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Chapter One+

"You're pregnant?"

Mimi Tachikawa felt a stab of apprehension as she saw angry crimson color mottle the face of the man seated across from her. "Yes, darling, I "

"Dammit, Mimi!" Michael lurched forward in his chair and punched a fist down on the surface of their elegant Horrocks & Vine patio table. "You know very well that I'm not ready to have kids."

A fragment of memory…from the past that Mimi had buried so carefully eight years before…suddenly broke free & surfaced, chilling her to the bone despite the sun beating down on their rooftop garden from a hazy New York sky.

This couldn't be happening. Not now. Not again.

"Michael," she said pleadingly. "It was an accident. I don't know how it happened." She tugged on her pink choker. "But now that I am pregnant, I'm going to have this baby!"

Michael shoved back his chair and swung to his feet, his expression grim. "There's no way I'm starting a family."

"But...we love each other."

"Right. And we've been in this relationship for almost five years. But you'll recall," he added tersely. "That before we moved in together, we agreed that it would just be the two of us. Just the two of us, Mimi."

She stared at him, and it was like looking at a stranger. "Surely," she whispered, "you're not suggesting that I...that...I should choose." She couldn't even bring herself to say it and by the looks of it, it is what he was suggesting.

"The choice is yours." Stepping behind his chair, Michael fixed her with a hard implacable gaze. "You can have either me or this child, Mimi. You can't have both."

Yamato Ishida flicked up his umbrella as he emerged from his Main Street law office, in the small town of Odaiba, Japan. Heavy rain had been pelting down all day and showed no signs of letting up.

He'd had a hectic week…and he rarely worked on Friday evenings but business is booming and the harder he worked, the more money he earned. And it was money he could put to good use, he reflected as he strode along the rain-splashed sidewalk toward the Pizza Place in the next block. The down payment for his new home had taken a huge chunk out of his savings…

A passing car suddenly veered too close to the gutter and splashed muddy water in his direction. His pants were soaked and he could feel the fabric stick up unpleasantly to his legs. He glowered through the lashing rain and caught a glimpse of the offending vehicle before it disappeared around the corner.

It was a midnight-blue Porsche. He knew that those types of cars are rarely seen in the city and most folks that drove those cars would be very rich.

He pressed his thumb against the top spring of his umbrella and shook it out as he walked into the Pizza Place. It wasn't a place he regularly visits…he didn't have to; Sora and his mother were forever bringing him casseroles or inviting him for meals.

But tonight, because Sora had taken the kids to a movie, and his mother had gone to visit his younger brother for the weekend, he was on his own.

And he was looking forward to having the house to himself. Stressed-out after his hectic week, he planned to take a long shower and change into dry clothes. Then he'd pour himself a beer and get a few slices of pizza and spend mindless hours flaked out in front of the TV.

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