Chapter Three

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Harm moved around the kitchen. He looked at his son who was coloring at the table. "Gabe, honey, what are you doing?"

"I heard mommy getting sick. I make a card!" He said showing a picture of what Harm could guess was Mac.

"Son, that is so thoughtful of you."

Jake came running in with Gemma in toe in her walker. Jake had a jump rope wrapped around the leg and he was pulling Gemma around.

"Jakie, you might hurt Gemma like that." Harm scolded picking up his little girl from the walker. "Why are you pulling your little sister around with a jump rope?"

"I want a dog." Jake said.

"Your little sister is not a dog." Harm said setting Gemma in her high chair.

"Instead of getting a new baby, can we get a puppy?" Jake asked. Mattie and Jason walked into the room.

Jason looked at Mattie who smiled, "The logic of a three year old."

Mac walked in after splashing water on her face. "That was bad."

Gabe scrambled down from the table. "Momma!" Gabe put his arms up and she scooped him up. "I made you a card."

Mac smiled and took the picture. "Gabe, baby it is beautiful." She hugged her young son and put his picture on the refrigerator. "Now everyone can see my picture."

She put him down and looked at Harm. "Your son was dragging my little princess around with a jump rope." Harm informed her.

"Why is it he is my son and she is your daughter?" Mac asked. "You are going to caudle my little girl to the point where she is a wimp."

"She is eleven months old with brothers that are two years older than her. Oh, Jakie asked if we could return the new baby and get a dog."

Mac started laughing. "Well, how about we talk about getting a dog in the summer."

Harm looked at her, "So what, we get a new baby and a new dog?"

"You sound like it is shopping. I am having a baby and we are getting a puppy for the boys to teach them responsibility." Mac said.

"Sounds good to me, what do you want for dinner? We can't order out, the roads are too icy."

"Can you make chicken shush-kabobs?"

"Yeah." Harm looked around. "Where are the boys? Where are Mattie and Jason? I knew it was too quiet in here."

Harm got his answer when he heard the pitter patter of little feet running to the kitchen again.

"Slow down Jake. No running in the house."

"Daddy, Mattie was kissing Jason, are they going to have a baby?" Jake asked.

Harm picked up Jake and started storming out of the kitchen, Mac grabbed Gemma in tow. "Harm, chill, she is eighteen, and they were just kissing. Come on, lets take a moment and think rationally. When did you get caught with a girl?"

"I was fifteen. You?"

"I was married at eighteen Harm, and my parents never really cared. The first time I kissed a guy, I was twelve at Uncle Matt's house, he was mad."

Harm put down Jake, "Jakie, go get Gabe and clean your room and wash your hands before dinner."

"Okay Daddy."

He took Gemma from her arms. "I just don't want to think of Mattie with one of these, she has such a bright future."

"And she is a smart girl, I am sure she isn't going to do anything that is going to ruin her chances of getting into the academy."

Jason walked downstairs. "Commander, Colonel, I am sorry, Mattie and I didn't mean to let Jake see us kissing."

Harm sighed, "Come with me to my office son."

Jason got a worried look on his face. Mattie came storming out, "Dad!"

"Mathilda Grace Rabb, go help Mac in the kitchen."


"Don't worry, you dad won't do anything bad to him, too many witnesses." Mac said smiling at her.

"That doesn't make me feel better."

"Besides, he wouldn't be able to bury the body right now, too much ice to break through." Mac said munching on a baby tomato.

Harm's Office

"So, do you enjoy going to Georgetown University?"

"Yes sir, very much sir."

"Is your ROTC instructor giving you too much flax? I know him, I could put in a good word."

"I would appreciate that sir."

Harm pulled out his service weapon, "I haven't been able to clean it in the while because of the boys. Do you mind?"

"No sir."

In the kitchen

"Mom, what is dad doing?"

"Probably cleaning his service weapon."

"He wouldn't."

"Oh yes Mathilda, he would. Now, I guess Harm and I are supposed to be doing a divide and conquer."

"Seems that way."

"Well, you don't need the sex talk, I think though you can use the good choices pep talk." Mac smiled at her. "Kissing is fine, just not in front of your three year old brother."

Mattie started laughing, "Well, if he hadn't barged in . . ."

Mac started laughing. They heard the door to the office open, and a very pale Jason came walking out.

"Dad!Harm!" Mattie and Mac yelled at the same time.

"What, what did I do?" Harm asked innocently.