I randomly wrote this about a minute ago. It's from Jiroubou's point of view. Enjoy!

The rest of the Sound Six and I have always been like family. It may not have been a civilized one, what with Tayuya, Sakon and Ukon always acting more like wild animals than humans, but that didn't matter, because we were all each other had.

I can still remember my old family. My mother, who fawned over me, and my father, who was so proud of his son. I was the son of a country lord and his wife, so I never wanted for anything. It's funny, because after they died in a fire I always wanted them back, and that was the one thing rich kids can't buy. My parents were very rich, so I was allowed to eat all that I wanted, and as a result I was fat, like my parents. I'm still fat to this day. Somehow, I feel that if I slim down, I will be leaving the peaceful part of me behind.

I killed a person first when I was five. It had been a year since I was taken in by Orochimaru, and we were all to kill the nins we encountered on the mission I was on. I was the first on the mission to kill. I felt my heart drop and I shook as I thrust a kunai into the person beneath me's heart, and I could hear Kimimaro expertly slay beside me. He had already killed before. Tayuya even spat on the corpse. I vowed then and there to do this as little as possible.

Maybe that's why I never trained as much as the others, preferring a book and a bag of chips to a tree and a kunai. Maybe that's why I aspired to be a tactician for my team instead of a fighter. I had inherited a love of knowledge from my parents, and I knew that since I was the most intelligent on my team that I should do it. I was still eager to please the man that took me in, so I went to him and told him of my idea.

Orochimaru liked it.

I listen to people, and that makes me a good strategist. I know the phobias and manias of my pawns, because I am the one of the Sound Six that listens best. I know that Tayuya learned every word out of her mouth from her parents, and that Kidomaru resents people never giving him a chance. They tell me because though Tayuya knows that I instinctively tell her that she shouldn't curse so much, something my parents taught me, she alsoknows that I have never winced once to hear them. And I have not underestimated Kidomaru to date.

I must admit that I have my faults. I get extremely cocky when I fight, and I know that my intense hunger brings me down a lot. But none of my comrades tell me that I'm wrong, because they know that they don't need to, and as eager as I am to please them, they are eager to please me.