on complete confidence." Andromache said, resting her paw on Kyo's ear.

They came to the edge of the forest and stepped on to the front veranda of the house.

"Wait," Yuki said. "Are you going to act like stuffed toys?"

"Of course not, it's too risky. Cerberus was almost caught thousands of times during his mistress's time of capturing her Clow Cards." Andromache scoffed.

"Cerberus?" Kyo queried. "The three headed dog from Greek Mythology who guarded the Underworld?"

"No, a yellow lion-like creature who is the sun guardian of the other owner of the Clow Cards. The original Deck of course." Andromeda answered. "He tried the stuffed toy act and eventually got caught by his mistress's older brother."

"So what are you going to do then?" Kyo asked.

"We are going to play the part of cute little kittens. Meow!" Andromeda replied grinning, showing sharp little teeth. She purred and rubbed her head against Yuki's neck."

"Stop that!" Yuki ordered. "It tickles!"

"One slight problem… most cats don't have wings. I know I don't." Kyo pointed out.

Both cats looked at them patronisingly and folded their wings. The boys stared as they disappeared into nothing.

"We can make them disappear if we are in disguise." Andromache said softly.

"Can we go inside now; fur's not as warm as it looks y'know!" Andromeda demanded.

"Awww shut up!" Kyo muttered.

He slid the door open. "We're back!" he called.

"Great! Dinner's ready!" Tohru called back.

As if in reply, Kyo's stomach rumbled. He blushed as Tohru's smiling face appeared out of the kitchen. She laughed. "Sounds like I made it just in time!" she said. "I just put it on the table. Momiji's gone to find Hatsuharu. Shigure's already at the table…"

Finally she noticed the two kittens. "Oh my God! They're so adorable!" she squealed.

That brought the others running to see what the noise was. Unlike Tohru, they spotted the cats immediately. "Indeed they are. Where did you find these two?" Shigure asked.

"We found them in the forest." Yuki replied airily. "We're going to keep them."

"But they might belong to somebody else." Momiji reminded him.

"They don't, trust me." Kyo said darkly.

"What are you going to call them?" Tohru asked.

"Andromeda is the gold one and Andromache is the silver one." Yuki replied with a smile. As if on cue, Andromeda leapt lightly from his shoulder and twined herself around Tohru's feet. Andromache gave a mental sigh and did the same to Momiji, much to the boy's delight.

Each cat was picked up and cuddled. "I must admit I like the attention!" Andromeda said mentally to Yuki, Kyo and Andromache.

"You would!" Andromache berated her sister.

Andromeda purred and rubbed her head against Tohru, like she had earlier with Yuki. Tohru giggled happily. "I guess they're hungry. What would they like to eat?" she asked Yuki and Kyo.

"We technically don't need to eat, but tell her that a couple of rolls of sushi and a bowl of milk will be fine." Andromeda said to Yuki.

"Man, you've got expensive taste!" Kyo grumbled back at her. Nevertheless he relayed the request to Tohru.

"Oh of course, they're too beautiful to eat normal cat food." Tohru said and busied herself in feeding the cats, who were now both running around her feet.

"She didn't find that remotely unusual?" Kyo was amazed.

"I guess she's just used to feeding fussy cats!" Yuki commented.

"What was that?" Kyo yelled, instantly riled up by his cousin's comment.

"You heard me." Was Yuki's calm reply.

"Oh you've done it now rat boy! You're goin' down!" Kyo threw a punch, which Yuki easily evaded. The cats watched with interest as their masters went at it, punches and kicks flying in every direction.

"They're at it again!" Andromache said resignedly.

"We've been watching them fight for how many years? Before they even knew we existed, what makes you think they'd change now? But don't you get the feeling that this isn't really about hatred anymore?" Andromeda replied. Her sister nodded in agreement.

The fight ended with Kyo being sent flying through the kitchen door into the living room, with Shigure standing over what was left of his precious door, tears streaming down his face. "You're going to have to fix that!" he wailed.

"Yeah, yeah. Tell me something I don't know!" Kyo muttered as he picked himself off the ground.

"I'm sorry; I really didn't mean to lay him out like that. I swear he's getting worse every time I fight him. He's never going to beat me the way he's going!"

"Shut up rat boy!" Kyo shouted.

"Okay, that's the cats taken care of…" Tohru's voice tapered out when she noticed the broken door. "We should eat before it gets cold."

"Yes, we should." Yuki smiled at her.

And thus the night continued as normal. Neither Yuki nor Kyo was exactly sure what to make of their new supposed powers.

When they got up to their rooms, the two 'cats' with them, Kyo then remembered the card that was sitting in his pocket.

He left his room and knocked on Yuki's door. He scowled when he answered the door. "What to you want baka neko?" he demanded

"I was wondering if you wanted to try this whole card thing out." Kyo answered testily.

Yuki seemed to give in faster than he usually would. "I guess he's as curious as I am to see if this magic thing is real." Kyo thought to himself.

The silver haired boy stepped back to let his cousin into his room. Kyo walked inside and closed the door behind him.

Andromache leapt lightly from his shoulder and on to Yuki's bed next to Andromeda.

"Write your names on the top and bottom of the card. There are little scrolls there that are meant to house the name or names of the owner." She commanded.

Yuki picked up a pen that was resting on his desk and wrote his name on the top of the Fly Card. He then passed the pen to Kyo, who proceeded to write his name at the bottom, although he complained about it all the while. "Damn rat! Why do I get the bottom section?" he muttered.

"Oh grow up you stupid cat!" Yuki retorted.

"Children, children… be nice now!" Andromeda reprimanded them, a grin spreading across her face. By now they had reverted to their original forms, minus the wings (no space in the bedroom for two giant wingspans like theirs!)

The two cousins scowled. Andromache smiled serenely and said. "Care to try it out?" she asked. They nodded.

"Excellent. Now close your eyes and concentrate." The card was sitting on the desk.

The boys did as they were told. "Find the core of your magic and call the card by its name."

They stood there for what seemed like hours and got nowhere. "It's okay." Andromeda reassured them. "It takes practice when you don't have a staff to rely on."

Kyo's eyes glittered with determination. He closed his eyes and concentrated hard. He sank deep into his mind until he found a pool of silver fire in the middle of consciousness. "Fly!" he called the card firmly.

Yuki stared in wonder as a pair of black winds spread from his back. Kyo craned his neck around to view his handiwork. "Cool!" he said, impressed with himself. "You're turn." He told Yuki.

The silver haired boy nodded determinedly, and closed his eyes. Now that he hadn't just seen what Kyo had done, but also felt what he had done, (Although he couldn't begin to explain how) he too delved deep into the recesses of his mind until he found the golden light that was his magic. "Fly!" he breathed.

Kyo gave an involuntary gasp as beautiful white wings unfurled from Yuki's back.

Andromeda let out a whoop of joy, while Andromache smiled serenely. The former leapt off the bed and took Yuki's hand. She flung the window open with her mind. "C'mon, let's test these beauties out!" she said, unfurling her own wings. She vaulted out of the window and soared into the sky, pulling Yuki with her. Andromache, grasping Kyo by the hand, followed more sedately, gently instructing Kyo on using his wings. Her sister's method was more along the lines of "Learn as you go and hope to God you don't fall out of the sky!" lucky for her, Yuki's a fast learner.

"This is unbelievable!" Yuki gasped, breath taken by the lights of the city as they flew overhead. The sight wasn't lost on Kyo either, "Amazing!" he said hoarsely.

"Which part?" Andromeda called over her shoulder, a grin on her face.

"All of it!" Kyo replied.

"Hey Tohru! Come look! Come look!" Momiji called excitedly, his eyes wide as he hung out the window. Curious, both Tohru and Haru came and looked out the window and looked where the blonde boy pointed.

Their faces soon mirrored Momiji's own expression of shocked delight when they saw the four figures silhouetted against the moon.

"Oh my!" Tohru gasped. "How strange! But isn't it beautiful though?"

"Yeah, but I wonder who they are?" Haru replied, his eyes never leaving the sky.

"I haven't a clue." Tohru answered. "But I hope that they're enjoying themselves, whoever they are."

"Maybe they're angels." Momiji suggested.

"Perhaps… or maybe magic really does happen." Haru said thoughtfully.

Yuki, his eyes closed, allowed the wind to run through his hair as he got the hang of using his wings. Andromache, who had successfully got Kyo flying, had taken over from her sister in training the violet eyed boy to use them. Now, he felt like he'd been doing the flying thing all his life.

The wind dropped, and he took a sharp decrease in altitude. He opened his eyes to concentrate on his wings. With a jolt, he spotted the three faces in the window.

"Andromeda!" he called to his guardian. "We have to get away from the house! Tohru, Haru and Momiji saw us!"

"Crap!" she muttered. "This way!" she led them through a patch of cloud so that they wouldn't be seen.

"Phew! That was close!" Andromeda complained.

"We should be getting back." Kyo said, "We've got school tomorrow." Yuki nodded in agreement.

The wind picked up again, more forcefully this time. Andromache tensed. "No time for that, can you sense it?" she asked.

Yuki and Kyo both focused. "Yeah, I can." Kyo muttered, and Yuki nodded again.

"It's a moon card, therefore it belongs to Kyo." Andromache said grimly. "But that doesn't mean you can't work together." She added pointedly.

Yuki growled in annoyance as Andromeda continued from where her sister left off. "We'll draw its true form out this time. All you have to do is capture it."

"How?" Kyo yelled.

"You tell it to return to its sealed form, and call its name." Andromache told him gently, watching Andromeda charged the spirit, her silver sword raised and was blown away by yet another increase in wind speed.

"But I don't know what its name is!" Kyo pointed out wildly.

"Then just call it Clow Card. Either way, it's the same result." Andromache said. She sighed as she watched her sister's second attack failed. "Honestly! When is she going to realise that direct attacks never work on the Element Cards!"

Calmly she pulled her golden bow from her back and strung nocked an arrow to the string. She sighted down the bow and shot the arrow directly into the centre of the small tornado that had gathered before them.

It broke apart, and reformed into the pale figure of a woman. She didn't look particularly happy.

"That's our part done, good luck boys!" Andromeda called to them. The two women propelled themselves backwards with their wings and settled down to watch.

With a resigned sigh, Yuki took to the sky. "I'll distract her." he said.

He whistled sharply, and she looked towards him. "Come and get me!" he yelled, darting just out of her reach. With an indignant screech, the Clow Card gave chase.

As he continued to hang just beyond her, Yuki had a thought. "Kyo!" he shouted, "She's the Windy Card!"

Kyo glared up at him. "Are you sure?" he shouted back.

"Dammit Kyo! For once in your God forsaken life, trust me!" Yuki cried despairingly.

Kyo stared up at him for a moment, then frowned and ignored the silver haired boy who was darting above him in the moonlight.

He did however; decide that he had to finish this fight as soon as he could.

He suddenly felt as if he knew what to do. Determinedly, he lifted his left arm to face the spirit and braced it using his right hand. "Return to your sealed form… Clow Card!" he commanded the card. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Andromache nod in approval. He also saw Yuki roll his eyes in aggravation.

The spirit broke away and morphed into a card. It flew across the sky to Kyo and rested gently in his hands. The scroll down the bottom read "The Windy". Kyo ground his teeth together in annoyance. The kuso nezumi had been right.

Yuki landed lightly on the ground next to him and looked over his shoulder.

"I told you so." He said.

"Well how was I supposed to know?" Kyo retorted.

"Well let's see… how about the 500 Knott gale that was blowing about?" Yuki answered sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah big deal, the point is we captured it right?" Kyo snapped.

"I suppose so." Yuki replied. His voice softened. "I wish you'd trust me Kyo." he murmured before walking towards Andromeda and Andromache, leaving a confused cat behind him.

"Well done you two!" Andromeda beamed. "You captured it without our help!"

"Not really, we needed you to reveal the spirit itself." Yuki reminded her.

"Only because you didn't have any cards to fight her with. Next time you probably won't need us." The golden woman answered with a grin.

"The Windy Card is one of four Element Cards. You will get two each." Andromache said calmly.

"You mean you knew what it was and didn't tell us?" Kyo demanded indignantly.

"Sorry, but we wanted to see how you went on your own." Andromeda told him kindly.

"Thanks a lot." Kyo muttered dryly. "I'm going home!" he took to the sky followed by the others, careful to avoid the house this time, until they made it safely through Yuki's open bedroom window.

They could still hear the others downstairs. Haru and Momiji were about to head back to the main house.

The two went downstairs to say goodnight to their cousins, then to Tohru and Shigure before going back up to their rooms to collapse into their beds and fall exhausted in to a deep sleep.

Kyo slept in a little later than usual the next morning, but still managed to get up early enough to be ready for school on time.

As he skated through the shower and dressed he thought about the previous night's events. Mainly, about what Yuki had said to him after the battle.

"I wish you'd trust me Kyo."

What was that about? Yuki hated him as much as he hated Yuki right? So why would Yuki want Kyo to trust him?

"Kyo-kun! Yuki-kun! Shigure-san! Breakfast is ready!" Tohru called to from the bottom of the stairs.

"Coming!" Kyo called back. He opened his door and nearly crashed into Yuki as he came blearily out if his room.

"Watch where you're going, you damn rat!" he snarled angrily.

"M'sorry." Yuki answered groggily, walking past him and down the stairs.

Now that really surprised Kyo. "What? You're not gonna hit me?" he demanded.

Yuki turned around to stare at him. "No, not today." he answered.

"Why not? Kyo asked, more to himself that to anyone else.

Yuki answered him anyway. "Because I don't feel like it." He replied.

Breakfast was a quiet affair. Both Yuki and Kyo were too tired to say anything much past 'please' and 'thankyou'.

Tohru eventually broke the silence by saying. "Wasn't that wind last night terrible? I thought the roof was going to come off the house!"

The boys sweatdropped but said nothing when Shigure made some remark about last night's winds bringing down a power line somewhere in the city.

The sweatdrops multiplied when Tohru mentioned the flying creatures that herself, Haru and Momiji had seen the night before.

"Did either of you see them, Yuki? Kyo?" she asked brightly.

"Uh, no." Kyo replied uncomfortably. Yuki shook his head.

"No," Shigure sniggered. "They were too busy upstairs doing… other things." He received a punch in the head from Kyo for his troubles. Yuki merely glared at him, not awake enough to do anything about it.

But neither Shigure, nor Tohru missed the fact that he was blushing.


I barely remember the walk to school this morning. I was exhausted from the fight last night; I guess using magic took a lot out of me. I can't help being annoyed that Kyo is one card up on me.

This morning before we left, Andromache and Andromeda presented us with three books.

"These will store you're Clow Cards." Andromache told us. "The silver one with the moon is for Kyo's Cards and the gold one with the sun is for Yuki. The combined book is for the cards that you share."

Then they decided to come to school with us. So Andromeda is currently hiding in my backpack.

So now there is a book in my room and two in Kyo's. I let him take the other one without a fight. I don't want to fight him any more. I don't know what it is, but my feelings towards Kyo have changed in the last few months, I don't hate him like I used to. I don't see the cat any more… I see Kyo.

Anyway, when we got to school, I was immediately surrounded by my fan club, boys and girls both. I sighed when I saw Kyo smirking. I noticed that he looked as tired as I was; I guess he had put more effort in than I had last night. I hope he'll make it through the day… Miss Honda would worry about him (Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it).

I was rescued from the fan club by the new students, Eriol and Syaoran. They pushed through the crowd of people surrounding me, where I was currently listening to no one and merely smiling and nodding vaguely, and

Eriol sent a charming smile at some of the girls in the group. "Sorry everyone, but we need to borrow him for a while, I hope you don't mind."

The girls immediately went gooey and stepped aside to let them through, as the two boys pulled me through the crowd he gave them a smile of gratitude. "Thanks." I said weakly.

Syaoran grinned. "No problem, we thought you could use the help." He answered.

"You were right." I replied. "They're like vultures."

"We know the feeling. The girls at our old schools only left us alone when they realised we had girlfriends." Eriol told him. He waved to Tomoyo, who smiled and waved back.

"The only way these girls will ever leave me alone is if they found out I had a boyfriend." Yuki joked. The others laughed

Tohru came over to us. "Yuki, are you okay, I saw Motoko and Minami and the others attack you again."

I smiled at my 'little sister'. "No, it's okay Miss Honda. Li-kun and Hiiragazawa-kun rescued me." I reassured her.

"Oh, well thankyou." Tohru said with her usually happy grin that Kyo often described as goofy.

I turned to my rescuers and said. "Why don't you and your friends come and spend recess and lunch with us today."

Syaoran and Eriol agreed readily. The bell went and we parted ways to get to our desks.

So, at recess the group had five extra people in its midst. Saki in particular took great interest in the newcomers, commenting again on the differences in their electric signals. Seemingly fascinated, Eriol and Saki became engrossed in a conversation about the electric signals of the dead.

They also joined the group at lunch, and spent most of the time chatting about random things. That was until a voice rang in Yuki's mind. "Yuki, there's a card around here somewhere!" Andromeda informed him.

"What? At the school?" he heard Kyo say, startled.

"Yes, I believe it is the Wood Card." Andromache answered.

"Great, just great!" he heard Kyo mutter out loud. They got up. "We'll be back in a moment." Yuki said cheerfully.

The others looked at them quizzically, and Syaoran and Sakura exchanged knowing looks.

The two cousins bolted back to the classroom to find Andromache and Andromeda. The two cats were waiting for them on their desks. Immediately their guardians flew to their shoulders and they were off and running.

"So where is it?" Yuki panted as he ran.

Kyo stopped suddenly. "Um, you may want to look at the oval." He said, a wry grin spreading across his face.

Yuki stopped too and turned to face the sports oval. "Oh my…" he trailed off, and he couldn't help but grin back at Kyo. "This could be hard to explain."

The entire oval was covered in trees. The Wood Card had taken over the entire thing. There were people all over the place, trying to fathom what had happened.

"So what do we do? How do we get rid of all these people so we can capture it?" Yuki asked.

From their hiding place, Kyo raised left his arm, again bracing it with his right.

"Windy, create a gale strong enough to blind these people." He commanded.

The card's spirit flew from his fingers and blew up a gale that rivalled the one from the previous night.

While the surrounding students were trying to shield their faces from the force of the winds that were raging around them, Yuki bolted forward. He felt the same sensation of knowing what he had to do as Kyo did.

In the same fluid movement that Kyo had used he raised his arms to face the Card and summoned it. "Return to your sealed form… Wood Card!"

In a flurry of bark and leaves, the spirit morphed into its card form. He darted back onto hiding as Kyo commanded the Windy Card to retreat.

"Well done!" Andromache said, pleased with her charges. "You're turning out to be the best Card Captors we have ever protected."

"Thanks, I think." Kyo replied, startling a laugh out of his cousin.

Standing on the roof overlooking the oval, Eriol, Syaoran, Sakura, Tomoyo and Meiling had watched the entire thing unfold before them.

"Well, they're doing rather well aren't they." Eriol murmured.

"Yeah, things are going to get really interesting soon." Sakura said cheerfully.

"Yes, and not just with the Cards." Tomoyo said dreamily. The others looked at her quizzically. "Well come on, look at them. Tohru told me that they fight a lot, but do they really look like enemies to you?"

Meiling, watching the two cousins, chatting amiably with their two cats, and each other. She grinned, "I see what you mean. You think they're becoming friends?"

"Maybe," Tomoyo replied. "Or maybe more than friends."

Syaoran chuckled and put his arm around Sakura. "This is going to be so much fun"