-Chapter One-.

"I'm so BORED!" Anita was having a slightly off day, it seemed everything was against her.

"Read a book then!"

And apparently, Nenene was against her too.

"You KNOW I hate books!" Anita mumbled crossly, "I'm going on a walk."

"Alright! Be careful Anita dear!" Michel couldn't help but add, the slight glare Anita sent her was promptly ignored.


I was at a loss, I had been on a walk nothing out of the ordinary, well, there wasn't till I passed 'her' house.

I'd met her before, well more like saw her before, it was becoming constant. No, I didn't stalk her or anything, but we always seemed to run into each other. I was starting to know her as well as I would if I in fact HAD been stalking her.

She loved frogs, she had a small fetish for milk, she hated books, she liked to go to the park on Simonds St. and sit by the small pond…

The list simply goes on, I don't think I know this much simply because I happened to be in the proximity at the same time, I must likely would have ignored her like I did everyone else. But… she fascinates me. She is truly beautiful as well, deep green eyes, silky pink hair that just barely reaches her shoulder blades, lightly tanned peach colored skin… though… she does constantly dress in boys attire.

I remember the first time I saw her, it was night…

-Flash Back-

She sighed as she laid down upon the cool, soft grass she closed her eyes as she began to relax and grow tired.

Little did she know someone had his eyes on her from the sidewalk.

He watched as she fell asleep against a cherry blossom tree.

She was beautiful under the midnight blue sky now splashed with soft glowing stars, the cool autumn night taking the cherry blossom peddles from the trees only to land perfectly next to her calmly resting face.

Slowly he quietly made my way over to her, only to stop half way and walk away shaking his head as if to rid it of thoughts.

-End Flash Back-

She seemed to be a little upset when she walked out of the house, now from what I told you, it's quite normal for me to see her here and there, but today…

She wasn't paying attention as to where she was going, the why when there a rather large bump in the side walk she nearly would landed face first on the concrete.


I was angry, no I was WAY beyond angry, this day just couldn't get any worse…

I wasn't paying attention where I was going I simply stared ahead looking ticked…

And that's when I tripped…

I clenched my teeth and waited for the earth to hit me, but it never did. Instead I felt warm strong arms around me to keep me from falling.


I just couldn't let her fall, I couldn't. It's quite odd actually. Why do I care?

She turned to meet my gaze when I caught her, our eyes locked for a moment, then…

-End Chapter-