And again Shaman King Fanfic
Author's note: Yeah, I know this is my second ff of Shaman King, still loving this series! I hope you like this one.
And this story is still focused at ANNA and YOH pairing but there will be some changes because I inserted a new character and 3rd person was used. Hope to like my story even though I'm suck at making plot.

" Portrait of Her "

Chapter 1: Promise

He was dreaming in a long road… trying to reach her. He continued chasing her and can't seem to reach her. In reality beyond he was bathing with his own sweat. Back to dream, he was still running… He can't understand this dream, why is he chasing her while he already has her? He kept on running until the end of the road. And abruptly woke up from the dream. He looked around his room like searching and observing something.

"Phew! Just a dream…" he said. He laid his head back to the pillow and continued from sleeping.


"OH!" he yawned while turning off his alarm clock.

It's exactly 6:00 in the morning; everyone should be woke up and do their chores. Including Manta, which is not part of Asakura household, has to wake up early and help them. Yoh is still on his bed sleeping tight, Manta was trying to wake him up but it was useless.

Anna was getting mad because its 6:30 already, they have to finish their work at exactly 7:00. Instead of waiting, she went to Yoh's room to wake him up. She tried her best to wake him up but it was useless too. Suddenly Yoh murmured something.

"Oh! C'mon… I'm still sleeping could you just stay still Manta…" as he yawning.

"Umm… Yoh!" Manta murmured

"Huh" Yoh stared at him.

"Wait a sec.!" He startled

"If Manta is tied up on that chair… whose waking me up?" as he continued.

All of his hair in his arms are electrifying him and felt a certain feeling, a feeling called fear. As he slowly look up he immediately stood up. Anna and Yoh stared at each other. None of them are speaking. Yoh is sweating so much like bathing with his own sweat.

"YOH" Anna said

"Umm yeah!" As he replied

"What time is it?" She asked calmly

"Oh, yeah! It's Sunday…" while scratching his head.

"GO PRACTICING NOW!" Anna shouted

Yoh don't have the guts to answered back even in his dreams he still don't have the courage. He hurriedly dresses himself and went outside and jog. And Manta is still on the chair tied up. He was beyond help. Yoh was stretching on the doorway when Anna came out.

He asked her where is she going, she replied she's going with him. Even though he's practicing so much Anna wants to make sure that he's really practicing. Anna took out the bike so she won't get tired while Yoh is jogging.

It's been about an hour and half after they left the house. Anna let Yoh rest for a while. He chooses his favorite spot to rest, up in the hill with the big tree. Both of them are quiet… and no one seems wanted to open a topic. Yoh was resting peacefully when some images came out itself. Images from his dream last night. Suddenly some words came out of his mouth.

"Umm… Anna…" Yoh started.

"Whatever happened to us…" he continued

" … " No words from Anna

"Promise to me… we won't forget each other" He finished

"Yoh!" She started too.

"I will never ever forget that I have met you…" she dimly smiles

"Meeting you have changed my life" She ended smiling at him.

"So…" As she continued but the face turned into emotionless again


And again she scolded Yoh and they continued jogging. They have reached their house. Yoh was sweating so much; Anna let Yoh take a rest for a while. Yoh was so happy to take a rest for a while. He sat on the couch and took a nap.

Manta was still on the chair all tied up. He shouted all through out his throat but no one seems to hear him. Anna entered Yoh's room and suddenly she untied Manta from the chair. He can't believe what she just did. Leaving Manta on the room kept him thinking so much.

She went to the bathroom and locked herself in.


Sound of the water had flow on her ears and nothing seems to hear other sounds. She kept hearing those words from Yoh, a promise that he made with her. She knows that he's not great at keeping promise but the feeling that she felt after she heard that makes her so insecure and things.

She was washing her face when she slowly shifted her eyesight to her left wrist. A unique bracelet made of nylon, which is not that, so expensive, a promise gift from Yoh. She stared at it and some images came out by itself, a flashback.

Flash Back

"I know that you know, I'm not good at keeping promises…" Yoh explained

"But by these bracelets that I made…"

"Surely, I think, this will keep us reminded from the promise that we just made from under the big tree on the hill."

"Anna, keep this as a token of our… our…." He was blushing and turning into a big red balloon.

"Even you can't tell it into words but by action…" She answered. The face of emotionless was full of emotions.

"I truly accepted it…"

End flash back

She was smiling in the front of the mirror. She holds her wrist tightly and burst into tears. This keeping promise with a guy that doesn't really know how to keep a promise makes her burst to tears. Now she realizes how does he really love her.


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