That Happy Story


LiL Pippin Padfoot

Disclaimer: "Charlie, how did you escape?"

"Let's save that happy story for morning." -LOST, Claire and Charlie

Chapter 1


"It's morning." said Claire

"Yes." said Charlie, "Beautiful, isn't it? Never saw sunrise like this in Britain, though, I was most likely awake at this time."

"Big partier?" she asked

"Rock-star, yeah." he said "Parties after every concert."

Claire smiled "I remember going to parties, then, I quit. You can guess why."

Charlie smiled, he knew. He looked at her "The parties? They weren't all the great." he said,

"When, before, I loved parties, the night life. Thomas and I would go to them all the time."

Charlie was silent.

"I wish, I really do, that I really could remember you, Charlie." said Claire "I really do. The only thing I could remember was that peanut butter."

"Peanut butter," said Charlie "Is something worth remembering, especially when one is stuck on an island with nothing but boar, fish, and," he waved his hand in the air "Polar bears." he said with a smile.

Claire laughed "That is one thing, I am glad I don't remember. Polar Bears."

"But it's worth remembering!" said Charlie jumping up to demonstrate. "Sawyer, the Southerner, one with the funny accent, was all like BAM BAM! And this gun went off! Then Kate, the girl with the brown hair, was like 'Where was that?' and I was all cool and efficiently, analyzing the polar bear."

Claire giggled "I'm sure you were Charlie."

"I was!" he said indignantly. "I made sure it was dead, I poked it." he said it so proudly, Claire couldn't laugh.

"I'm sure you you did."

Charlie nodded "I was a Big Hero."

Claire smiled. She knew Charlie was lying, but he was just doing to make her smile.

"Yes," said Charlie, standing with his hands on his hips, feet spread apart. "They all call me Charlie, Hero Man, now."

"Hey VH1-reject!" called Saywer "Some of us our trying to sleep over here!"

"Well," said Charlie over Claire's giggles as he sat down "Not everyone really appreciates a hero." Charlie sat back down.

Claire had read her entire diary, the part after the plan crashed, and she knew from her writings that Sawyer wasn't a very nice person. Maybe even a criminal.

Her eyes scanned the beach.

"What are you looking for?" asked Charlie "Rescue? Do you see anything."

"No." said Claire "Just looking at the people."

"I can tell you about anyone." said Charlie.

"Her." said Claire, refering to a red haired survivor.

"She...She has red hair. I bet she dyes it. And wears a push-up." said Charlie

"Oh, Charlie." Claire laughed

"Well, I call them as I see them."

"And what did you call me, when you saw me."

"Cute." thought Charlie "Nice. Natural Blonde."

"You didn't see me as a problem?" she asked

"No." said Charlie "Never crossed my mind at all."

"You are the only one I'm sure." said Claire "I feel like everyone is avoiding us."

"Everyone is." said Charlie "But look on the bright side, no one is bothering us either."

"Your right on that." she agreed. "Though I wish people would just look me in the eye."

"I look you in the eye." said Charlie

"I know you do, Charlie. I wish everyone else did."

"If it helps," said Charlie "For awhile, I couldn't even look myself in the eye. Couldn't look in the mirror."

"Why not?" asked Claire "If you would tell me."

Charlie gave a grim smile "That's a happy story I don't want to get into."

"Why won't you tell me anything?" asked Claire

"I don't want to upset you Claire."

"You won't Charlie."

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