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Rating: R (for cutting and Slash)

Warnings: strong language, slash, abuse, and cutting

Summary: In an attempt to save Harry from suicide Elliot turns him. Will Harry adjust to his new live as a creature of the dark? Will he fall in love with his rival? Will he finally have a family? Or will Voldemort destroy his life yet again?


Feb. 28, 05

Chapter 1

It was raining; that was how Harry liked it cold and wet. It numbed his body to the pain of the wounds his bastered of an Uncle had given him. But it never numbed the pain in his soul. For that he had scars on his wrists from his Godfather's dagger. They were the wounds that he gave himself; he was the one that controlled the pain and the blood and his life.

Harry had begun to cut shortly after he arrived back at his Aunt's house. His Uncle and Cousin had taken to beating him for the slightest things and he felt that he had no control. It had truly been an accident that he started. He had been cleaning the bathroom when his Uncle's razor had fallen and sliced open his left wrist.

The blood had fascinated him until he realized that his heart which had been bleeding in its own sense had lessened slightly. So every night after his 'family' went to bed he would sneak out to the front yard and slice open his arms until he passed out. So that was where he was now, sitting up against the garden wall with the "Black Dagger' resting against his wrist.

The rain pored down on him as he ran the blade over his pale skin. Never breaking the flesh, never drawing blood. Not tonight, tonight was the end. He was tired of the lies, the pain, and the guilt. Harry wanted it to end, he wanted all of his pain to go away but he knew that until either Voldemort or himself was six feet under he would have the pain.

"Isn't ironic…" Harry said as he watched the silver blade dance in the street light. His voice was cold and emotionless. "That the dagger HE gave me to save my life is the same one that will take my life in a few moments."

Harry stared sadly at the dagger as he remembered how he had received it. It had been not a week into break when an owl had flown through his window. Attached to its leg was a small box, inside was a note and the dagger.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this then I have died. Don't blame yourself because knowing me I was probably doing something stupid. Just know that I love you and that if I died protecting you then I am happy where ever I am.

This is your birthday present but as I said before I am dead so I guess I can give it to you early. It is a Black family dagger. Use it wisely and it will help you. Ask Remus and he will show you how to use it to protect yourself. Well I have to go that stupid house elf is driving me crazy again.


P.S. I left you almost everything

Those words had made Harry's heart break. He had read them many times in hopes of making them true. But he knew they weren't, he had killed his godfather. It couldn't have been worse if he had been the one to throw the curse.

But that would end he would finish what Voldemort had started. He would kill himself. He would leave this world behind and hopefully everyone would be safe.

"To end it all." Harry whispered as he pushed the blade into his arm. It went deeper then ever before and Harry knew that there was no turning back. He quickly sliced the other arm and leaned back against the wall behind him.

He could feel the blood as it dripped from his veins. He could feel it being washed away by the rain only to be replaced by more. He could feel the darkness closing in around him. He closed his eyes and sighed, it was over. Soon he would be with his family and no one would be able to stop him.

A shadow fell over Harry's eyes; he opened them slowly to see two or three men standing before him. He didn't care; there was nothing they could do. He could hear them talking but he couldn't make out the words. His eyes were getting to heavy to hold up so he closed them and waited for the darkness to claim him.

Harry only vaguely felt someone picking him up or the sharp pain of teeth sinking into the soft skin of his neck. The darkness was growing; it was engulfing him in its shadowy hands. Something warm trickled down his throat. He didn't know what but something in the back of his head told him to drink it. Harry did and soon felt himself being lifted into strong arms. The voices were hazy but he made out a little of what was being said.

"Gail… home… transformation…"

"Yes… are… Elliot…" Everything went black and Harry knew no more.


Three figures watched in the shadows of Privet Drive as the boy they had come to see held a dagger to his wrist. Not one of them knew what to do. The suicidal thoughts running through the boy-who-lived's head were enough to make anyone sick.

"To end it all." The boy's whisper broke through the spell. They moved across the street as he slit his wrists. The smell of blood assaulted their noses as they drew near him.

"Are you sure this is the boy Elliot?" A tall blonde asked the man next to him.

"I am sure Devon." Elliot said as he pushed some of his midnight black hair out of his face. "I am going to turn him."

"Elliot… but…" Their other companion started.

"He'll die Gail and then everything in this world will be lost." They watched as the onyx haired boy opened his eyes slowly to watch them. "We can't just let him die. I can't let him die."

"Fine on your head be it if he is angry." Gail said as he turned his blue eyes on the seemingly sleeping boy. Elliot kneeled next to the boy and lifted him into his arms. He turned Harry's head slightly and bit down and the exposed flesh.

He bit back a moan of sheer pleasure as the warm blood flowed down his throat. It was different from any other he had ever had. It was sweet and innocent but it was also filled with unbridled power. Elliot pulled back panting his black eyes wide with amazement.

"Elliot are you okay?" Devon asked from in front of him. Elliot tipped his head up and stared at the other vampire as if trying to figure out who he was. A soft groan from the boy in his arms brought Elliot back to the present matter. He quickly bit his wrist and held it to the boy's lips.

A little of the blood trickled down his throat and before they could blink the youth latched onto his wrist. The three vampires watched in amazement as the boy-who-lived drank his fill. He slowly let go of Elliot's wrist and slumped into his chest.

He stood up with the boy still firmly held against his chest and turned to his companions. They stared at him for a moment before shaking their heads.

"Gail, Devon we have to get home so he can finish the transformation." Elliot said as he began to walk forward. The other two quickly caught up with him.

"Yes I suppose you are right. You okay Elliot?" Gail asked from his right.

"I am not sure. I will tell you later." Elliot whispered as he began to move faster into the dark night. Not an hour later the stood in front of a large castle. Devon opened the door and Elliot rushed in with the boy secure in his arms. Two more figures appeared and jumped back at his haste.

Elliot hastily took him up to an empty guest room and laid him on top of the extremely large bed. He then set to work cleaning and doctoring the boy's wounds. He never noticed a figure step up behind him until he cleared his throat. Elliot jumped a few feet into the air before turning to his sire.

"Lucius?" The brunette said as he laid a hand over his still heart.

"How is he my son?" The blonde asked as he peered at the boy on the bed.

"He is weak Father. The transformation will begin soon but I do not know how long he will be out." Elliot said as he turned back towards Harry.

"Do not feel bad Elliot." Lucius Malfoy said as he placed a hand on the other's shoulder. "You did the right thing."


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