Kiss me at Midnight - A Fruits Basket Fanfic
By Aikou-chan

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Snowflakes began to rain down on the houses – you know, the big, fluffy kind – covering the town in a rich, thick blanket. Most families would be sitting by the fire and watching out their windows at the weather, probably enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa while inhaling the piney scent of a Christmas tree.

But then again, this is just for most families.

In one house in particular, the Christmas tree stood undecorated, even though it was already Dec. 24; half the house was snowed in; the kitchen was in too much of a mess to make anything, let alone hot cocoa; and now, the roof was leaking.

Tohru Honda stared up at the ceiling in her room in dismay, as melted snow started to drip through the patch job that had remained there for the last 7 months. Her bottom lip trembled as she watched each drop fall to the rug, creating a dark, wet patch. I'm going to have to clean that up when I get home … she thought. After I help with the carnival at school, and after I clean the kitchen, and make supper, and finish the presents-

"Tohru-chan!" one of her housemates suddenly called up the stairs. "You're going to be late!"

A sudden glance at the clock proved he was right. Yelping, she quickly grabbed the 'presents' she was preparing and hid them underneath her bed, far away from where they could be in danger from the dripping roof. Then, she took her book bag and ran out of her room, and was about to run down the stairs when she crashed into a family member at the bottom.

Tohru sat up quickly, rubbing her head. "Itai … " she muttered, and yelped again as she saw the orange cat that lay on the ground nearby. Her face fell. "I'm sorry, Kyo-kun … "

The cat just shook himself off and sighed. "Forget it, … " it muttered before pounding off into the kitchen.

Tohru sighed again. That's the fifth time I've bumped into him this week. Remembering that she didn't want to be around when Kyo turned back to human – and of course, would be naked – she stood up and brushed herself off. "I'm going to school now! Bye!"

In the kitchen, the man who called out Tohru's name raised an eyebrow at her announcement. "But Tohru!" he whined. "You haven't eaten anything yet!"

"It's alright!" she called back. "I'll just eat at the cafeteria! Bye!" and with the slamming of a door, she was gone.

The man, Shigure, sighed in disappointment, and went back to drinking his coffee. At that moment, Yuki, another housemate, was washing the dishes – "What do you suggest I eat off of – the floor? It's a lot cleaner than these dishes, I'll tell you that much" - when Kyo walked into the room. He smirked. "You just keep throwing yourself on her, don't you?"

The hair on the cat's back shot up and he glared at the Zodiac member. "BRING IT, RAT!" He shouted, ready for a fight.

But before he could pounce, Shigure reached out and yanked his tail. "No fighting. I don't want you breaking any doors – it's too cold out for that."

Kyo glared at him. "If you're so damn cold, why don't you just stay in your dog form?"

Shigure looked at him in mock surprise. "Why, I never thought of that! – Except, I would have to be hugging Tohru-chan the entire time-"

"FORGET IT!" both the cat and the rat screamed.

Yuki growled under his breath and looked back at the dishes. There was an extremely big pile of them; it was bigger than normal, even for Tohru. "Does anybody else notice that Honda-san is a little … off, lately?"

Shigure nodded. "She does seem so much more scatter-brained than normal." He looked up at the ceiling. "Maybe because of the Winter Carnival … "

Kyo turned to Shigure in surprise. "SHE'S helping out with that stupid thing!"

Shigure nodded, and a sly smile suddenly came to his face. "Yes, I think she was working on the Dance committee … she'll be at the dance the entire time … standing in a corner … all alone …"

Yuki and Kyo both froze for a moment ….

…. Before asking at the same time, "Is it possible to dance with someone without hugging them?"

The two stared at each other in shock while Shigure's peals of laughter filled the room.

Kyo, now back in his human form, walked down the hallway on the upper floor, heading to his bedroom. He noticed that Tohru's door was open, and he heard a constant noise coming from it. Curious, of course, and ignoring the old saying about "curious" and "cats", he looked inside, only to be greeted with the dripping ceiling.

He grimaced, as a building knot of guilt washed over him. Geez, Tohru … he thought to himself. Why's everything getting out of whack around here!

Kyo paused, when he suddenly noticed something on the outer edges of the puddle that had formed. There was a large paper bag underneath the bed, with big letters reading IMPORTANT on the side … and, naturally, the puddle was just mere inches away from it.

Using his cat-like speed, he ran over and grabbed it before the water reached the so-called precious item. Unfortunately, he picked it up too quickly, and some of the contents spilled on the bed.

It was an orange scarf, with fringes only on one side, and there were embossed letters on one side, reading K-Y-

He stopped and stuffed it back into the bag before he could ruin it – or, suddenly run a very high fever (if you know what I mean ). He panted as his heart beat fast. She-She isn't making that for ME, is she! … Holy Crap, does that mean I have to get something for her! LIKE WHAT! SHIT!

It was halfway through the day at the schools Winter Carnival. Most classes had events going on in their rooms, like computer games made by students or ring toss or shops, while others were posing as cafe's, serving refreshments and treats.

Tohru was on the Dance Committee, so at the moment she was putting the last minute touches on the decorations in the gym. She stood on top of a ladder, holding up a green-foil streamer in a corner while someone else held the other end. When she got the heads-up to tape it in place, she did so, but only seconds previous to something bumping into her ladder.

"TOHRU-CHAN!" someone screamed before her ladder started to wobble.

She screamed too, as she fell - right into Hatsuharu's arms. She blushed quickly, as Momiji - who had knocked Tohru off the ladder in the first place - quickly shoved the two behind the bleachers, before Hatsuharu transformed.

Tohru started to stutter as she saw the cow. "I'm Sorry, Hatsuharu-kun!"

The cow just looked away. "No biggie."

In the darkness of the bleachers, Momiji bowed to Tohru. "Sorry, Tohru-chan. I got excited."

She smiled at him and patted his head. "It's alright, Momiji-kun - Hey," she thought out loud. "Where's Yuki and Kyo-kun?"

Hatsuharu looked back. "Yuki can't get out of the grade eight cafe - all the girls just want to serve him all this stuff for free. And Kyo hasn't come to school yet."

Tohru's mouth dropped open in shock. "He's Skipping School!"

The cow shrugged. "He said he had to go out and buy stuff." He nudged his nose against her elbow in reassurance. "But don't worry about it – they'd just get pissed that I told you if you got worried sick about him."

Tohru smiled down at the cow. When he was his nice, white state, he was a really sweet caring guy. He would make some girl happy one day … that is, until they see his black side and get the crap scared out of him, she suddenly realized.

At that moment, there was a loud poof of smoke, and Tohru only remembered at the last minute to turn around when Haru popped up butt-naked. Tohru started panting and blushing when he started to change. "S-S-S-Sorry!"

"Nothing to be sorry about, Tohru," he said when he did up the buttons on his shirt. "Hey, when's the dance start, anyways?"

Tohru put a fist to her mouth, trying to remember. "I think around four … I won't be going home until later, though … " she said as they left their hiding spot behind the bleachers-


Only to have Uo shout at them. Momiji and Tohru winced when the blonde screamed at them, walking over with Hanajima, antenna and all. Uo stabbed a finger to Hatsuharu's chest, glaring at him. "Why's Tohru-chan coming out from there all red? Did you do something to her, you bastard? Molestation? Groping? Rape!"

Tohru yelped and waved her hands in defense, scared that Black Haru would come out. "N-No, Uo-chan! It's just hot under that thing – we just needed to talk in private! I'm fine, really!"

Uo sent wary glances at the two boys, but her eyes settled on Momiji. He just smiled at her, tilting his head. She finally rolled her eyes. "If you say so … even I'd get freaked out with that little "it" following me around … "

"Who you calling "it", Bitch!"

Tohru sweat dropped. Well, so much for stopping Black Haru …

The gym wasn't damaged too badly after the fight. People were still talking, about how Uo was actually keeping up a pretty good fistfight with a guy, hours later. And now, it was eight o clock, and the dance was in full swing.

Eminem and Ciara and Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne and tons of other American chart-toppers were playing full blast on the speakers that the DJ provided, while teenagers hopped around on the floor to the music. Smoke from the smoke machines surrounded them, making the multi-colored spotlights show more.

Amongst the darkness, Tohru stood in the corner, holding a small, wrapped package in her hands, staring desperately out into the dark gymnasium. She had already given out her presents to the others. Momiji loved his scarf of pink and orange, and wore it all the way from lunch till … well, she didn't know if he was still wearing it now. He had gone home with Hatsuharu already, who had tried to kiss her in thanks for his own black and white scarf, but Yuki stopped him and hit him on the head to stop the "Black-Haru" process. And when she gave Yuki his present – a light gray and blue scarf – he smiled and said her present was at home; a new hair clip was sitting wrapped up on her bed. She thanked him, and told him to go on home. She would go home with Kyo. Besides, Yuki was about to be bombarded with his fan-club member's gifts, as they ran down the hallway to reach him.

Only, she hadn't seen the cat boy. No one had all day. Tohru sighed in defeat. It's ok … he didn't know that I wanted to walk home with him …it's not his fault.

"Hey, Tohru-chan!"

She looked up to see someone from the dance committee walking up to her, pointing a thumb over his shoulder. "You can go home early – I'll take over."

"Y-You sure? I could stay longer, if you want-"

"Don't worry about it. You've been working hard enough today."

She smiled and bowed. "Arigatou! Merry Christmas!" And left the gym, just as loud, sappy Nsync music was playing. Once she reached her locker and retrieved her homework for the break, and her coat and scarf, she started to walk to the door …

This was a good Winter Carnival, Tohru thought with a smile on her face. Everybody liked their presents, the dance is going smoothly, and the café's that ran today all did well … but then she looked down at the remaining present in her hand. She had looked at ten different stores to find some kind of wrapping paper that had cats on it. Finally, she uncovered one that had a yellow background, with orange cats wearing red Santa hats flying around on it.

Tohru sighed in disappointment. "I guess I'll give it to him when I get home … "

When she reached the door, she saw a shadow of a person waiting there …


Kyo looked up when Tohru noticed him, about ten feet away. She rushed up to him, shivering from the open doorway as the snow outside began to fall softly against the evening sky. She smiled up at him. "I've been looking for you all day!"

Kyo blushed at the thought of her worrying over him – only to be mad at himself a second later. He put a hand behind his head and looked away from her. "Y-Yeah … I didn't come to school today. I was out … shopping."

Tohru nodded. "Yes, Hatsuharu-kun told me about that. But you're here now, and that's what matters!" Now I can give it to him!

Only, she had no idea how much those words had gotten Kyos' heart pounding. He gulped and faced her – only to have the package with the cat wrapping paper handed to him.

He gulped, knowing what this was, and dreading this moment. She just smiled at him. "Merry Christmas, Kyo-kun!"

Biting his lip, Kyo carefully took the package and unwrapped it slowly. It revealed the orange scarf that he had found not even twenty-four hours ago. Now with fringes on both ends, he saw that it was a color that perfectly matched his hair. She had sown on pre-made embossed letters, which spelt out "KYO" on the left end of the scarf. He smiled as he looked down at it, and then back up at her. "Thank you … Tohru-chan."

Tohru barely ever heard him call her by that, so she was smiling happily and almost giggled, as Kyo lifted it up and put the scarf around his neck – only to sneeze a second later.

Tohru gasped. "Oh No, You're Catching A Cold!" Quickly, before he could stop her, she grabbed the ends of the scarf and wrapped them around each other to keep his neck warm. When that was done, she zipped up his open jacket, and patted the scarf. She smiled up at him. "There you go."

Kyo heard his heart pounding in his ears, as their closeness when from four feet to one. He got lost in her brown eyes for a moment, the twinkle of happiness that shone behind it every time he saw her …

He cleared his throat and reached into his pocket. It's now or never. "I-I have something for you, too."

Tohru blinked in surprise. "Wha? You didn't have to get me anything, Kyo-ku-"

"I know I didn't have to," he interrupted her, pulling out a tiny black box. "I wanted to." He handed it to her. "I saw it and … it just screamed "Tohru.""

Still surprised, Tohru carefully took the box in her hands, and took off the top of it delicately. She gasped at what she saw inside. "Oh, Kyo!"

It was a wide, burgundy, silk-ribbon chocker, with a matching flower on the right side of it. Smiling in delight, she brushed her hair back and secured the clasp of it around her neck. Once in place, she brushed her hand over the fabric flower. "Oh, Kyo, I love it! It's beautiful!"

"Like I said," he started to say, clearing his throat in between and looking away from her with a blush. "It was just like you."

For once, Tohru wasn't her dense self. She blushed as well, staring up at him in confusion. He just called me beautiful …?

Kyo coughed again, and spoke before she would start talking about how they should get somewhere warm so he wouldn't get sick. "A-And I have something else for you too."

Tohru blinked again, wondering what he meant, until he pointed his finger up above them.


He had bought it beforehand, and, realizing that this exit was closest to Tohru's locker, he had strategically placed it there.

Kyo watched the girl as she stared up at the sprig, her soft brown hair floating with the small breeze, her cheeks getting pink from the cold – or his actions. Could be both – and her brown eyes wide in confusion. When she had first shown up at the Sohma house, he had been such a mean, crabby, crude … well, he had just been a brat. But ever since she started to be around him some more, she changed him … he was actually proud of being the cat, what with her constant adoration of him. Whenever he was stuck in his cat form because of a storm, she could always sit him on her lap and pet him.

He only purred for her.

And of course, never heard the end of it from Shigure later.

Tohru gulped when she looked down at him again, and she noticed something in his eyes … they were filled with care, and kindness whenever he stared at her. Unlike the first few times they had met, where they were filled with anger and hate. But she still liked Kyo, no matter what mood – or form – he was in.

She might even have a crush on him.

Slowly, Kyo took another step forward, careful to get close enough for the moment, but not too close to ruin it by turning into a feline. The confused girl watched as his right hand came up to her neck, his fingers brushing against the flower, and then resting on her cold cheek. His hands are so warm, she thought to herself.

Kyo tried to move forward but stopped, his body too scared about what he was going to do. If him and Tohru got together … well, how could they ever be together? The only kind of physical contact the curse would allow was with the hands and mouth. And what if Akito hated it? He already hated Tohru. Kyo didn't want her to be hurt like Kana was because of Hatori. What if? What If?

But he ignored it, for once. I don't care, he thought. I care about her. And I know she does too.

He leaned down once, hesitated, bit his lip, before he closed his eyes and slowly began to lean his face down to hers. Realizing what he was going to do, but still in shock, Tohru watched with wide eyes as his face loomed closer and closer … only to have his mouth fall on hers.

An instant blush spread to her cheeks, her entire face flaming … until she realized how nice it felt. His lips were soft and warm, and were perfectly comfortable in this cold weather. Slowly, they started to pull back just a bit, only to close down on hers once more with a firmer pressure on her lips.

Her body started to get warm, and she forgot how cold she was, wearing her skirt outside.And her heart started to pound harder and harder … but in a good way. She stared at his closed eyes for a moment, as they looked deep in concentration, and the blush that formed around his nose. Slowly, her eyelids started to fall, and she placed the same amount of pressure back at him.

Responding, Kyo put his other hand on the back of her neck, pulling her closer only by the tiniest bit. They both continued for a while, giving just small, heartfelt kisses, forgetting the cold, forgetting where they were, forgetting that there was supper and two very confused Somas sitting at home …

All they thought about was each other.

Finally, running out of breath, the two pulled back at the same time, but Kyo kept his forehead against Tohru's. As they both panted, Kyo swallowed and whispered to her, "Merry Christmas, Tohru."

Tohru smiled at him in return, as emotions ran through her brain like a bullet train. "Merry Christmas, Kyo."

With that, he bent down for another kiss … and this one didn't stop for a long time.

The End

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