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The 'Oh so Wonderful Life' of Serenity Wheeler

Chapter One

Serenity stormed out of history class, fuming.

" I can't believe this!"

Her history teacher, Professor Sparks, had told her she had to be tutored for his class to bring up her grade.


"Excuse me Miss Wheeler, may I see you for a moment?" asked the Professor.

Serenity paused at the door and turned around to face him.

"Yes sir?"

"I am sorry to have to inform you, but you will have to take several of my lessons again."

She looked at him disbelievingly, "What?"

"Do you remember that week you were out?"

"Yes sir."

That was the week Joey had come down with strep throat and I had to help take care of him, then I caught it. He can't seriously mean I have to take this class over...

"Yes well, that week you had a term paper due and since you were not present to turn it in, your grade took a heavy blow. Usually your grades are exceptionally high, but this was a major test grade and without it I'll have to flunk you, unless you take the tutoring class and bump it back up."

He looked at her sympathetically,"Miss Wheeler I really hope you do take it because a great mind like yours shouldn't be wasted."

Serenity nodded numbly and walked out.

Flashback Ends

I know Professor Sparks means well, but I can't believe I have to take it again. Oh man there goes all my free time ..

"Hey 'Ren!"

Serenity turned around at the familiar nickname and smiled.

"Hey Joey."

Joey Wheeler was Serenity's older brother and best friend. He was around 5'9" with shaggy blonde hair and brown eyes with a slight tan complexion. Serenity, however, was 5'7" with long, straight, auburn hair and hazel eyes with a creamy complexion.

"What took ya so long?"asked Joey.

"Oh nothing just that I have to re-take history," she glumly replied.

"What! No way Ren dere's gotta be some mistake," he exclaimed.

Serenity sighed," No I missed a term paper and now I have to make it up with tutoring classes."

"Total bummer."

"Yeah no kidding."

Joey smiled, "How 'bout we go an' hang out wid Yugi and da gang?"

She returned the smile, "Sure, hopefully that will cheer me up."

With that said the two left the school and headed towards Yugi's house.

"This is utter nonsense!" Seto Kaiba yelled at the counselor.

"Mr. Kaiba, sir, if you would kindly have a seat we can sort this out," Mr. Morrison stated calmly, " this is absolutely necessary in order for you to pass. This would have been accomplished sooner if your schedule had not interfered. Now instead you will have to earn your credit another way."

Seto shot him a glare, "How will I make it up?"

"Depends on what is available at the moment. It could be anything really."

He grimaced. How much better can my day get?

At that moment Professor Sparks entered the office.

"Ah Andrew, just the man I need to see."

Mr. Morrison looked at him, "Yes Michael?"

"My cousin just called from out of state and she needs me to come down right away because of a family emergency, but you see I have a few students that are taking tutoring lessons, and I can't find someone on such short notice; I was wondering if you know of someone who can take my place?" asked Professor Sparks.

Mr. Morrison glanced at Seto then back at the Professor and smiled, "Why yes we do."

He sighed gratefully," Who is it?"

"Seto Kaiba."

Seto mentally groaned. Spoke too soon. Now I have to teach that buffoons class. Just wonderful.

After the teachers had discussed Seto's teaching the class they had agreed he would teach on Tuesday's and Thursdays, which was only three students. Seto stormed out of the counselor's office. Great, just great. Now I have to teach a couple of lowlifes about history. He grumbled to himself. That no account professor didn't even say who the students were; this is just going to be fantastic.

He purposefully strided out of the school and to his limo. The chauffer held the door open.

"Good afternoon, sir."

In reply Seto just grunted and climbed into the limo. Maybe I could feign an illness and get out of it. He snorted. Yeah right, me sick. He sighed and rubbed his temples. Firing an employee always cheers me up. Mmmmm, Johnson has been slacking in his filing.. Grinning to himself the limo sped off to Kaiba Corporations. This day might not be so bad after all.

Joey and Serenity arrived at Yugi Motou's house. Yugi was a short guy, standing around 5'4", but his hair made him seem taller. It was spiked and tri-colored in the shades black, blonde, and magenta.

"Hey Joey, who's supposed to be over at the game shop?"

Joey paused, "Well dere's Yug, Yami, Tea, Tristan, Ryou, and I tink Bakura."

"Oh okay."

Yami was exactly like Yugi except; he was a bit taller and a lot wiser and older. Next there was Tea Gardner; she was as tall as Serenity and had short, shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. She was one of Serenity's best friends. Then, there was Tristan. Serenity grimaced. Oh great, I know he likes me and all, but I just don't like him that way. Tristan was an average looking guy, he stood around 5'10" and had a tanned complexion with brown eyes and hair that was done up in a weird cone shape. Last but not least were Ryou and Bakura. They looked almost identical, both being 5'9" and having pale skin, white hair, and brown eyes; however, there were a few differences if only minor. Ryou spoke in a soft, quiet British accent and his eyes were more round and soft brown while Bakura's eyes were darker and more sinister looking and he spoke in a deep and slightly raspy voice.

"Here we are 'Ren."

They had finally arrived at Kame Game Shop. Upon entering they spotted Tea and Ryou talking. Tristan was playing a video game and Bakura was sitting in a chair staring off into space smirking to himself.

"Hey guys."

Tristan looked up from the game and broke into a grin.

"Hey Joey!"

Tea looked over at Serenity and smiled, "Hi Serenity."

"Hi Tea," Serenity smiled back.

Joey looked around, "Where's Yugi?"

Bakura started snickering and Tristan's grin got wider.

"Oh Yami is kind of busy right now, and Yugi's trying to help him out."

"Why what happened?" Serenity asked.

Bakura answered, "You should have been here."


Yami barged in.

"Okay who took it?"

Yugi looked at him quizzically, "Took what?"

"My hair gel. How else do you think I get my hair to stay up like this aibou?" Yami replied, his eyes searching the room and settling on Bakura.

"AH HA! You tomb robber, I know you took it now hand it back over."

Bakura looked at him feigning surprise, " Why pharaoh I never even knew you were here. How rude of me not to notice."

Yami growled, "Quit being smart, give it to me now."

"Me being smart, never," he replied.

"I've always known you were never smart so you're just wasting your breath."

Bakura's eyes glittered maliciously, "Your one to talk last I checked you lost something, but as I said before I have no clue as to what you're referring to."

"My hair gel, give it to me NOW."

"Ohhhhhhh you mean that, are you sure you want it back?"

"Yes I'm positive."

Bakura smirked, "Whatever you say," and stood up, "here you go."

He pulled it out from behind his back and preceded to hand it to Yami. Yami snatched it from him and smirked.

"I knew I would get it back from you tomb robber."

Bakura sighed, "Oh well maybe next time."

Yami walked off triumphantly to the bathroom. Bakura started to chuckle and Ryou looked over at him.

"What did you do to it Bakura?" he asked.

"I just improved it hikari," he replied between chuckles.

At that moment, everyone heard a high-pitched scream and Yami came rushing back in the room.


Bakura gasped in fake shock, "Why Yami I never knew you dyed your hair."

"What did YOU do to MY HAIR!"

Everyone stared in shock at Yami's hair. Bakura had put something in Yami's hair gel that had made it turn hot, neon pink with traces of purple streaks.

Bakura replied innocently, placing a hand over his heart and feigning mock sorrow, "Now Yami how could you ever think I would do something like that. I'm the one of the nicest people you know," he grinned, "oh and by the way I think the dye bottle said something about it being permanent, so you might want to check that out."

Yami was fuming, " Tomb robber, I am most certainly going to kill you if this doesn't come out!"

Yugi jumped up from where he was sitting distracting Yami so he wouldn't do something to Bakura.

"C'mon Yami lets go get you cleaned up, hopefully that stuff will wash out."

Yami muttered, "Yeah it better, especially for the petty thief's sake."

Flashback Ends Bakura smirked, "That baka of a pharaoh isn't as smart as he thinks he is. Like me, of all people would give him his hair gel back and it not be tainted. Foolish baka."

He tsked and shook his head. Joey and Tristan had bust out laughing while Bakura told what had happened, and Serenity gave him a reproachful look.

Ryou sighed, "I should have stopped Yami, but I didn't see Bakura do anything to it so I just thought he took it to irritate him. I should have known better."

"You didn't know so don't go beating yourself up over it," said Tea.

"I'm not beating myself up it's just that I should have known, but now it's too late," Ryou smiled, "at least the damage wasn't as bad as when Bakura became hyper by eating too much sugar like last time."

Bakura glared at Ryou, "YOU said YOU would NEVER bring that up AGAIN."

"I'm not," smiled Ryou.

Serenity giggled, "I remember that. He ran around the house singing at the top of his lungs 'The Nut Song.'(1) It was hilarious."

Bakura glared at her and sunk down into his chair. Everyone was laughing at him when Yugi walked in. He saw Joey and Serenity.

"Hey guys."

"Hey Yugi," they replied at the same time.

Ryou looked at Yugi, "How is Yami?"

He rolled his eyes and sighed, "He's okay, but he thinks without his precious hair gel he's going die."

Yugi glanced at Bakura and asked, "What's the matter with him? I thought he would be gloating over the fact he tricked Yami."

Tea laughed, "He was, but Serenity kinda rained on his parade by embarrassing him by telling everyone one of his little sugar escapades."

Yugi grinned and turned to Serenity, "Was it that one time when he waltzed up to everyone and asked 'How you doin'?'"

"No that was the other time, this one was when he sang the Nut song," she replied giggling.

"Ohh okay."

Bakura growled, "Your lucky I'm in a good mood today you insolent mortal or you would have been blasted into the Shadow Realm by now."

"Aw come on 'Kura, you know you love me," replied Serenity.

He just shot her another glare. Yami walked back into the room. His hair, instead of it being black, blonde, and magenta the magenta in it was a light pink. Bakura looked over at Yami, smirked and said in a Valley girl type voice,

"Like so love the hair pharaoh, like it sooo totally suits you, like oh my gosh!"

Everyone burst out laughing. Joey glanced up at the clock on the wall.

"Oh man 'Ren we gotta go."

"Okay Joey. Bye guys it was a lot of fun and Yami hope your hair goes back to normal," she said while walking outside.

"Yeah bye an' see ya lata," replied Joey, heading for the door.

"Hey guys wait up! Bakura and I are heading home also, and I was wondering if we could walk with you?" asked Ryou.

Joey grinned at him, "Why of course Ryou, ya don't even have ta ask."

Bakura groaned, "Hikari must we walk with them. I'd rather be dunked in a vat of hot oil."

Yami evilly grinned at him, "Oh we can arrange that tomb robber."

Bakura smirked, "Yeah right pharaoh, knowing you you'd probably end up dunking yourself instead."

He walked over to the door, turned around, smirked, and imitated the Valley girl voice once again, "Well guys I like so gotta go, so like I'll totally like see you like sometime like later!"

Bakura looked at Yami and blew him a kiss, "Like see you later girlfriend. Maybe we could like go shopping sometime and like get our nails done. You could like so get yours done to like match your hair. Well like chow!"

Yami was fuming, "TOMB ROBBER!"

Bakura walked out of the door laughing with Ryou shaking his head and saying bye to everyone. Once they got outside, they joined Joey and Serenity. Ryou and Bakura lived a few blocks from Yugi's house, and Joey and Serenity live a few blocks from them.

"Bakura, why must you keep irritating Yami so much?" asked Ryou.

Bakura looked over at Ryou as innocently as he could and replied, "What? He is the one who starts it, hikari. I only finish what he cannot."

Ryou shook his head and Serenity giggled. Bakura turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

"What do you find so funny, mortal?"

She giggled again, "Oh nothing."

He just gazed at her for a moment before Ryou cleared his throat and broke it off.

"So Joey, have you added any new cards to your deck?"

Joey turned to Ryou, "Nah, but I did see some new monster cards over at da game shop."

Joey and Ryou discussed the latest cards that Yugi and his grandpa had received for the game shop, and the cards they would like to have for their decks. Finally they arrived at Ryou's house.

"Well Joey, it was nice chatting with you. Are you going to be at Yugi's tomorrow?" asked Ryou.

Joey scratched his head, "Don't know yet. 'Ren what do you think?"

"I have tutoring lessons tomorrow," she said while making a face, "I might be able to join you later on."

"Then its settled Joey and I will meet after school and walk to Yugi's. Later when it's time for you to leave your lesson, we'll come back and pick you up," replied Ryou.

Serenity brightened, "Sure, sounds good to me."

Joey smiled, "Cool, see ya lata guys."

"Yeah bye guys, and thanks a lot Ryou."

"No problem Serenity. Bye!" he nudged Bakura.

"Good riddance you insolent fools."

Ryou gave him 'That's not going to work' look. He sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Fine, fine. Until next time, bakas," he fake bowed, his eyes lingering on Serenity for a moment, and walked into the house.

Ryou sighed then smiled apologetically, "Sorry, but that was to be expected, especially from him. See you guys tomorrow."

He followed in after Bakura. Serenity and Joey headed home; he looked over at her,

"So did ya have a good time?"

She smiled, "Actually I did.

They walked home chatting animatedly. It was around 6 o'clock when they arrived at their house. Joey went into the kitchen grabbed a bag of chips and headed up to his room to play his new video game, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Serenity grabbed a Mt. Dew from the fridge and headed to her room. She arrived at her room and turned her CD player on and started playing Good Charlotte. She cranked up the volume and plopped down on her bed. She picked her diary up off her nightstand beside her bed, opened it, and started to write.

Diary Entry,

Man today was a long day. First I find out I have to be tutored. ME! Oh well, at least it's better than me ending up like Joey and having to take summer school. Poor Joey! We all felt so sorry for him last year, when we found out. Well today didn't turn out to be total drag. Joey and I went over to Yugi's house and that cheered me up a lot. Especially when Yami came in with his hair a light pink. That was hilarious! I can't believe Bakura would do something that mean, but then again it is Bakura. Yami and him seem to be arguing with each other all the time. Speaking of Bakura, he kept giving me these weird looks. He probably thinks I'm psycho, and he wouldn't be wrong.

Serenity paused and re-read what she had written, and giggled at her last sentence.

Oh well... I wonder what I'll have to do in that retarded class tomorrow; hopefully, it'll be some easy 2-page assignment. That would so rock! I think I hear Joey yelling that dinner's ready. Guess I'll finish this up sometime later. Ta!

She sat her diary down on her nightstand and walked down to the kitchen. Joey was already there on the phone.

"Yeah mom, I got it. Yeah, yeah, I KNOW. Love ya too. Bye."

Serenity looked quizzically at him.

"Is mom going to be late from work again?"

Joey sighed, "Yeah, she said fo' us ta go ahead an' fix whateva we want. So are ya in da mood fo' pizza?"

"Sure, sounds great. I'm gonna go ahead and take a shower, and I'll meet you down here in a few minutes."


Serenity dashed back upstairs, took a quick 10-minute shower, and dressed in a light blue tank top with black pajama pants. She came back downstairs, and Joey was pulling the pizza out of the oven.

"Mmmm. An extra cheese pizza wid pepperonis, sausage, and green peppas."

"Smells good Joe'."

Joey smiled, "Dig in!"

After they finished eating they sat in the living room and watched TV. Around 9 o'clock, Serenity got up and stretched.

"Hey big bro. I'm gonna head on up to bed. Night."

She bent down, hugged him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He hugged her back, and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"I'll head on up afta this goes off. G'night sis."

Serenity went upstairs and entered her room. She left her radio on, but turned it down. After she had found a comfortable position, she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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