"SERENA!" I hear Diamond shout.

Where am I? In his office. Why is that?

That was a dream. It didn't happen now. It happened before. Jesus! I'm going crazy!

"Uh, sorry, I spaced out." I mutter.

"No shit" he says.

I look back at him. What the hell is wrong with me?

"You still don't remember it all. Having little flashbacks or dreams, are we!"

"I don't know what you are talking about." A dangerous glint appears in his eyes.

"Oh really?"

He walks up to me and takes my hand. I find myself get up. Than, he twists me around so I'm not facing him but a mirror. His rests his head on my shoulder. I can just feel the heat radiating from him.

"Don't remember how good it feels to be with someone? Someone you want? You have passion for? You were fooling yourself honey. You know it."

The horrible thing is- I do. That's bad!

"I don't know what you are talking about" I announce.

He quickly turns me around and before I even realize I am facing him. We are just a centimeter or two apart. I can feel his breath on me.

"Passion is always the thing you wanted. A little playing around, some fooling around, some careless nights and if it all worked out- you thought about getting serious. Caught in the moment. Passion doesn't die, my dear. Our passion doesn't." His lips are near mine. I can almost feel them. He slowly touches my lips with his. Suddenly, I hear a door open and I quickly pull away from him.

"Sir, I am very sorry to interrupt but Sapphire has some very important issues to discuss."

Rubieus stands looking pretty uncomfortable.

"You remember a guy in medium white hair telling you something before he left with a blonde woman? You know he said 'do not interrupt'. That guy was me!" by that time Diamond is shouting.

"Sir, Sapphire said it was of most importance.". I could actually hear Diamond growl. He turns to me.

"Will you excuse me for a while, I promise I will be back as soon as possible." I nod my head still not getting what happened. When Diamond storms out, I finally get to look around properly. Before I even know it, I am already behind his desk, looking through his drawers I found a file.


Damn damn damn! Wait, who is Usagi Peterson! That's the daughter of the royal family! She's like the constantly looked for person! She is said to be living somewhere, unaware of who she is. But why is she…?


I quickly take the whole file out (and it's pretty big, let me assure you') and look around. If I get out through the exit everyone will see me. Yes! He's got a balcony! I run onto it. Second floor, no worries. Now is the time to RUN!

I don't even know how I got into my room. I guess I had to break in, getting in through the door would be too easy for you, huh Serena? All I know is that I've got a file in my hands. Mina is out for the night. I have all the time I need. I go to the living room and start looking through the files. As I scan the pictures I can see me on different occasions. Starting from those shown in local papers, to some made in my office, outside it, in some clubs. I knew someone was watching me!

Blood tests. MY HAIR? ANALISED? I gasp. That's my notebook! A few papers attached to it. Analyzing EVERY SINGLE LETTER? My god this my ring! I thought I lost it. What does that bastard think he is doing?

That's when I notice a very official-looking paper. I read through it. My birthday certificate!

I was told to be an orphan. I don't know who my parents are, if they still live. Nothing. And now there is a piece of paper that not only states my parent's names but the fact that I belong to the royal family!

If he knows my real name, he knows just about everything there is to know about my life. Don't let him overtake. It's not love. Remember that.

I'll run away. And I am not a witch princess. I am not a witch princess. I am not a…

"Don't fool yourself honey." I jump up in surprise to see Diamond looking at me. Did I just say that stuff out loud!

"What are you doing here!" I shout angrily.

"You forgot your purse." I look up to find it in his hand. That's unprofessional Serena!

"Give it to me" I try to snatch it away angrily.

"Oh why so angry? No need to be nervous!" he lifts it up high.


"I said nervous." He just proved me I don't know what I'm talking about. Greeat going Usagi!

"HOW CAN I NOT BE ANGRY WHEN AN UNWANTED VISITOR COMES INTO MY APARTMENT OUT OF NOWHERE! How did you get in anyways you.. you.. bastard!" Bastard! That's all you can think of Usagi.. O Jesus I am pathetic!

" The normal way, you know- through the door! Your keys were in your bag." He states matter-of-factly. "Plus I see you took something that belongs to me." He added.

"Oh and you STOLE my ring!"

"And you are illegal." He states with a smile.

That's the moment I don't know what to say. I should be registered as who I am, not a human. But than if I would, everyone would know exactly who I am. The princess. The only living person in the witch family.

"I know exactly who you are. Nothing can hide you. Plus, the fire burning in your eyes is too intense not to see." He said with a smile. Oh Jesus! No no no! how could I show myself like this! Now he is sure who I am! Damn Serena!

"There is only one person in this big world who's eyes turn red when in anger. That's the result in being a witch princess."

"Fuck you! Fuck you Diamond!"

" I know you'd love to.." he exclaimes. Ohh that man!

"You had no fucking right…"

"I have every right. In this world I have every right."

That's what shut me up. I stood there gob smacked. He was the most influent person I knew. In this world, he could do just about anything he wanted. Why didn't he capture me earlier?

"Enough of all the chit-chat. Let's go!" I look at him surprised.


"To my place." He says matter-of-factly. I raise an eyebrow.

"Oh now I'm not going ANYWHERE!" Diamond raised an eyebrow.

"And what, may I ask, is going to stop me from taking you?"

"Me." I say with all the confidence I have. He looks at me weirdly and starts LAUGHING!

"You.. (gasp).. you (gasp)…think (gasp)…" even more laughter

"I don't think that Diamond, I know it." And that's the time to run. I pass him right through the door and keep on running down the stairs. Suddenly I feel a huge pain in my left leg. I find myself on the floor. I try to get up, but I can't! I turn around to see Diamond looking at me with a smile.

"Have it your way." He states. As he is getting closer I realize that is the best moment to use my powers that I have yet to show. I can feel the energy gathering up in my hands. As he is about two meters away from me I throw a ball of energy at him. He is too surprised to protect himself and lands with a thud on the opposite wall. That's when I gather all my energy and succeed in getting up. I continue to run but I can feel the leg hurting. I find an inn an without even thinking I hide in it. With the limping leg I won't get far anyway. Sit down and don't make a move, Serena. Hold your breath in. You are not here. Think forest, think something else. Vanish! Start a spell!

hsinav em tel sele beoyverdy kiel stju devlo leef ot deen i nad manhu ton mai htrae eht mai snu het mai

"I know you are somewhere here, my dear" I hear Diamond say. "You think I won't find you? I can feel your scent. Where are you my precious!" he keeps on calling. I keep on whispering in my head. Please do make me invisible! COME ON!

nishva em tel… sele beoyverdy kiel stju devlo leef ot deen i nad manhu ton mai htrae eht mai snu het mai

I can feel myself go light. Done!

I can hear more footsteps. Fuck! His Guys are here! Damn they will know!

"I can feel her" Diamond states.

" I know. She can't have left the building. We didn't even let a fucking cat get out."

"So where is she!" he growls at his men.

"We looked everywhere" says one of the men, I feel myself relax. "… So she must be using a spell." You know how you call the state I am in now? Screwed.

dloh uoy eno eht ees su tel luos reh esaeler dyob eht esaeler

I can hear them taunt. I'll be shown in a matter of seconds. Or I can open my eyes and start running. They will see me immediately, but I don't even know where they are now. That's the only option.

I open my eyes. They are not in here. Good. I look around the corner to see them. Eyes closed. FUCK! Not so closed anymore.

"She closed the spell. She is visible now." Violate eyes meet light blue. A lazy smile spreads across his face.

And that's the moment in which you have to run.

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