Chapter 1 (Tsukiko's POV)

'Arisa Outani, the Yankee who protected Kyoko's daughter…how is it that it becomes so easy to see her that way?' I stared at her, it seemed almost as if I had to move along with my life. Of course, becoming the homeroom teacher to her was not the idea I had wanted. I entered the classroom, normally today…. and it felt nostalgic. I had graduated from this school a long time ago, and my hair was much longer than I had originally had it. It was in a bun, kind of messy because I couldn't do buns worth my life.

I had been replacing the homeroom teacher, who had retired. This was the last year Outani was having at Kaibara High School. I never understood some of the concepts Outani had believed, but it was a job I had been accustomed to. I looked around, seeing her there, wishing I could say hello to her. I still didn't know what to do yet, so I simply began writing my name on the board. I finally finished writing, looking out to the class. They were looking at me with shock at the moment, so I kept thinking. "My name is Tsukiko Yasu. I will be your homeroom teacher for the rest of the semester." I said, nodding towards them. I was really only temporary for this semester, but I might be permanent after this semester.

"Ms. Yasu?"


"What happened to our other homeroom teacher?" The girl was a bright child from what I could see. Her hair was brown, longer than her shoulders. Her eyes would make most anyone smile from what I saw.

"From what I heard, it was either sickness or maternal leave. I don't quite remember too well, the reason. I wasn't explained in full detail either." I nodded towards this girl, who seemed satisfied with my thoughts. By the time I managed to get everything going, the bell rang. I nodded, and then saw some more people coming in. I was also the math teacher, which made my job somewhat easier. By the end of the day, I was quite…tired though. My first day at a new high school and I was pooped. "I guess I should get home, makes more sense I guess…"

"Ms. Yasu?" It was…Outani; there were a few others with them. A student with white hair…with black roots, that's not real? A small boy wearing a girl's uniform, which was acting rather cutesy, that same girl who had talked to me before…was her name Tohru Honda? I looked numbly at my list, and then saw Saki Hanajima. I didn't know much other except the names of Kyo and Yuki Sohma.

"Ummm…yes Arisa?" I didn't like saying first name basis, but being a teacher I could do that, at least I hope.

"You lost?"

"No, not at all, I'm heading home."

"You know, that way is kind of dangerous, I've been there before."

"I've always known what dangers lie there. I must leave, so you may get back with talking to your friends Arisa-san." I said this to be to the point, and began to leave again. This time I heard another voice, this one more direct.

"You don't want to talk with us?" Hanajima was one of the people I heard the most about, she had something with waves she could do. I simply didn't answer her; I had to head home. Then I remembered something, something terrible at the moment. I didn't allow myself to think about it, I thought about only how to talk to Uotani. By the time I arrived home, there was a pile of mail yet to open, so many job offers. The only reason I took Kaibara's offer was because of Uotani, there was no point it saying it was stupid to choose that offer. I began to make tea for myself, in this small apartment, I had yet to marry or really date someone that close. I wanted to keep up this, until I could find that someone. I could tell Uotani was beginning to recognize me; her eyes were trying to find who I was in her mind. I still wanted to tell her strait who I was…but I was afraid to.

I remember becoming distant after the incident with Uotani leaving the gang.


I ran, all the way I could…that girl was going to leave the gang. I had to find someone to help her! The only place I found was the address in her notebook, I kept running after the address, hoping to find the house like lighting. There it was, the Honda residence. I rang the doorbell a few times, hoping to find someone there. Two people answered the door; one was a small girl, looking only in middle school. The other was a motherly woman, who looked at me concerned. "Hello?"

"She's going to get beat up! That girl…should live the way she wants. I just can't take them all by herself…" I had said, among other things, I then saw the woman nod to me; I left the house, back to my own. I was that girl's senpai, and it was my job to keep her safe. Especially if she wanted to be strait and go to school, she was going to change, and I was happy.

End flashback…

I quickly went out of my reminiscing as I found the teapot whistling its steam out by the dozen. I nodded myself to eat and drink, considering it was still going to be Friday tomorrow, and school was still then. I just wanted something to happen, somehow to get the courage to tell Outani who I was. I had bought her food; I had smiled and helped her when I could. She was part of that gang; maybe I was somehow too. Now I looked towards the picture of my graduating year. I was smiling with a dumb smile on my face, college was easier, and teaching was harder. I had to concentrate in order to do anything. The next day would be another try to tell her, and another try at a new lifestyle. I had to try, give myself the courage to talk to her again. I could only hope I would again, get a chance like that again.

Read and reveiw if you want, this is based off vol. 7.