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WARNING: major lemon.

'It's hot…' Wufei opened his eyes to a ceiling. 'Wait a minute…Where am I?'

"Huh?" Wufei asked out loud.

"Your awake!" answered a voice. Wufei turned his head to see Zechs walking over to the bed. "Cool. I was going to wake you up. How do you feel?" Zechs asked. Wufei's eyes widened.

"Zechs?" Wufei croaked out.


'Why am I here?' Wufei cried out mentally as he leapt up from the bed.


"Aargh! My head!" Wufei whimpered in pain. 'What's going on?'

"Take it easy. You have a killer hangover." Zechs reassured.

"Hangover?" Wufei asked looking at Zechs.

"Yup." Zechs smiled down at him. "You know, when you get too drunk you get a headache."

"I know what a hangover is, but how did I get it?" Wufei asked clutching his throbbing head.

"You don't remember?" Zechs looked perplexed. "We all went drinking with Duo and Heero, remember?"

'That's right! It was a party to congratulate Heero and Quatre getting hitched. We ended up bar hopping. I should probably kill Heero, but then his bunny-boy would be upset.' Zech's chuckle brought Wufei back to the present.

"Duo challenged you to a drinking contest, you couldn't back out. So you drank till Duo passed out. Afterwards you were stone drunk."

"Grrr." Wufei growled at getting caught. "You know I can't lose to that idiot."

"I know, but you shouldn't drink so much that you get all weird and start dancing with dirty older men." Zechs replied sternly. Wufei glanced up at him.

"I danced with older men?" Wufei asked.

"Yes, and I had to drag you out of there quickly before something happened." Zechs said too calmly.

"What's wrong? You sound upset." Zechs sighed deeply.

"Now I know what it feels like to stay up and wait for your lover." Zechs said drinking some water. Wufei blushed madly.

"What are you talking about? I never said you were my lover!" Wufei growled.

Zechs grabbed Wufei's chin and tilted it up so their eyes could meet.

"Huh? What?" Wufei asked.

Zech's lips clashed against his in a fiery kiss.

"Uunnhh…" Wufei moaned as Zech's tongue entered his mouth and explored every inch.

"No…" Wufei whined as Zechs pulled away. He nipped at Wufei's collar bone, but Wufei tried to shove Zechs off him.

"Not now Zechs," Wufei pleaded and shoved him off, but that movement made the world spin.

"Tsao…I feel sick!" Wufei whimpered and curled into a ball.

"Poor Wufei." Zechs said rubbing his back. Zechs enveloped Wufei in a hug and rocked him slowly back and forth. Zechs started to nuzzle Wufei's ear. Then reached his lips for a lasting kiss.

"Ummmm…" Wufei moaned as the kiss deepened.

(A few minutes later)


"Ah…"Wufei moaned as Zechs shoved two fingers into his cavern.

"Ohh…deeper…ugn…YES!" Wufei screamed when Zechs brushed against his prostate.

"You're…so warm inside." Zechs gasped adding another finger and spreading them out, crawling up behind Wufei to reach his cock.

"I've heard that it's difficult to get an erection if you've been drinking but, you're rock hard." Zechs said stroking Wufei's dick.

"Oooh!" Wufei moaned out, bucking his hips against Zech's hand.

"You're so adorable, Wufei." Zechs murmured into his ear, nipping at it. "I don't want you to be with anybody else."

"What makes you think I'd…" Wufei started.

"How would I know?" Zechs finished, moving Wufei to his back and spreading his legs. Zechs placed his sex against Wufei's entrance and thrusted in.

"God!" Wufei screamed through pleasure and pain. Zechs plunged in the rest of the way. "Ahh!"

"Oh…yeah…" Wufei moaned in sheer pleasure.

"Your such a pleasing guy…what if someone hit on you like I did? You might play along, right?" Zechs asked giving Wufei kisses all along his neck and collar bone. Coming up to nip on his ear again (can u say: ear fetish?).

"I don't think so!" Wufei gasped excitedly.

Zechs answered by pulling his length out to the very tip, then shoving back in, hard and fast, just the way Wufei liked it.

"Aaah!" Wufei moaned out blissfully.

Zechs complied with pounding into Wufei faster…harder. Zechs gripped Wufei's sex and pumped in time with his thrusts, until finally…

"AAAHHHHH!" They both reached their climax and came together.

"I wanted to stop myself, but you wouldn't stop me." Zechs panted grabbing Wufei's wrists and pinning him down.

'Ohhh…' Wufei thought. 'yes…'

"That's why I always get my way." Zechs whispered huskily into Wufei's ear and kissed him lovingly.

"Mmmm." Wufei moaned out in pleasure.

'The reason that I let him have his way is because…'

(The next day)

"Hey Zechs!" Wufei yelled slapping Zechs a bit. "Get up!"

"Mmmn…what is it Wufei? You're up already?"

"Just get up! I've got something to say! I might be a pleasant guy, but I wouldn't let some guy touch me unless I liked him." Wufei said in a convincing voice.

Zechs just stared at him, then chuckled. "You're so sweet." Zechs yelled happily and tackled him.

"Don't lean on me! You're heavy!"

'The reason I play along with Zechs is because…I love him.'

"Wo ai ni Zechs, I love you."

The End

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