Chapter 6: New Hope

The Gang has lost their hope of finding Anna but Manta is still presistent that she just might be around the corner. Yoh went to a depression stage where he refused to eat unless Mae who handed the food.

Their lost hope was replaced by the happiness of Mae, who is constantly helping them in many ways. Day by day, the sadness within the house disappears.

"Anna" she snapped.

"Anna? Who is Anna?" akira asked

"I dunno... I just, I just remebered or something"

"well, Anna will be your name. Is that okay?"

"hmm. its a nice name, though. OK"

Anna smiled at him.

"Yoh" She murmured

"Did you say something?"

"Wuah? Did I? Hmm."

"Never mind" he said

Meanwhile, Manta still can't believe that everyone(except for Ren) is having fun while Anna is missing. Riu explained that even though its been almost 3 months since Anna's dissaperance, they can't stay sad forever, right? They need happy moments, at least, and also to ease yoh's heavy aura for the past few weeks. But Manta felt that this isn't right. Ren agreed. Manta was shocked that for the first time Ren actually agreed with him.

Mae is eavesdropping in Manta and Ren's conversation from the backdoor.

She smiled deviously.

Ren knew that someone is listening to them so he stopped. Mae stopped also and went out.

"argh, you can't take yoh from me... besides..."

Inside yoh's room, there--- yoh's staring at nowhere. Mae entered.

"He's already mine"

She wrapped her two arms around yoh. As if she looks like a seductively anxious girl. No words came out from the boy.

"Tsk. Yoh did really gave in" Ren said while spying mae from the backdoor.


"Anna. Let's go to the mall to buy you more beautiful clothes" Akira said.

"..." She nods her head.

"I'll be going to the mall, to buy some things --- okay!?" Manta told them.

As if no one really cares anymore if Manta did go or not. He felt he's useless now since Mae is doing all the work.

"Mae that and Mae this."

"Does anyone really cares if i'm there or not." manta exclaimed.

"its 4,500 yen" the cashier said.

"Here, I think this is delicious..."

"A-N-N-A" akira gave anna a free sample of the food.

"anna?" manta surprised. He looked at the direction where the stand gives free taste.

"Hmm. Yep. This is delicious." She replied

"anna!" he shouted.

"Ding, ding. Attention all shoppers: There will be a sale in grocery store. 50 OFF!!!" the announcer interrupted.


Suddenly, many crazy shoppers went to the grocery department. Manta was pulled by the crowd and because of these, he lost sight of anna but he gained a new hope, knowing that Anna is still alive.

"Everyone will be happy with my news" Manta thought.

Author's lil space: I'M BACK! and WOW! I mean, its been already 3 years? since my last chapter. I did really neglected the fanfics of mine. Tsk tsk. But do not worry one of my new year resolution is that to update all of my beloved works from blog to personal site, artworks to writings. Um. Sorry if the story sucks big time.