Hao's Boredom

by: yugioh-fan88

Summary: Hao Asakura is bored and decides to find something to do. Bring on the chaos for all the Shaman King characters. (Hao is OOC)

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Humor

Warning: Swears every now and then.

Disclaimer: I never have and never will own Shaman King.

Chapter 1: I'm bored!

Everyone in the Asakura house had something to do that day. Yoh was listening to music, Anna was supervising Manta who was cleaning floors, Faust was reading, Horo Horo was eating, people were doing random things (A/N: I refuse too name all the good guys) and Ren was meditating. As for Hao (A/N: By the way, just to let people know, it's after the Shaman Fights and Hao is living with Yoh while his followers are doing random things on their own)... well, ok, almost everyone in the Asakura house had something to do. Hao had absolutely nothing to do. He sat there on the couch continuously changing positions from arms crossed to arms un-crossed and back to crossed. He couldn't think of anything to do. Finally he got up and went for a walk just as every one went to their separate rooms.

While Hao was walking down the driveway a thought stuck him, giving him an idea to relieve him of his boredom. He smirked evilly as his plan came together.

"This just might work." he said to himself.

The brilliant plan Hao had just thought of was too, one by one, bug the crap out of everyone he knew. He already had his first target planned out: Tao Ren.

A/N: That's chapter 1! Hope you all liked it. Unfortunately "How to bug the crap out of Hao" was reported and taken down so I no longer have that story. Also I took down "What if Sasuke was a nice guy?" just in case. Sorry about all this. I will also be changing my name to Crystal Moon so watch out for that. Again sorry for the trouble and gomen for the lack of updates. READ & REVIEW!