I wrote this to give a different perspective of Rouge's feelings about her powers. Sorry, I just got sick of the whole pity me one-shots.

"What is in a name. That which we call a rose would smell as sweet."

Ah, Shakespear. If only he knew how right he was. Of course, I don't think he met it to apply to someone in my situation. Actually he probably never thought my situation could exist. EVER!

Rogue. That's the name I gave myself. It's the name everyone calls me, except Logan. He just calls me kid, course he calls everyone I know that. But this is going way off subject.

So yeah, Rogue. Strange name, but my powers are even stranger. I mean how many people do you know that can suck the lifeforce out of someone they touch? Ihope not many, and if you do tell me. That is if they can touch skin to skin, cause I would love to know how.

Ahh! There I go again. It's a wonder why I wonder why everyone worries about me. I mean come on. If I keep begging for a way to control my powers I'll paint a picture of mourning. Which is something I don't need now. Mourning that is. I do enough of it already. Especially with Jean dead and Logan off in search of his past.

Logan. Underneath that ruff and tumble exterior he's a good guy. Maybe he's a little, what's the word, passionate about things but deep down his hearts in the right place. I should know, I've shared it with him. Okay, sorry that did not come out the way I wanted it to sound. Let me rephrase that. I've gotten to know Logan better then anyone else. Mainly because I sucked out his lifeforce, or he let me do it, to save my life. So yes, I've gotten to see the real him, and I've kept it with me.

Much to Bobby's chargrin. Honestly it's not like I have a crush on the guy. It's just we have a connection that goes deeper then friendship. Don't ask me to explain I've done it more times then I can count and it gets more confusing with each telling. But like I said Bobby's uncomfortable with it.

Oh, Bobby's my boyfriend. Yes, the whole kissing and touching thing is rather complicated but we're working on it. Only time willl tell. Unfortunately Bobby makes a whole deal about the touching thing. That is he makes a big deal on how it affects me. He treats me like I'm a brittle rose caught in the frosty dew. That being my dramatic description.

You know I've always had a flare for drama. Guess it comes naturally when your isolated from everyone. Not that I'm isolated mind you. Well, I'm physically isolated but not completely.

You see I am like the rose Shakespear talked about. It seems that there are those who want me, for good and bad reasons, but they can't get past the thorns. In reality the rose is isolated from the world because of it's thorns. But that doesn't mean it stops what it's doing. It doesn't mean the world pities it's lack of contact. It just means that it finds a new way. A new way to look at the world.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't pity me, for goodness sake. I'm not that scared little fifteen year old that arrived at Xavier's with a gruff, unconcious Canadian. I'm so much more than that. With a simple touch I can connect to a person forever. What they know, I know and I'm there when they need it. I'm the one who shares Logan's nightmares and Bobby's dreams. I'm the one who holds Magneto's deepest thoughts of humanity. I'm the one who still holds a young boy from Mississippi in me. Just like the rose whose aroma you can't forget, I'm the one who can touch so many lives and stay with them forever. I'm thankfull everyday for this opportunity. Don't pity me cause despite what burden my namesake gives me I'll take the gift it gives. I mean what is a rose without it's thorns.