The New Girls in Town

Authors: sportakiss and XxTimesStopsxX

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Chapter 4

Lights flashed behind Regina's closed eyelids, waking her up disgruntled and confused. One eye opened and saw the TV shoving bright images in her face. She realized she was on the couch in a rather uncomfortable position and got up slowly and painfully.

She looked at her snoring brother and wondered how someone could live like this. It was at that moment she realized she was shivering. She grabbed the robe that coated Robbie and huddled inside it.

She remembered many nights spent like this when she was younger and living in Lazytown. Lazytown was where she was born and lived until she was nine. Nights like this that were cold and discomforting had always made her feel lonely and restless.

Luckily, her parents took her away from Lazytown and made her teenage years happier and healthier. Robbie was stubborn and stayed with their aunt who also refused to leave. Their aunt passed away a few years later and although Robbie wasn't much older than Regina, he chose to stay by himself in this dark place.

'He always did like being lazy', she thought.

The painful part about leaving was that she had no way of seeing her brother. She never understood why she was so attached to him when they were such different people. Her friends and neighbors advised her to forget about him and go on with her life. He wasn't well liked among her peers.

"But why? They didn't even know him! They only assumed he was a bad person because he chose to be different!" she muttered angrily to herself.

That's why she chose to come back to Lazytown. To get away from it all.

Regina snapped back to reality and realized she needed rest if she wanted to get up bright and early the next morning, but too many thoughts were running rapidly through her mind.

Robbie's mouth quickly twitched in his sleep. The sudden movement distracted Regina from her own upsetting thoughts and made her curious about her brother.

'I wonder what he's dreaming about..' she mused to herself. 'Food perhaps? A new plan to become lazier than before?' Regina silently laughed which somehow turned into a yawn.

She got up and quietly turned off the TV. The whole room suddenly became pitch black since windows were something Robbie had never seemed to like.

Regina immediately tensed. 'I forgot how much I hate the dark…' Regina thought.

It wasn't that she was afraid of monsters or anything; it was just that darkness always managed to remind her of how badly she wanted someone to talk to and care for her and if she was lucky, understand her. She of course loved Robbie, but he didn't agree with her and her lifestyle.

Her eyes suddenly became heavy and started to flutter as she lay down in her makeshift bed on the floor. The next morning she would probably forget all these thoughts. She would make new friends and forget she was ever unhappy. Well at least until tomorrow night…


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