That Happy Story


LiL Pippin Padfoot

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Chapter 12

Prelude to Self-Destruction

"Hey, I'm going for a walk."

"Okay, Charlie." Said Claire

Charlie walked out into the jungle and rummaged around in his backpack till he found it.

His hand clasped around the statue. It was cold to the touch. He looked at it with utter hatred for himself. Why had he taken it?
He didn't need drugs. He closed his eyes, and saw Claire and Aaron. Why had he taken it?

It was a sign.

No, it's not. It's a test, a test I'm not going to fail.

It's not a test, Charlie, just take them…

Charlie shook his head, clearing the voices. He shoved it back in his backpack, and headed back into camp.

"Short walk." Commented Claire

"Looks like it might rain, you know?" said Charlie, shrugging off his backpack. "Didn't want to get too far out and get poured on."

Claire glanced up at the sky. Not a cloud in sight. She shrugged it off, and paid attention to Aaron, who was now crying.

"Could you…?" Claire offered Aaron to Charlie, who took him happily.

"Do you have any water, Charlie?" asked Claire

"Um, yeah, there should be a bottle in my bag." Charlie started making faces at the now cooing Aaron. Wait…in my bag. Charlie froze as Claire's hand rummaged through Charlie's bag.

"What's this?" she pulled out the statue of the Virgin Mary.

"What? Oh that, I found it, you know, when Sayid and I went past the plane, where Boone died."

"I never knew you were religious, Charlie." Not a lot of people do, Charlie thought, remembering when Jack had said it to him.

"I'm not, not really." Said Charlie "I just thought…it might be nice, you know?"

Claire nodded. "Sure. I understand."

Charlie nodded, taking a deep breath.

He couldn't hide this from Claire forever….

Sorry it's so short, the next chapter will be longer, I swear.