Title: Taking the header...or staying the course

Author: Joy

A/N: Answer to the trivia was Seven Brides for Severn Brothers. Why I put that in I am not sure. I was really impressed with how many people got that. My husband just guessed right which kinda sucks because I hoped people would have seen the movie and therefore would know the scene I meant. If you have never seen Seven Brides for Severn Brothers, it's a cute movie. I don't know suggest it for a first date movie or anything. Its more a 'I like cheesy old musicals. We've been together for a while so deal with it,' type date movie. In other words watch it with girlfriends and leave the boys to the NCAA national championship.

Which reminds me...GO TARHEELS!

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Oh...for those of you who asked me to bring Tristan actually into the story...well...you got your wish. Enjoy.

Chapter17: Epilogue

Five years had passed since Rory and Logan had started to date...something that still bemused everyone who had known Logan b.r. (before Rory). The daughters waiting 'in line' continued to wait as the relationship progressed. No one in that circle seemed to think they would last the year, then the summer, or on into the next school year. Things got complicated further when at Christmas Logan presented Rory with keys to their 'new place' as a Christmas gift. The condo was their home through Rory's senior year. Logan traveled back and forth from New York but made a commitment to be home for dinner four or five nights out of seven each week. Mitchum was surprisingly accommodating in Logan's estimation, though Rory seemed un-phased.

The socialite world was shocked when it was revealed that the couple eloped while in Italy the summer Rory graduated. The Gilmores and the Huntzbergers were completely shocked and hurt... which translated to mean Emily and Shira were having fits over not getting to throw the event of the year. Meanwhile, Lorelai, Richard and Mitchum were the only ones that knew the truth. Rory's relationship with her father had not improved significantly in the years that followed but she knew it would hurt him terribly if he didn't walk her down the aisle. Rory wanted Luke to be her escort so Logan solved everything, bypassing the inevitable take over of the ceremony by the pushy women with the money, walking with Rory into the room where a minister appeared at the front to have them exchange vows.

Lorelai and Luke did attend on Mitchum's dime, whom happened to suggest that the Gilmores meet the Huntzbergers in Italy for a visit. Basically Mitchum paid for all the important people to be there, although they didn't know why they were there. Lane, Paris, Tressa and Tristan were told Rory needed them to come immediately. Colin, Steph, and Finn were told there was a must party that all were to be present for. Christopher and Gigi were to be there because Lorelai said so.

The mother of the groom and the grandmother of the bride took several moments to realize what was happening before they both began to fuss and yell about the situation. They were nearly removed from the room for the commotion they caused. Logan wisely had the minister remove the 'speak now or for ever hold your peace' line from the ceremony. In the end Shira and Emily were red with anger once they realized that not only did their husbands know but helped. They dealt with their disappointment over drinks watching Logan in a grey suit spin Rory around the dance floor in an ivory silk slip dress Asia had designed on the side. They consoled themselves by throwing the biggest 'reception' in Connecticut's history.

Three years into their marriage, Logan and Rory had returned from New York to settle into the house that Logan had built on the property next to the Dragonfly Inn, he had dreamed of having. Rory wrote from there while Logan traveled back and forth like he had her senior year. At the time, the speed of the construction and the hugeness of the gesture seemed odd. However Lorelai wheedled it out of Rory that when she had told Logan she was pregnant he had remained silent and stared at the wall saying nothing before getting up and leaving their apartment. Rory had waited forty minutes before she took off herself.

The sequence of the events that occurred after that point got sketchy. Lane was unavailable so Rory had turned to...no not Paris because Paris can hold a grudge for years...no she turned to Tristan, whom she had started to keep in touch with after the infamous call at the Yale 'Welcome to Star's Hollow' party. Tristan called Logan who by then was searching everywhere for his MIA wife and unborn child. That conversation did not go well, neither did the confrontation once Logan arrived. In the end Logan bought the property as a present for the baby and the house was a gift for Rory. Tristan and Logan entered an uneasy agreement that night that worked for them both.


Lorelai Leigh Gilmore Huntzberger stared out her front window waiting patiently. Innisfree was beautiful this time of year. She was so happy Logan had agreed to name their house next to the Dragonfly Inn Innisfree after the Yates poem. Rory sighed and rubbed her hands over her rounded belly. There was a chill in the afternoon air that did not belong... after all she hated waiting. The sharp pain in her side told her that her waiting was over.


Tristan stood in front of the house was where his best friend lived, who was heavily pregnant. He hesitated before entering knowing that he was bound to run into her husband, Logan. While their truce was enacted months ago, it was still tenuous at best. Can't really blame the man for being skittish in his presence...after all, his wife had the habit of calling when things sucked between her and her husband.

Long ago Tristan had given up his idealized version of his Mary. It was nice to know she was human with flaws like everyone else. But as his image of Rory evolved, so did his love for her. She would always be his Mary...but he wasn't in love with her anymore. Besides things were going rather well for him and a beautiful Southern Belle he had met in North Carolina. After the babies were born Tristan was going to 'fetch' his magnolia blossom, ironically enough named Mary...well MaryEllen... Emi for short. (How do you get Emi as short for MaryEllen? Simple...ME...pronounced Emi. It was a southern thing he just took for granted these days.)


Rory came to the door before Tristan rang the bell. "How did you do that?" he asked.

"The twins started both kicking me at once. The only time they do that are when you're here or I have eaten chili fries," she stated with a shrug.

"Mary, you know better than that," he chastised.

"As I keep telling her but does she listen, no," Logan mumbled appearing next to Rory. "How are you DuGrey?"

"Fine Huntzberger," Tristan answered with a genuine grin.

"Why does she have a nickname and I don't?" Logan challenged.

Tristan smiled his best smile; "Rory's been my Mary since I was fifteen or sixteen. That's a little hard to give up...but give me a bit. I'll come up with something."

"You better hurry. I think these baby's want out and fast," Rory groaned patting her stomach.

"You're just fine, Ace," Logan reassured.

Tristan leaned down to Rory's middle, "How ya doing guys? Behaving yourselves?"

Rory groaned touching her side then smacked Tristan's arm, "Stop that. You know they respond to you more than most people."

"And that is why he will be their godfather, along with Colin and Finn of course," Logan said kindly with a calm that is hard to achieve.

"When is the party beginning, Mar?"

"A couple hours," Rory stated.

"I'm gonna walk around a bit," Tristan said as the front door rang. He needed some space.


Tristan walked around the office Rory used to write. He looked at her pictures from college, her wedding, there was even a sweet one of him and her sticking their tongues out at the camera. A sigh came from deep with in his chest.

"It's a great picture," Logan said from the door.

"Yeah...so is this," Tristan said holding up the picture of Rory and Logan dancing at their wedding smiling at one another.

"This is always gonna be weird, isn't it?" Logan asked coming more fully in the room.

"Probably...I am the one she calls when you screw up. I think it's a defense mechanism," Tristan said off hand.

Logan nodded slowly, "Why is that?"

Tristan chuckled, "Unless you haven't noticed guy, you and I are a lot alike."


"So...you do something she doesn't understand or hurts her, she calls me hoping I can put a positive spin on it or explain it. That's what happened with the pregnancy... She needed you to say something...anything...but you walked away. I don't think you are ever going to understand how much or how deeply you hurt her."

Logan swallowed and sat in one of the armchairs. "I've tried...for the last several months I have tried. I just don't know what to do."

"Explaining might be wise," Tristan contended.

"I have but...There isn't a good enough explanation."

"Try me...I'll see if I agree."

Logan looked at Tristan skeptically but then nodded slightly, "I had been working a lot trying to secure this property as a surprise for our anniversary...but I didn't get it in time. I was sneaking around a lot to keep it quiet. Ace seemed on edge about it so I backed off and spent more time at home."

"You know why that is, right?" Tristan asked.


Tristan smirked, "She's a reporter man. You start acting weird, so she goes to the big guy to have him back off you some. Daddy tells his newest daughter that he isn't the one occupying your time. Mary begins to suspect you of cheating."

Logan squinted his eyes shut and bashed his head against the chair behind his head. "Stupid...I didn't know that is what she thought. She didn't tell me."

"Yeah...so when you said nothing about the pregnancy and walked out, she thought you were leaving her...for real," Tristan explained calmly. "For a loving couple you two really haven't gotten this sorted."

Logan dry washed his face. "When Ace and I first got together I knew we could face anything thrown at us. We dealt with roommates and ex's and eloping. We were good...even when we weren't great we were good. But then I tried to get this property as a secret and my 'surprise' became a nightmare." He paused staring at nothing while he spoke, "I had dreamed of having kids with Ace forever, but when she actually said the words all I could think was 'I don't know how to protect my child from my life.' It may be stupid but its true. I was so afraid of how to handle my father if I had a son. I can't do to my child what was done to me...but I also don't know how to let my family down. I don't know how to approach them about this stuff. So I got up and walked. I didn't even realize I was alone for a half an hour. By the time I got home Ace was gone, Lane hadn't seen her, Lorelai didn't know, and I wasn't about to call Paris. Then you called and it was this huge relief followed by this huge fear... She had come to you. She ran to you. She always runs to you. And I hate that so much. I feel like one of these times she is just gonna stay with you."

Tristan shook his head, "Ain't gonna happen buddy."


"Well first because she's married and I won't have her... But more over because of this," Tristan said handing Logan the picture of Logan and Rory dancing that they had looked at early. "I can't make her that happy... I can make her laugh. I can cheer her up. I can watch stupid movies. I can be a sounding board and I can give a shoulder to cry on...but I cannot inspire this level of adoration and bliss. That is all you. I am safe to run to because Rory knows that I am aware that her heart belongs to you. Most people in her life have very long memories and she can't vent safely. So I hear it all...all the fights, all the arguments, all the disagreements, and all the misunderstanding. But Mary knows I will always be there silently to love her without threatening your well being...because that is what she needs from me."
Logan sighed, "I love her more than anything."

"I know...she does too. Don't worry so much...but you seriously need to tell her about what was going on in your head or things are going to get messy."

Logan nodded, "I did and I think she believes me. I just didn't know she questioned my fidelity... I'll talk to her later today about it. I promise."

Tristan sighed, "Listen, I have been racking my brain for the best way to introduce Emi and Rory. If you can think of something, let me know."

"Emi?" Logan asked.

"My girlfriend," Tristan explained. There was no recognition in Logan's eyes so he pulled out a picture of her, "Emi...the girl I started dating after I went back to North Carolina. We've been together for almost a year...Why doesn't any of this seem to be making a dent?"

"I don't think Ace has mentioned her," Logan said off hand.

Tristan smirked, "I've mentioned her...We've talked about her in front of you."

"Chalk it up to being egocentric then."

Tristan shook his head. "Whatever man..."

Logan thought a minute, "Well, Ace is really sensitive about how she looks right now so I might wait for a little while after the babies are born."

"Yeah, but I feel weird about saying, 'Sorry you can't meet my best friend until she's in better shape'," Tristan remarked.

"So when do you want them to meet?"

"I don't know. The sooner the better I suppose."

"Then check it with Ace."

Tristan smiled, "So are we going to have this shindig or what?"

"Finn, Tressa, Colin, and Steph are in town now reminding everyone."

"Good...last thing we want at a town-wide baby shower is people forgetting or not having good stories."

Logan smirked, "When have the people of Star's Hollow ever not had good stories?"


Finn and Tressa kept some space between themselves as Colin and Steph tried to figure out how to fulfill Logan's reminder request. Finn and Tressa's relationship was volatile at best. They had been apart for over a year but Colin could see in Finn's eyes his desire for the red head rising yet again. For Tressa's part she seem oblivious to the attention.

"I think we need a bull horn," Colin said seriously.

Finn stared at his friend before turning to Steph, "You obviously have been slacking on your wifely duties if he is still this tightly wound after a month long honeymoon."

"My wifely duties have been conducted frequently, thank you. He is just in planner mode. There isn't any help for him," Steph replied.

"I'm standing here you know," Colin complained.

"Of course you are, but when has that ever stopped either of them from talking around you?" Tressa teased.

"But Steph...if you did it right he should be comatose after that much time," Finn claimed.

"I'm still here!" Colin snipped.

"How do you know the fault is mine? Hmmm...You ever heard of refractory period," Steph snapped back. "Besides I seem quite able to raise the dead, so to speak."

"Here...husband being commented on standing here."

"Yes and she is talking about your performance in the bedroom, deal with it," Tressa added.

Finn smirked, "There must be something you are lacking."

"Well fine Finn, you try."

"I will!" Finn said advancing on his uptight friend.

Colin's eyes went big, "You stay away from me Neanderthal man."

Both Steph and Finn laughed having gotten Colin's goat. Tressa just shook her head in frustration.

Finn came along side the feisty redhead and whispered in her ear, "You used to like it when I would act like a Neanderthal."

"Yes, I did... but that was when we were together," she reminded him gently.

"So there is no part of your brain that wants to remember those times," the Aussie teased gently.

Tressa's big blue eyes found Finn's, "Let's get this done. We can talk later." He conceded with a small nod.

Finn bounded up the stairs of the gazebo, "Towns people of Star's Hollow, lend me your ears," Finn called. "We are having a celebration of Logan and Rory's children in a half an hour. Your job is to not only bring a gift but also a story from Rory's childhood or life, OR a story of Logan and Rory's life together. Thank you, as you were!"

Colin stared gob smacked.

"See... nothing to it," Finn exclaimed slapping his buddy on the back.

Colin continued to look confuse so his lovely took his hand. "Come along dear," Steph encouraged leading him away.

Tressa sighed and followed the socialite couple back to the house. Shortly, though, she found her former boyfriend at her side. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"You said we could talk later...It's later and our goal is accomplished. Lets take a detour and have that talk."

Tressa stopped walking. "What do you want Finn?" she begged. "We were finally at a place we could be near each other without a war breaking out."

Finn sighed, "Are you happy?"


"Are you happy with the way things are in your life, with men, between us? If you are I will leave you alone." Tressa said nothing, so Finn touched her cheek, "I hate this too. For all our fights and frustrations, you were always my best match."

Tressa tilted her head and kissed the inside of the hand Finn was touching her cheek with. He smiled. It wasn't much. It wasn't an answer, but it was all Tressa. That Finn could handle.


Lorelai came to the door of her daughter's home minus little brothers Will or Rob from her mother's marriage to Luke. "Hey kid...where are you?"

"Here," Rory called from the living room lying down on the couch.

"How you feeling?" Lorelai asked like the great mother she was.

"A little overwhelmed at the moment," Rory said in near tears.

"What's wrong Hun?" Lorelai whispered.

Rory shook her head, "Hormones and..." She looked at her mother suddenly scared. "I'm gonna have two babies soon...I am going to need Logan...really need him and I am terrified that the first time he feels that, he is gonna run for the hills," she admitted softly.

"Oh honey, Logan loves you. He moved you back here so you would have support."

"He moved me back here...away from her...I hate that I don't know who her is," Rory said with a pout.

"There maybe no her, Rory. I really don't think there is."

"Then where was he right before I told him I was pregnant. Why was he sneaking around?" she muttered.

"You never asked?" Lorelai questioned.

"I was afraid of the truth. I was afraid that I had become the woman that overlooked his affairs...I didn't want to know," Rory cried softly.


Little did Rory know that Tristan and Logan were on the stairs hearing the conversation below. Tristan turned to Logan with an angry stare and mouthed, "Fix it now! I'll get Lore."

Logan nodded and made his steps louder as did Tristan to signal their approach.

The blond pretty boys arrived at the same moments. "Lorelai...so good to see you," Tristan began. "Come walk me around a bit. I need your input on a private matter."

Lorelai caught the look in his eyes and nodded, "Sure...I'll be back soon Sweetie."

"Yeah," was all Rory managed to say before her mother was led away.

Logan sat himself beside his wife on the edge of the sofa stroking her hair. "You look tired Luv. Lets get you to the guest bedroom down here and I'll massage your back and feet," he said authoritatively. She nodded as he moved them to a more secluded spot.


Logan led Rory to the bed in their guest bedroom. "I love this bed," she whispered.

"I shook hope so...it was our first piece of furniture...other than the dorm room stuff. We had wonderful nights together on it... If memory serves," he murmured caressing Rory's pregnant belly, "we made these guys on this bed."

Rory looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "Ace...Ace what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"Did you cheat on me? Were you cheating on me before the babies?" she asked quietly.

Logan stared at her a moment, "No Rory... That time I was away and 'sneaking around' as you put it was me trying to get this place as an anniversary gift... I told you when we first got together, being with you was like coming home. I have never wanted anybody else."

"Really?" she asked nervously.

"Really," he said lying down next to her on the bed. "You ever wanted to trade me in for a better model?"

"What? No..."

"Not even Tristan?" he asked just as quietly as she had.

"Tristan?" Rory raised an eyebrow. "He's one of my best friends. I've known him for years...I can't imagine him like that...Plus why would he want me when he has Emi."

"Who is this Emi person?" Logan asked.

"I'm sure you'll meet her soon."

"Good," he said kissing her lightly while continuing to caress her stomach.

Logan rolled Rory more fully onto her back. "Do you have any idea how sexy you are?" he asked against her lips.

She laughed, "You need your eyes examined."

Logan slipped his fingers under the edge of her top and caressed her side up to her breast. "There is nothing wrong with my eye-sight. You are as sexy now as you were the night I got you in this condition," he murmured kissing along her neck. "You remember that night?" he purred.

"Ye...Yes..." she panted getting turned on.

"We were desperate for each other...we barely made it back to the apartment...and that was when we discovered there were no condoms," he whispered pushing the shoulder of her shirt down to get to her collarbone more easily.

"You said you had to have me...you couldn't wait," Rory hissed as her top disappeared and Logan nuzzled her breasts. Her hands tugged at his own shirt, pulling it over his head.

A frenzied few moments of clothing removal, touching, and teasing led to Logan and Rory's eyes meeting filled with love and desire. He wanted her, Rory could tell, but something was nagging at him. She touched his face urging him to speak.

"I need you Ace. More than physically right now. I need to know this is over...that you believe that I have been faithful and want you and our children more than anything...tell me," he begged.

"I believe you," she answered staring him dead in the eye.

Logan broke into the biggest grin, "That has got to rank right up there with, 'I love you', 'Yes, I'll marry you', and 'I do' as the best things you have ever said to me."

Rory smiled back at him, "Make love to me Logan."

"That's on the list too," he teased before setting out to dutifully pleasure his wife.


Logan and Rory sat on thrones in the gazebo that evening Rory looking especially fetching in Logan's opinion...Finn's too but he had learned to keep his mouth shut. Tressa was sitting quite fetchingly near by as well and there was definite potential there. All he had to do was be patient and take his time. Maybe he could get it right this go round...there was always hope.

"All right lady's and gentlemen, it is story time. I will begin with a story from Logan's life that I am sure he would love to forget," Finn stated to the group. "Since you always need a drunk man to tell an inappropriate tale at some point in the festivities, lets say I just get that out of the way right now."

"In boarding school we had this awful teacher name Mr. Centaur of all things. He hated Logan with a passion. I never did find out why..." Finn said off hand.

"Probably had something to do with the fact, Logan could verbally best him in class," Colin offered.

"Too true...So Logan's solution to the hateful teacher was to terrify the poor man to death. We (Logan, Colin and I) found out that Mr. Centaur went to a place to get a massage ever week like clockwork... what we didn't know was this was a 'classic' massage parlor. So we snuck into this place to drop a live frog on our teacher in the middle of his rub down only to find ourselves in the middle of a brothel." The audience chuckled.

"No wonder," Tressa said from left field.

"Needless to say our sex education was increased that day, the teacher did have a frog jump on him during a rub down (but his partner jumped off) and we actually went to the library... to look up the things we saw there to figure out what they were. The funny part was Mr. Centaur left the three of us alone from then on... Now, who's next?" Finn asked the group as Logan shook his head in disbelief and Rory turned quite red.

"I'll take that," Tristan offered.

"Oh no," Rory muttered.

"As some of you know I call Rory my 'Mary', because she is so innocent. My introduction to this Gilmore girl was my sophomore year in high school where I immediately developed the biggest crush on her...I mean look at her. Who wouldn't?" The audience chuckled as Rory blushed again. "Well, I would ask her out and she would turn me down, time and time again. It was truly heart breaking."

The audience began to 'awww' for him.

"Oh stop that. He was mean to me..." Rory stated with a pout.

"Mean but mentioned...often," Tressa teased.

Tristan just grinned as did Logan who found the whole thing amusing. "However one day I made the biggest fool of myself in class. I couldn't stop staring at her... even when the teacher called on me to scold me for my lack of attention, I still stared at her." Tristan began to chuckle at himself. "The conversation in front of my class went as follows: The teacher said to me, 'The debate. Does it sound like fun?' I replied, 'Yes, it does.' The teacher said, 'It does, doesn't it Mr. DuGrey?' I answered, 'Oh, it absolutely does Ms. Caldecott.' And that was when my teacher revealed my infatuation to the whole class. 'More fun than staring at Miss Gilmore's ear?' she asked. I think I managed to agree with her but more than anything I noticed Mary tried to cover her ears. I am still having inferiority issues over that. Anyway, congratulations Mary. You are already an excellent mother as shown by the fact you have not killed Finn, Colin, myself or your husband yet." The audience laughed. "All the best, my sweet Mary," Tristan stated before kissing her cheek and shaking Logan's hand.


"My turn," Steph said excitedly.

"Oh no," Logan muttered this time.

"I have had the privilege of seeing Logan Huntzberger grow into the fine upstanding member of society here today, and mainly that is due to the pregnant lady next to him. Rory turned Logan's world on its ear and the rest of us just had to deal."

"She ain't lying," Finn chimed in.

"As his friends, our first indication that Rory was different than every other female on campus... or as Lorelai so eloquently put it years ago...every woman between 18 and 25 on the eastern seaboard... was when he grumbled about this girl hating him on sight, and man could she argue, and god she was cute when she was angry. It was funny because Logan never talked about any girls."

"To you he didn't," Colin argued. "But you're right he talked about her constantly."

"Oh really," Rory teased as Logan blushed slightly.

Stephanie cleared her throat; "The next clue was Logan gave Rory a nickname that only he was allowed to use and man were you in trouble if you tried to use it. Then came the need to be at the newspaper, a place he had always avoided when possible but suddenly needed his presence. Logan proceeded to make allowances for Rory no one has ever been granted."

"Access to things no one else got," Colin chimed in.

"Attention no one else would dream of," Finn added.

Rory glowed while Logan smirked.

"And finally there was the practical joke in the middle of class that got the exact wrong response from Rory. The fact she didn't kick your ass still astounds me."

"Although her choice of retributions was very amusing and now quite ironic," Colin contended.

Steph continued on, "For all of these reasons we...your friends...laughed, chuckled, cackled, mocked, snickered and guffawed every step of the way. To watch the egomaniacal stud that was Logan Huntzberger be reduced to just a normal guy in love was a wild ride. So Rory thank you for taking our buddy down a few notches and Logan thank you for landing so gracefully on your face." Logan and Rory both chuckled as the rest of the town laughed with them.


Tressa took the stage next, "For those of you who don't know I am Rory's cousin Tressa. I have the fortune of having funny stories on both parties. You see my first exposure to Logan Huntzberger was not through my glowing cousin...it was at a dinner party at his house when Logan decided to embarrass his father by hitting on me hardcore. After his display I suggested to Logan's father that he be neutered or at least given a vasectomy. After all, his children would be truly terrifying." The towns' people chuckled at the pink-cheeked rich boy.

"How was I to know that my cousin would get involved with him a few months later? I mean, my cousin is a smart girl and doesn't fall for guys like Logan Huntzberger... This logic did not pan out once I saw them together... They are rather disgustingly cute after all. Now I have to sit and wait to find out if there is a god in the universe and makes the twins like my cousin OR if evil really does run the earth and she gives birth to the Spawn of Huntzberger...time will tell," Tressa said with a smirk. Rory chuckled as Logan shook his head.


Lane moved to the mike taking center stage, "Rory Gilmore, excuse me, Huntzberger... and I have been best friends forever it seems. I know everything there is to know about Rory... so imagine my shock when I met Logan." The audience cracked up. "First and foremost, Rory didn't terribly care about a guys height...interested in both the really tall and the not so towering. She liked guys that were athletic and guys that weren't. She liked good boys and bad boys. But the things they all had in common: dark hair, so not preppy, definitely had calluses on their hands from work, NOT a rich boy and tended to have no clue what they wanted to do with their lives. Now being a best friend, these are things you are supposed to know and recognize in order to steer your best friend toward guys she would like. So the day the limo boys rolled into Luke's so I could meet this 'Logan' person, I took my list of standards and assumed Finn here was Rory's 'Logan'. Once I was introduced I felt the need to remind her that he was blond." The town's people cracked up.

"So that is what you were talking about. Five years and I never knew what I had done wrong in thirty seconds," Logan piped up.

"See mate, I knew I was more reporter girl's bag than you," Finn chimed in.

The audience chuckled at the interplay.

Lane began again, "I think I reminded her at least three times he was blond...in fact Tristan blond."

Tristan broke into a big smile, "I knew you held a torch for me, Mar," he teased.

"Can it Bible Boy," Rory snipped.

"And while we all love and adore Tristan now he was known as Evil Tristan in these parts," Lane explained with her arm around him.

"Don't forget 'Spawn of Satan'," Lorelai shouted.

"I got three whole nicknames...I'm honored," Tristan joked.

"So Logan's presence in Rory's world was very off kilter," Lane continued. "The boy had to dig out a pair of jeans in an attempt to fit in here. He has never done any manual labor but move his luggage and even that normally other people did for him. He was wealthier than the queen while very knowledgeable as to where he was heading. And of course, he was blond."

The audience snickered.

"I had to put all these things aside in order to judge him fairly...however the hair kept tripping me up. I was tempted to break in and shave it off but I felt certain Rory would end up killing me. So in the end I had to give up the notion that Rory was ever going to come back to her senses and dump the blond...though before the wedding I did threaten to shave his head if he hurt my best friend... I still have my tools for the process, so don't get lazy Logan."

"I solemnly swear," Logan said raising his hand.

"...that I am up to no good," Tristan finished wagging his eyebrows.

"Thanks Padfoot," Logan grumbled.

"Any time, Prongs," Tristan replied.

"Good...now you have your nicknames," Rory stated. "Now quiet, Colin's up."

"Hi folks, I'm Colin, the sane one of the three of us as most of you know... I help carry out all the odd plans Logan comes up with and I attempt to minimize the downfall. This is difficult because that normally involves managing a drunk Finn at some point." Finn tipped his glass in acknowledgement. "Little did I know that when reporter girl came on the scene she would both extremely aggravate this arrangement as well as help stabilize it."

Colin turned to Rory, "You my dear inspired more outrageous plots than anything or anyone in our group for as long as the three of us have been friends. I was sure that you would be the death or suspension of us all because Logan could not control his grandiose nature when he was near you. No time more evident than when he proposed."

"How is that?" Rory asked. "He did it in a town meeting."

"Ah yes...but you missed the versions involving trips to France, skywriting, LDB event announcements, singing telegrams, scavenger hunts, and my personal favorite him faking you out to believe that he was cheating to get you angry...that one never made sense at all," Colin stated.

"Thank you for stopping him," Rory responded glaring at her husband who was smart enough to look shamefaced.

"No problem...So while you caused the most outrageous feats of imagination, you quietly joined our ranks aiding me in my management duties. You helped supervise Finn's drunkenness as well as show him fun could in fact be had while sober. When Logan would want to do something incredibly stupid I could count on you to kiss him long enough that he would forget his own name. For all these things and many more... namely my pretty blond wife over there...I thank you for showing up to assist me in balancing our strange little group." Colin tipped his head to Rory and winked at Logan before handing the floor to the Queen.


Lorelai sauntered to the front of the town to hold court as always. "Ladies and Gentleman. I come to you this day about to be...dare I say...a grandmother. A very hot grandmother mind you...but one none the less." The audience laughed. "But seriously, Rory and I came to this town with nothing...and you gave us everything. You gave us love and acceptance we could never have imagined. You helped me raise my little girl into the wonderful woman she is now and for that I will always be grateful. I am blessed with the town cynic for a husband, two adorable sons to help me make sure that he is having fun, a daughter that has given a light to my life in the darkest moments, and a son in law that loves us all so much that he gave up the city to raise his family like his wife was raised."

Lorelai turned to Logan, "If I had been told when Rory was sixteen that she was going to be married to a blond, rich, pretty boy I would have said, 'How did Evil Tristan worm his way into my daughter's heart? I must put a stop to this!'" This drew a chuckle from everyone. "But I would have missed out on a great guy that loves my daughter more than anything. So Logan, thank you for showing up in town off the bus in your hundred dollar jeans. Thank you for sticking out the gamut of hoops we made you jump through. Thank you for convincing your friends to join us in the hometown antics. And thank you for going to bat for my little girl time and time again in that stuffy upper-crust world you and I were born to. I am given a lot of credit for chucking it all and starting over. But you my friend show great courage by staying and standing your ground. You will make an excellent father because you already have down the arts of diversion, entertainment, and stubbornness...all of which are necessary to handle a Gilmore Girl. Now pray you have at least one son in that twin pack and you might survive to be forty. Love you kids."

Logan stood up and hugged his mother in law before Lorelai hugged her daughter. She stood once more and announced, "Now we open the floor to the great residence of Star's Hollow for their remembrances."

It was going to be a very long night.


The gentle sound of breathing was so comforting it made Logan crazy. Rory's head was nestled on to his bare chest. It wasn't supposed to feel this comforting to have a girl in his arms. At least that is what he had told himself years before. Now her round belly filled with his children was resting against him gently. His hand ran over the stretched skin as he breathed deeply.

Logan's world was practically perfect...He would always worry now, about their safety, about their needs, about his wife, about his world, about almost everything...but it didn't matter. He had something every other Huntzberger man didn't...he had a partner.

Logan long ago said he didn't want a Huntzberger wife to hold parties and give him heirs. No he had what he wanted. Logan had a Gilmore Girl who would always be a Gilmore Girl. He had a wife yes...but a partner first. He would have heirs yes...but children first. He would have parties he was sure...but hopefully the sub-parties would live on forever. Maybe someday he would attend his daughter's coming out party, but only if she wanted to. Maybe someday he would attend a coming out party to see his son as an escort, but only if he wanted to. Maybe Ace and he really could have everything they wanted without compromising their desires...

Rory turned in her sleep on her side pulling away from Logan slightly. He took the opportunity to slide down next to his children and began to hum lightly as he had done many nights before. Rory's hand began to card through his hair.

"Logan?" she murmured.

"Yeah Ace," he responded.

"If I promise to let you play Oasis to the babies in the morning will you please let me sleep now," she chastised.

"Only if you let me play them Pink Floyd too."

"You are the most random man alive."

Logan gave her his best smile, "And that is why you love me."


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