Hao's Boredom

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Chapter 9: Target: Anna

Hao laughed to himself as he signed up his unsuspecting victim for... free falling. The gang was at Canada's Wonderland that day and a brilliant idea composed itself when he saw the Xtreme SkyFlyer. How better to prank someone?

Hao saw the group heading in his direction so he quickly went and hid himself... in a bush. As the group passed, someone who managed the ride called out a name. When said person looked up, they snatched her up and strapped her in.

Hao slowly snuck closer, looking like a bush with lego shoes. He peeked through the branches and almost laughed out loud. His victim looked shell shocked. The man running the ride strapped the helmet on her head and assured her that it was perfectly safe before giving the signal to start the ride.

Slowly, inch by inch, the ride pulled her higher. When the ride reached it's maximum height, the man running the ride let her go.

All that could be heard as she swung down was a lengthy 'holy shit'. As she began going back... something went amiss. Halfway up the other way... the rope snapped, sending the Ice Queen flying.

Hao blinked. "Oops..."

A few hours later they found her... and boy was it an ugly sight. (A/N: Too graphic for this rating.)

Hao did his hardest to hold back a laugh... but failed. He fell to the ground laughing his head off, not noticing her spirit rise from the body.

"Asakura Hao..." she said slowly as she seperated from her body completely. "How dare you!" she yelled right in his ear.

Hao blinked. Even though he was used to seeing ghosts, the last thing he wanted was to be haunted by her for the rest of his life. He chuckled and ran off, leaving a cloud of dust behind him.

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