Authors: Sportakiss and XxTimesStopsxX

Rating: PG-13(for future chapters and just in case)

Disclaimer: Not ours, all that is lazytown belongs to Magnus Scheveing we only own Amelia and Regina

Chapter One

The sun rises over Lazytown and everyone's favorite hero is not far behind. Sportacus opens his pale blue eyes and smiles at the sun. He jumps out of bed grasping his toothbrush and begins to clean his teeth. Today was special. He tosses the brush aside and stretches and begins the morning routine, "Time to get fit.".

Robbie Rotten groans as the sun filters through his dusty, dank blinds. "GAH!", cheesy poofs and M&M's fly everywhere as he stands up with a jump. "Got to get ready" he yawns, stretching his arms above his head. He walks hunched over to his rows of costumes, "Do I be a doctor, or a scout, or OR should I be a jester? No, no that won't be necessary. I don't think so at least. . . Well what Sportacus. . .No NO, sportacus is wrong, yes very wrong. So no, no costumes today, today is special."

As afternoon approaches Lazytown, the hum of laughter and playing can be heard. Stephanie, Pixel, Trixie, Stingy, and Ziggy's chorus of laughter over the vegetable garden. They all recovered from their giggles as Sportacus approached them. "Hey Sportacus!", Stephanie exclaimed happily. "Hey stephanie, hey kids!", Sportacus replied. "You kids gardening again today?" "Yeah Sport, wanna help?", ziggy asked. "Sorry Ziggy, I've got things to do today,but maybe tomorrow." "oh ok", the kids answered together. As sportacus walked away near the Lazytown Bus Station Stephanie turned towards the rest, "What do you think Sportacus meant by things to do?" "I don't know, but we'll find out soon i bet, Stephanie." Pixel answered adoringly.

Sportacus walked off jovially to the bus station and before he could shout Robbie Rotten clumsily ran into him. Both fell to the floor. Sportacus and Robbie stood up and faced each other, "Shouldn't you be off napping?", Sportacus stated. "Shouldn't you be, er, jumping?" Robbie replied proudly. Sportacus stared at him unsure what to think of the odd man in front of him, was he stupid or just . . . stupid? "So, Robbie what brings you here at this time of the day, i thought you would be off sleeping or eating junk food." "HA", robbie gave out an indignant laugh and snort. "you would think." he smirked, then looking confused gave out a hmph "Well, if you should know I a here. . ." "BROTHER!" two voices screamed out in happiness.

Both men turn around with smiles and face a petite blonde and taller brunette. The blonde and brunette ran towards said brother and jumped. The blonde was caught easily by Sportacus and hugged her with a fierce hug while the brunette crashed to the floor on top of her brother. You know sometimes being fit just can come in handy.

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