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It began when the scarlet horizon was painted black, and the remainders of the dizzy orange and crimson hues of the sun were chased away. The rain clouds had come by then, disturbing the silent tranquility of the sky. And within a moment's time, a slight drizzle had begun to settle.

She stood, there in front of a lone bench in the outskirts of Konoha park. With an oversized jacket and a dreamy faraway look. She had been there since sunset and still was, inhaling the sweet earthy scent and basking in the small amount of comfort rain brought.

She drowned her worries away with the sound of the developing downpour.

A hurried glance would almost make you believe that she were a statue, lifeless and unmoving, one with blank, blank eyes, if not for the subtle and occasional rise and fall of her chest.

The stillness of the moment was cut abruptly when she raised both her hands and cupped it around her mouth, as if to whisper. And whisper she did, believing that when she whispered her troubles to the rain, it might, by some circumstance, wash it away.


Some say the angels cry whenever it rained.

Some say otherwise.

To him, it was just a nuisance.

It got in the way of his training, soaked him through, and when it did, his hair got onto his eyes and stuck to his forehead.

And what he abhorred most especially, were the things that got in his way.

Training was always how his life went, day after day, rather monotonously, regardless of the weather. He would only go home after night settled in and the sky would be freckled with stars.

But today, he noted carelessly as he trudged down the worn road and shoved some more bangs from his line of vision; the stars couldn't be seen through the pelting drops of water.

He drifted aimlessly down the stretch of dirt, deciding in a split second, upon reaching a forked path, to change his route and take the shortcut to his apartment. The downpour increased steadily as he gave precise and calculated steps down the road that led past Konaha park, thinking of nothing in particular, but still alert, when a sudden silhouette caught his eye.

Black, midnight blue locks hung limply, reaching the small of her back. Her nose was slightly pink from the cold and a gentle smile graced her lips. Her eyes though, were what caught his attention. A sharp milky white, prominent even in the hazy mist.

Hyuuga Hinata.

It was strange how he never really noticed her. In fact, there was barely anything that piqued much of his interest other than his goals. Up until now that is.

He watched as she slowly held her hands against the porcelain skin of her face and whispered to the rain. He couldn't hear anything, but such an eccentric behavior had him rooted to the spot.

Needless to say, Uchiha Sasuke was intrigued.

It was undoubtly some time before she noticed a pair of eyes on her form, and only then did she feel the biting cold and the weight of the water absorbed by her cotton clothing.

She turned and squeaked in surprise when she caught sight of him. It was characteristically expected even to him, but when she gave an embarrassed blush, it somehow made his breath hitch in his throat.

Then she ran.

He didn't seem to care that the onslaught of water had continued spattering against his back. Sasuke stood with a nonchalant expression, watching as the dim outline of herfigure dissipated vastly from view and a slow smirk couldn't help but find its way to his lips.



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