If You Meet the Princess, Cherish the Princess

Chapter 1

History of the Sacred Legend

"Wonderful" 18-year-old Chibiusa complained as she walked into her room. "Another stupid book!" She threw herself onto her soft warm bed. "Why does Ami keep doing this." The pink princess threw a book aside onto her large nightstand. The book hit it with a 'thud' and then fell of the edge; caused by the lousy aim the princess had thrown the redish brown book with. "Gensoumaden Saiyuki, what does this have to do with being a queen anyways." She sat up on the bed and started to pout. A soft sigh came about her lips as her thoughts suddenly changed. The thoughts about her future started to flow around in her brain. Yea sure, some people thought that you should be exited about 'becoming a queen' once you reach the appropriate age…but if Chibiusa were to ever meet the people who were to wish this fate, she would just about smack them. The princess stared up at the ceiling. "3 more years" She said regretfully. "Only 3 until I become the queen." For her the thought or even just saying the words made her cringe. When she was smaller she could remember the stress that was brought on her mother, the yelling and the long nights that went without a bedtime kiss or a story told in her mothers soothing voice. She didn't want to be like that. If getting married and having children meant mistreating your children the way her mother did, then she would kill herself before she would become queen.

A knock suddenly came at the door. "Chibiusa!" Minako's voice sang. The teen shoved her head into her pillow and let out a low grumble. "What is it Minako?" She mumbled in agitation at her so called 'aunt'. "Its time for your lesson in love" The door flew up open to reveal the decked-out-in-orange Queen of Venus standing while holding a bag of some sort. "Not now Minako!" Chibiusa told her as she rolled her eyes and shoved her face back into her pillow. "Oh yes I think now" Minako nodded and set her stuff down and took a seat on the edge of Chibiusa's bed. Chibiusa brought her fist to her face as a make-shift head rest "Not like your intruding or anything." Her voice held a sarcastic tone. "Come-on Chi!" Minako tried to reason as she waved her hand in front of her face. "Have some faith in me at least." She finished with a smile as she reached into her bag and pulled out a bunch of pictures with even more papers attached to them. "Now I have he-" "Who are all these boys?" Chibiusa interrupted Minako's explanation. Minako looked at her. "…" She sounded. "As I was saying, I have a list of Princes of different kingdom's and different planets like Ami's son, Takako, and Setsuna's son, Seki…" She started going though the pictures. "and your son…" Chibiusa pointed out as she showed Minako a picture of her son. "It never hurts to try!" Minako laughed at the situation, and was soon joined by Chibiusa.

"Did you read the chapter that was assigned to you last night Small Lady?" Ami asked from behind her desk. "Funny thing…" The Princess started. "um…Minako came over last night and we were discussing such important matters that, whoops, I forgot to start that book you gave me." Chibiusa laughed nervously trying to avoid Ami's glare. "Chibiusa…" Ami started to warn. "Come on Ami what possibly can this whole "Journey to the West" thing possibly have to do with my studies on how to become more like my mother?" Chibiusa argued. Ami laughed a bit as she fiddled around with her glasses. "Honestly Small Lady, nothing." She told her plainly. "Then why?" Chibiusa was utterly confused. "I know it's a lot to ask from a princess who's over going large amount's of training on how-to-be-queen but just take the time to read this book." She smiled again. "I still just don't get it." Chibiusa asked again. "Believe me, just read the book and let the fantasy of it all take you away. It's like a stress reliever; it will allow you to concentrate more on your studies if you don't have so much weight on your shoulders. Chibiusa sighed and then looked at the expression on Ami's face. "Fine" Chibiusa finally agreed. "So what are we going to learn about to day?"

'That was crazy' Chibiusa thought as she walked into the room and sat down in the chair that was in front of her desk. "I don't think I ever want to hear the words 'food etiquette' again." She let out a groan and hung her head over the back of her chair. As she did so something caught her eye. "Oh yea..." She remembered as she got out of her chair and picked up the brown book. "Ami seemed like she wanted me to read it for some reason" Chibiusa led her fingers down the spine of the book. "Gensoumaden Saiyuki…" She cracked it open. "By Kazuya Minekura" She read aloud and then gently turned the pages until she got to the first page of the story. "It was a time of chaos, when Heaven and Earth were as one, and humans and demons, the youkai, lived together in peace. The foundations of civilization and religion were raised and reinforced in this land of Togenkyo, the paradise known as Shangri-la. But now, a great evil threatens harmony in this great land…" She started to read.

Suddenly she was swept away in the story, the weird part was she was already mesmerized but none of the characters had even spoken yet or have even been mentioned. She wasn't even to the actual story when her body started to tingle and the hands that were touching the book started to glow and turn transparent, but for some weird reason Chibiusa found herself unable to pull her eyes away from the book. She was absorbed and it almost seemed as if Chibiusa was being forced to read this, and reading it fast. The pages of the book started to flip wildly and the young princess' eyes grew dark as her body suddenly disappeared from her world, but little did she know that this was only her first step on her new journey which was-to travel to India, to the west…

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