And In the Darkness Bind Them 9/?

Rated M: for excessive violence and mature content .

Sorry for the long wait between updates. I have no excuse but I wasn't in the mood to write, and just picked my fics back up after months. Hope y'all are still following along.

Forced Residency

After the tour of both the compound and the Ingata war cruiser, Marcus was getting antsy being herded around everywhere two feet away from Neroon. Most of the tour was concentrated on well-populated areas, by design Marcus was sure. The main meeting hall, the mess hall, sparring room, it was only when they entered the infirmary that Marcus became uncomfortable. He noticed the many men that were still there from their run-in with him the night before last.

Marcus had made sure not to kill, or permanently maim anyone, but that did not relieve his conscience at all. He was on a mission true enough, but due to his own actions had failed to complete it. As far as Marcus was concerned, not having the heart to complete his mission, there was no reason to even attempt it, making all the injuries he caused needless violence.

Neroon was watching Marcus Cole carefully throughout his tour, and although the human was exceedingly good at hiding his thoughts, sometimes his true feeling would shine through. As they entered the infirmary Neroon noticed the guilt that Marcus tried so hard to hide.

This only served as proof that not everything was as it should be as concerning one Marcus Cole. Neroon had no doubt that he was a skilled warrior, but he did not seem to be used to the position of cold-blooded assassin. Even more disturbing, during the pike fight in his quarters Neroon recognized some moves that Durhann taught a select few. How a young human came to study under Durhann himself was quite a mystery. No matter, Neroon still had four days to solve the riddle before the telepaths came and gave the needed answers to him. He only hoped he gained the human's trust before then.

"I have spoken to my chef and he is making dinner for two. We should be on our way if we want to eat it while still hot." Neroon commented, breaking the silence. He left the infirmary without another word, knowing Marcus would continue to follow him to his quarters. "Once we are through with the meal you will stay in my quarters until the telepaths arrive four days hence."

Neroon stopped at a door guarded by two huge Minbari, gesturing for Marcus to enter first. Having done so, Neroon followed him in ignoring the sputtering the human was doing as he set about making tea.

"Are you out or your bloody mind?" Marcus asked incredulously. "I will not stay here with you."

"You have no choice in the matter, Marcus. I will not risk the danger to my crew since I am the only one you seem to be interested in killing. Nor do I trust Balis not to kill you if your mouth gets you into trouble again."

"Balis may be an arse, but he's not altogether incompetent." Marcus acknowledged reluctantly. "So do you really think it is smart to keep in such close proximity to the man that tried to assassinate you not twenty-four hours ago?"

"Your continued concern for my welfare is surprising…considering."

"Just wondering if the rest of your Caste realizes that their leader is suicidal?"

"You give yourself too much credit, and myself not enough." Neroon told him setting the tea service on the table with the rest of dinner.


"Sit. Eat."

The next forty-five minutes were spent quietly enjoying a good meal. No speaking was done and Marcus relaxed his guard somewhat, since he did not have to keep up hostilities when he wasn't saying anything. The strange silence continued as Neroon gestured him into his bedroom.

It was only after Neroon gave him a dressing gown to change into and Marcus had come out from the lavatories having washed up a bit, that he noticed the curved dagger sitting atop a small nightstand near the bed. Marcus didn't question why Neroon had not grabbed the dagger when he was under attack the night before, nor was he angry for Neroon leaving such a weapon in easy-reach. He wasn't upset that in order to fulfill his mission, let alone keep his cover, he needed to use any opportunity at hand to kill the Minbari. He most of all wasn't pissed that the peace of the hour before was going to be shattered by his own hand, a peace he hadn't known in many years. No none of these things occurred to him as he picked up the dagger.

Marcus weighed the grip in his palm carefully before pulling his hand back to strike. Before the blow could connect though, Neroon had turned around and caught his falling wrist in a harsh grip. His grip tightened painfully until Marcus could feel his bones begin to grin together causing him to drop the dagger in agony. As soon as the dagger hit the floor, Neroon swept his feet from under him and threw him on the sleeping pallet. Marcus had only gotten to his elbows when Neroon's full-body weight slammed him back down into the bed. It was like trying to lift a slab of granite. Neroon was immovable, every time Marcus tried to push him off he just pushed himself further into the pallet until he was practically buried under Neroon's muscular body. Neroon waited for Marcus to wear himself out struggling before he spoke.

"Must we continue to do this, Marcus?" Neroon asked quietly. He didn't seem angry exactly, more like exhausted and disappointed. Marcus only glared up at him. "Very well then. Since it seems I can not trust you when I am not paying proper attention I have no choice but to restrain you so I can indeed sleep."

"Like hell you will." Marcus snarled, genuinely angry at the idea of being so helpless near anyone, let alone in a bed with a stranger. As he tried to push Neroon away enough to get a few punches in Neroon grabbed his hands in one of his own and raised them above his head. The more Marcus struggled, the more helpless it seemed until he finally fell still as he felt Neroon trying knots into the silk strips attaching his arms to the headboard.

"Had you not reacted as you did this would not be necessary." Neroon chastised softly, ignoring the distress radiating from the human's stiff form, as he lay down beside him. "Try to sleep."

"Bugger off." Marcus told him gruffly, doing his best to ignore the whole situation. Every few minutes Marcus would pull at his wrists trying to loosen the knots, but they continued to hold him securely.

After the third such incident Neroon rolled over so that he was leaning over him looking directly into Marcus' eyes.

"Be still. The knots are secure. You will not be released until I untie you in the morning." Neroon told him in a stern voice, yet not meanly. "I have a feeling we will both need our sleep for the coming days ahead."

Without another word Neroon lay back down, a little closer then he had before. This caused Marcus no little worry, which of course Neroon noticed immediately.

"I will not harm you Marcus, now go to sleep." Neroon practically whispered in his ear.

Marcus ignored him, staying stiff as a board, just waiting for movement from Neroon. He was still waiting when his body relaxed bit by bit until eventually he slept.