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Coming out of my cage And I've been doing just fine Gotta gotta be down Because I want it all

All I ever wanted was the usual: fame, fortune, glory and to find that one girl I shared a cosmic connection with. I thought I found that girl in Adulasia, Colonel Yao, Lieutenant Jill Pearce,that "dancer" from the Mendocino Drift, Rommie, of course, and so many more.Okay, so they weren't the girls for me, but I could always count on Trance to be there when rejected. She'd say a few comforting words, a joke or two and then I'd be as right a rain. She'd go back to her plants and I'd go to my Machine Shop to fix something. Come to think of it, that's all I ever did for Dylan and Andromeda: fix things. Other than that, I pretty had no purpose on Andromeda. Then again, without me, she'd still be a paper weight trapped in that Black Hole. I thought we had it all then, the ship, the glory and, especially, the money.

It started out with a kiss How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss It was only a kiss

But that stupid rat had to double-cross us and I got stuck with a big heaping pile of nothing. If anything, though, my nothing turned into the Glory of the Harper. Andromeda would be lost without me, seriously. Life was great, still is...or about as great as it can be. The Charter was doing good, Dylan had that stick up his ass removed and even though we were constantly under attack, we were free and all-poweful. Then Gerentex had to show up again and take me and Trance hostage. Who takes us hostage, honestly? We don't make the best prisoners, what with all the banter and the fighting and the torture. Ah, the torture, that was fun. Darn Trance had to ruin it though. Why didn't she let me kill him? He was ready and willing to kill her, even after I stepped in. I'll never forget that moment, one of my best. I was so scared that Trance would die again. She probably would've come back, but that's Trance for 'ya. She was optimistic to the point that she could make us all sick! But, that's part of her charm. That kiss, oh! That kiss! That is another great part of her charm: spontanatity. Even if it was on my cheek, it was the best kiss I ever had. I don't think I washed my face for a month or two after my sparkly golden space babe showed up. That was hard, too hard. But she was there for me, or tried to be. Just like mt purple pixie had been when I had all that stuff uploaded into my brain, ouch! I not only saved the day but I learned something about Trance, something none of the others knew. That was great! Now...if I could only remember what I said to her. That would help a lot! I'll nevere forget her face though: shocked and happy. She was beautiful.

Now I'm falling asleep And she's calling a cab While he's having a smoke And she's taking the drag

Trance was always beautiful though, always. Why didn't I ever notice it? Part of it might've been because I was pissed at her for not getting those stupid Magog Larvae out of me. I was so angry with her! She could save Tyr but not me! And why? Survey says: because he was a Nietzschean and I'm a worthless Kludge. Once again, the Nietzscheans have succeeded in ruining my life. It never ends! All of that "where there's life there's hope" crap...jeez, Tyr was right. Can't believe I believed him...and trusted him over Trance. She assured me that she and Rev would find another way to get them out and what did I do? Acted like a miserable and ungrateful brat! I'm so stupid! I felt so guilty afterwards for getting snippy with her. I hadn't felt like that since she died and when Dylan found out what I, uh...I, um...what happened to Rommie. Yeah. Guilt, it gets to you everytime. Kinda funny though, Seefra isn't exactly the place of guilt. More a place of..."celebration." When Dylan told me about Trance, not just her memory, but about her being caged up in a capsule for 10 years, I felt even worse for not even being able to help her. How could I? She didn't even remember me for the Divine's sake! Nothing made this armpit of a system worse than the fact that Trance, my Trance, was gone.

Now they're going to bed And my stomach is sick And it's all in my head

She and I would always joke, or rather, she would about my cosmic connections. I had so many back in the day. I'd give anything to have those days back. I'd even give my brain, my perfect brain, to have Trance nag at me again. Doesn't matter what, anything will do! Cosmic connections. Ugh...I bet Trance believes she has a "cosmic connection" with Ione. I don't even see how that's possible! They have nothing in common! Okay, sure, maybe they have the Avatar, tesseracting and sort of immortal thing in common but other than that! What does he know about her? Huh! What! I know everyhting about her! Her favorite color, okay that's a given, her favorite foods and passtimes, what makes her happy and sadeverything! Then he get to swoop in and save her like a "knight" in shining moonlight? Why? Why him? That's all I wanna know!

But she's touching his chest now He takes off her dress now Let me go

God! When they popped in all "staring-into-each-others-eyes," I thought I was gonna be sick! Glad I wasn't though, the last thing I need was to have an "accident" at the bottom of my bag. Ugh, the mere fact that I was in the bag was embarassing in itself. Man, I couldn't even help! All I could do was stand there and be useless. If there's anything I hate more than Seefra, Magog and Nietzscheans, currently company excluded, it's being useless. That's the worst of 'em all though 'cause when you get down to it, being uselss is the same as being...uh-oh, empty glasses. That means no tip! Okay, now that that's settled...uh...jeez, where was I? Dammit! I lost my train of thought! Ugh! Seems to be happening more and more lately.

Cause I just can't look It's killing me And taking control

Oh, yeah! Trance and Ione! That's where I was! There we were, loving life, sorta, having fun, sorta, and just being ourselves, sorta. Okay, not good example there, Harper. I still can't believe how easy it was for him to open teh chamber door. I used everything I knew and every tool I had on that door and all he did was "poof" inside and open it! Unbelievable. Damn him. Had it not been for him, maybe Beka and Rhade wouldn't have chased me outside. But they're not the real reason I left, nope. The real reason was that...I...

Jealousy Turning saints into the sea Turning through sick lullabies Choking on your alibies

...I...I couldn't bear to see Trance with him for another stinking moment. The worst part of this whole thing was that afterwards, Trance disappeared and wasn't gonna come back. I was on my way to Command to talk to Dylan about that particular problem when, BAM! There she was! Just as I was about to run over and hug her to death, she started talking about him. Saying how she had an eternity to love him and be with him. Him. Him, not me, him. Here comes the sickness again.

But it's just the price I pay Destiny is calling me Open up my eager eyes Cause I'm Mr. Brightside I never I never I never I never

He hurt her. He hurt her! Bastard. Anyway, to recap, Harper: Trance is beautiful, charming, funny and I love her. But, in all the Divine's "wisdom," she doesn't love me but Ione, the Moon Avatar and pain in my ass! Oh, jeez. Here comes Beka.

"Hey, Harper." Beka said a little cheerful as she took her place at a stool in front of me. The bar was empty right now, something that never happened. "How you been?" She asked smiling, the thought of me hopping out in that sack fresh in her mind.

"Considering we nearly died at the hands of a Moon Avatar because him and Trance couldn't keep their hands off each other, and the fact that I lost all my customers today because Rhade's started another fight outsidenot bad. Just call me Mr. Brightside." Beka looked at me a little shocked as I poured her a drink. I swear, if Ione ever comes back here, I'll kill him.