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'For awhile now, Wufei has been coming over to my house, trying to learn English from me, wonder why?' Zechs thought as he rested on his bed.

Zechs had gone to America for his senior year and when he came back everything had changed. Duo and Trowa were married. Quatre proposed to Heero. And Wufei had been waiting for him when he got home to his apartment.

'I wonder when Wufei will be getting here…' Zechs thought tiredly, and decided to take a nap.

Wufei ran from the rain to the apartment building complex, and up the stairs(elevator didn't work) and to Zech's door, knocked, and waited. When no answer came, he tried the door to find it unlocked, and went inside. He took off his shoes and took a look around.

He found Zechs asleep on his bed. Wufei walked over and stared at him for a moment, reaching out with his hand to touch his cheek…but quickly drew it back when he thought about what he was about to do. He just reached over and shook him awake.

"Mmmn, huh, I'm awake, I'm awake," said the groggy adult.

"Hm, no your not." Wufei chuckled.

"Huh, Wufei?" Zechs took a glance outside his window. "Is it morning already?"

"My god, Zechs! It's evening you idiot."

"Sorry Wufei, today was my day off, so I was catching up on sleep."

"Your acting like an old man."

"I'll be fine, besides, I knew you were coming over, so I didn't want to go out and miss you."

"Right." Wufei blushed slightly at the comment. "You've been lazy since you left home, Zechs."

"You think?" Zechs asked thoughtfully. "Hm, maybe I should get a job that lets me stay home, then I won't miss you when you come over." Zechs smiled ferally at him. Wufei blushed and turned his head away.

"You're such a baby sometimes," Wufei said.

"You think so?" asked Zechs.

"Yes. So, can we get started already?" Wufei asked in a huff.


Wufei started reading from an English text that Zechs gave him. "…are there in…" Wufei was reading.

"Hold it," said Zechs, "repeat the last line, and be sure to enunciate the "th" in there. Also watch your r's and i's."

"Tsao(1)!" Wufei slammed the book on the table and cursed some more in Chinese. "I can't do this! I can't speak such an alien language!"

Zechs just giggled in reply.

"I mean, how did you learn to speak such a language?" Wufei asked removing his jacket.

"I practiced." Zechs said watching his every move. "…Let's try something new."

"Huh?" Wufei asked and glanced over at Zechs.

"Let's try shock therapy." Zechs whispered and leaned in towards Wufei, covering his mouth with his in a crushing kiss.

'What!' Wufei was too shocked to move. Zechs tilted his head a little higher. 'He tastes like chocolate.' Wufei thought giddily.

"Unh!" Wufei moaned out.

Slip. Wufei's eyes widened. 'What the…? His tongue!' Wufei mentally squealed as he tried to push Zechs away.

"This is what "th" feels like." Zechs gasped out as he pulled away, then dove back in. "This is "r"."

"Uh!" Wufei moaned again.

"And this is "i"". Zechs finished and pulled away again. Wufei staggered back, then got his voice back.

"What do you think your doing?" Wufei yelled.

"Why did I waste my time?" Zechs asked calmly to himself.

"Huh?" Wufei asked.

"I thought that if I went away for a year, that I would get over you." Zechs said holding Wufei's face in both hands, "Didn't work, it made me want you even more."

'What is he talking about?' Wufei asked.

"Do you like me?" Zechs finished, caressing Wufei's face and lips.

'What?' Wufei mentally asked again(having speech problems) as he noticed that Zechs was straddling his hips, still caressing his face.

'I can't move! I need to get out of here!' Wufei mentally panicked.

"I really like you, Wufei." Zechs said again, lightly kissing Wufei's cheek.

'This…isn't good. I gotta get out of here!' Wufei shouted mentally again. "I don't do this kind of thing Zechs!" Wufei reasoned, finally finding his voice.

"…Consider this payment for the English lesson." Zechs argued, groping his way down Wufei's pants.

Wufei started to get alarmed by Zech's actions. "Stop!" Wufei screamed trying to push Zechs away. "Get away from me!"

Zechs just smirked and started to lick Wufei's neck while his hand wandered around, finally gripping Wufei's sex.

"Ahh!" Wufei moaned out as Zechs started to stroke it more rapidly. "Ohhh."

"See," Zechs chuckled, "you don't mind, right?"

Wufei blushed hard. "I'll kill you later!" Wufei threatened, panting and glaring at Zechs.

"It'll be an honor." Zechs replied staring down at Wufei lovingly.

'Dammit, I can't even scare him!' Wufei once again yelled out mentally.

Zechs lifted Wufei's shirt and suckled his right nipple. Wufei shivered in reply. Zechs finished with his right nipple, and blew on it, making it painfully hard, then went on to abuse its twin.

"Ohh." Wufei moaned as Zechs started kissing his way down Wufei's stomach to his erection. He gasped as Zechs took his whole length into his mouth.

"Wait…Stop…" Wufei moaned out. "Don't do that!" he managed to yell, trying to push Zechs off of him.

Zechs just sucked harder making Wufei moan louder.

"Ohh…Zechs, please…yes…ahh…" Wufei moaned as he felt his climax start to approach.

Zechs started to move his mouth over all Wufei's length, sucking harder, moving his tongue to the slit of Wufei's length, then following the main vein, sliding all over for pleasure.

"Ooohh!" Wufei breathed.

"Aaah!" Wufei came in a rush of fluids. Zechs swallowing every last drop. Then, he came up and gently kissed Wufei. Wufei noticed that Zech's mouth tasted different from the regular taste of chocolate.

"Did you enjoy that?" Zechs asked sensually.

Wufei managed to open his eyes and gaze back, out of breath and dizzy, he whispered, "Shut up!"

'This can't be happening.' Wufei thought as Zechs smirked and grabbed his ass and placed it on his lap, nudging his own hard sex into Wufei.

"Aaah!" Wufei yelled in pain.

"Wait, Zechs!" Wufei said grabbing his arms. "It's not gonna fit!"

Zechs chuckled and leaned down close to Wufei's ear.

"Don't worry." Zechs calmly stated nipping Wufei's ear, making him groan. Zechs pushed in a little further before gazing at Wufei.

"So beautiful." Zechs whispered then thrust his full member into Wufei. "Let me hear you moan."

"Aaaahhh!" Wufei shrieked as a few tears came out from the pain.

"Zechs…your too big…stop…please…" Wufei sobbed as Zechs licked at his eyelids and slowed down for Wufei's sake.

"I would do nothing that would hurt you Wufei, you know that." Zechs said lovingly. Wufei only heard that much before going into a pleasure filled high.

(A few hours later)

"Uh…" Wufei moaned.

'He's heavy.' Wufei opened his eyes to see what was weighing him down, only to find Zechs asleep on his chest. 'Tsao, I wasn't dreaming!' Wufei mentally yelled, glancing down at the sleeping man.

'He's pretty cute when he's sleeping like this.' Wufei thought and blushed at that. 'Maybe this isn't so bad.' Wufei gently brushed his lips against Zech's forehead, and decided to wait till he woke up.

A few minutes later, Zechs started to stir awake. He sat up and looked around. When he felt a shift in the bed, he turned to see Wufei resting on the headboard staring at him.

"Good morning Wufei." Zechs whispered sitting up next to him. Wufei nodded his head.


"How do you feel this morning?" Zechs asked concerned that he might have been a little rough on his dragon.

"A little sore, but I'll be fine." Wufei replied looking at Zechs.

"That's good…I hope this doesn't effect our friendship, because if it has, I'm sorry, I…"

"Zechs," Wufei interrupted, straddling his hips, "Shut up."

Wufei kissed Zechs long and full of love.

'Hm, wonder what'll happen next time?' Wufei couldn't help thinking as he laid his head on Zech's chest.

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(1) Tsao- fuck, shit