The Secrets We Keep

Author: LVB

Summary: Back briefly in Coruscant during the Clone Wars, Anakin notices his wife is acting strangely. What is Padmè hiding? Complete

Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to GL and LucasFilm Ltd. All rights reserved.


A/N: I fully intended chapter 11 to be the last one. But then I got an epilogue request and reviewed the entire fic. I didn't feel right ending it there. So I came up with this. I'm happy with the ending, I hope you all are too! Thanks for taking the journey with me, guys. I hope to see you all tuning in to my next fic with Music Dreamer which will be out soon, I promise! Take care and not long now until May 19th.

Epilogue: The Beginning (of the end)

As Anakin touched down on Coruscant he smiled as he remembered the last time he had done this. What started as a nervous flutter in his heart had turned into the best news he'd ever heard – Padmè was pregnant.

Soon after, he left to go back to the Clone Wars. He had just defeated Dooku and the Clone Wars were nearly officially over. As he exited the ship, he saw Senator Bail Organa standing on the platform. The look on the Senator's face told him he needed to sort this out then and there. Then Anakin would be sure to go straight to Padmè.

As Bail talked, Anakin spied a mop of curly brown hair dart behind a pillar. He smiled.

She made it!

Excusing himself from the determined Senator, Anakin snuck around the other side of the pillar and wrapped his arms around his wife.

"Excuse me, Senator Amidala. But didn't anybody ever tell you it's not proper to eavesdrop on Jedi business?" Padmè playfully punched him in the shoulder.

"Didn't anybody ever tell you, Anakin Skywalker, that it's rude not to come find your wife immediately when you land?" Laughing, he pulled her into a deep kiss.

"I've missed you," Anakin said through the soft kisses his wife was planting on his welcoming lips.

Padmè stroked her stomach through her concealing brown cloak. "And we've missed you too!" Anakin placed his hand on her stomach. She was just about eight months pregnant now. It wouldn't be long now before their little family would grow. Anakin was sure their child was a girl but Padmè was still adamant that she was carrying a boy. 'A mother's instinct' she had called it. Pah.

What about Jedi and fatherly instinct?

Anakin knew it didn't matter. The child she was carrying would be loved either way.

"Come on, Ani. Let's go home. We'll talk there." He nodded in response.

As he bent down to pick up his luggage, a shiver went up his spine. Something didn't feel right. Shrugging it off, he followed his wife.

In the distance, an old man watched the couple. His suspicions were confirmed. And as he saw the laughing couple get into the speeder parked at the port, an evil grin plastered his face. He had his leverage now.

He knew the Skywalker secret. And it was one he would have to keep for now – but not much longer.

Not much longer, indeed.