The Secrets We Keep

Author: LVB

Summary: Back briefly in Coruscant during the Clone Wars, Anakin notices his wife is acting strangely. What is Padmè hiding? WIP.

Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to GL and LucasFilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

A/N: Sorry but the first two chapters are a little slow. Just establishing the scenes and all. The rest of it is mostly action/dialogue. Anyway, please drop me a review if you like it/don't like it. I don't mind; as long as it's not a long dose of 'your story is crap'. Enjoy!

Ch 1:

Back on Coruscant

Five days, Anakin Skywalker thought to himself. Coming close to the landing platform on Coruscant, Anakin felt relieved that he had been able to take this break. Granted, it was only five days long, but five days was certainly better than nothing. The most important thing was that he got to spend those five days with his beautiful wife – whom he had not seen for at least a month.

The thought of Padmè had nearly literally kept him going since the Clone Wars had begun a little under three years ago. Every night he spent away from Coruscant…away from her, was spent in a small military bunker, thinking of her. He had kept a small photo hidden away in the tiny cracks that he had memorised around his sleeping quarters. Countless times he had fallen asleep to the image of her beautiful face only to have her dance upon his dreams. The thought of her was…intoxicating. Smiling, and remembering his words to Obi-Wan what seemed a lifetime ago, he knew the feeling was about to be multiplied.

Casually piloting the ship onto the landing platform, Anakin could barely contain his excitement. Four days ago he had sent a memo to his wife telling her of his imminent arrival. Of course, he had received no reply. He had put it down to bad timing and the need to keep their relationship secret, but as he glanced out onto the platform, he began to worry.

Where was she?

Running through the recent memory in his mind, he distinctly recalled dialling into the right address to send the Holo. He had been extra careful and sent it to her private quarters rather than through her Coruscant office. He had seen the acceptance signal, yet there seemed to be no sign of her.

Maybe she hasn't checked her messages.

But for four days?

What is she doing?

Stepping out of the ship, Anakin surveyed the area. The platform had become very familiar to him over the past three years. Many times he had landed on this exact platform and had been welcomed by the sight of Padmè Amidala. Of course, many a time members of the Jedi Council had accompanied her; forcing them to put on their official 'Jedi' and 'Senator' titles. And the times she couldn't make it to Coruscant, she would always greet him back at Naboo, at their secret meeting place.

The lake hideaway.

But not this time.

She wasn't here and he was certain she wasn't on Naboo. He knew for a fact she had official Senatorial business on Coruscant to attend to and she had been here for at least a week. She should have received the message.

"Anakin." Turning at the sound of his name, he was disappointed to find Master Windu approaching him.

"Welcome home, Jedi Skywalker."

Nodding and delivering a small bow as a sign of respect, Anakin replied "Thank you."

"I cannot stay long, Anakin. I just came past to welcome you back to Coruscant. I expect you will enjoy your five days away?"

"I'm sure I will, Master. And thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to come down here."

Simply nodding in response, Mace Windu continued on his way back to the Jedi Temple. Surveying the area one last time, Anakin sighed. Padmè wasn't here.

But he was definitely going to find out why.