I am sitting in a club, the Black Cat, sipping a martini. Which of these vampires am I to kill today? Surely there will be at least one who will try to attack me. What he doesn't know, however, is that I am not human either. I am a witch. It's just that nobody knows that. I was raised as an orphan, I found out about my powers when I was 16. Since then I keep on practicing. It's hard to live with someone and keep telling them lies. 'What happened?' is always the question asked by Mina. It's getting tiring: just how many excuses are there?

Suddenly, I feel someone's eyes on me. He is very powerful, certainly not human. How do I know it's a he? I can feel the aura. There is something about him. I'm not going to check who he is, than he would know I have powers. The less your enemy knows about you, the better. Now I can feel more eyes on me. Not as strong, but also not weak.

"Ma'am?" I see a waiter standing right in front of me. He is holding a martini in his hand.

"Yes?" I look at him full of interest.

"That's from the gentleman over there" he passes the drink and shows me the guy. Light blue eyes meet violate. I can feel shivers running up and down my spine. I know who he is. Who doesn't? Diamond. What does that mean? Get away from that place as fast as possible. Once you are in his life, there is no way out.

And he decides when you are out just too quickly.

You think I am going to drink the martini? I'm not that dumb. Let's see what he put there: something to put me to sleep? Make me feel dizzy? Make me faint? I turn my back on him and discreetly take out a small bottle from my shoe. After adding the powder to the drink I wait and wonder. Ok, you will just go to the bathroom and break a window, than run.

I look back at the martini. It is red.

He wants me to faint?

I'm sometimes like a machine. Before I even know it I'm already in the bathroom, jumping out of a window. I feel someone watching me. It's no ordinary vampire. Suddenly, somebody puts a tissue on my mouth. I pretend to faint straight away, but the guy doesn't let go that easily. When I am about to breath the poison in, he loosens his grip on me. Now is the time to run.

I snatch away easily. Running away through the town centre in the middle of the night, just FANTASTIC! I start feeling dizzy. What, did you think that when he puts the thing to your mouth it doesn't evaporate to your nose drills? I have got to hide… A door open… lie down.

When I open my eyes I find myself in unknown surroundings. Before I even know it I'm on my feet, waiting for the attack. That's what I call an instinct- I do this things automatically. I look around, only to find myself in a storeroom. Trying to remember yesterdays actions, I sat down. Than, it hit me. I saw the violet eyes, the smile, the drinks.. God, am I in trouble!

It's only 5 in the morning. I have to get home, eat, get dressed and think.

I work as a lawyer in 'veldon's company'. Andrew is not only my boss, but a friend. He wants to know everything important. The first thing I do is get into his office.

"Serena? At work? So early?" he looks at me surprised. When I don't laugh he looks concerned

"Just kidding. Is anything wrong?"

"I think Diamond is interested in me."

His face goes pale.

"Say that again please, say it is a joke."

"Andrew, it's happening to me. Please, don't make me repeat it."

"Ok, cool down cool down. Tell me everything from the very beginning."

And so I tell him. When I finish, silence fills the room.


We both jump up and look at the phone. Andrew breaths the air out, waits for it to ring just one more time, and picks up the phone.

"Andrew Clein speaking"

His pace goes pale.

"Send him in just a minute please."

He puts down the phone very slowly. He than looks at me uncertainly and says

"Serena, I'll come by your office when I'm finished. I have a very important client waiting."

"Andrew? Who?" I look at him wide-eyed. Never in my life have I seen him so scared.


SO? What do you think? Any good?