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Sunshine shone through the window as Robin rolled over in bed, instantly waking her. As she went to take her shower, she silently wondered if there was a hunt today, and if Amon would let her in to his coldly guarded shell, the latter being something that she highly doubted would happen. As soon as she dressed, and made her coffee, her communicator rung, she quickly answered it,

"Yes?" she asked

"Robin, there is an emergency hunt, a witch has been terrorizing some people at a restaurant not too far from here, be ready at the door to your apartment in 5 minutes" came the emotionless voice of her partner.

Robin finished her coffee quickly and got her jacket and glasses, she ran outside just in time to see Amons black car arrive. Without a word, she entered the vehicle and they headed to the site, when they exited, they ran towards the alley beside the restaurant, where the witch was currently occupying himself. Amon looked over his shoulder at Robin, "This being an emergency hunt, we do not know what this witches powers are, so be careful, we can't afford any mistakes" he ordered, Robin nodded, and moved in.

The witch looked up when they came around the corner, he had been playing with a long dagger in his hand, the needlepoint end still covered in blood. Robin went to work, the place where the witch had been sitting a moment earlier burst into flames, Robin narrowed her eyes, this one was faster than the others.

Amon shot him in the shoulder, but the witch just sneered, "your orbo has no effect on me, hunter", and quick as a flash, he raced over to Robin, grabbing her arm. Time seemed to freeze for a few seconds while the witch worked his power, but Amon regained his composure, and shot the witch, succeeding in knocking the witch back a few steps if not rendering him helpless. The witch, done what he was doing, just laughed and ran away, Amon wasn't able to follow him. Instead, he walked over to where Robin stood, with a very confused look on her face.

"Are you okay?" Amon asked, sounding like he didn't care, "clearly, the witches power has something to do with touching the victim", usually, Robin would be a little annoyed with being called a victim, but for some reason, she couldn't ignore how close Amon was, even if he was still a foot away.

"I'm okay, I'm just confused, I don't feel any different, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say he didn't have any power at all, or maybe it just didn't work?" Robin found that, for some reason, she couldn't look Amon in the face, so she settled with looking at the ground. Absentmindedly, Robin crossed the distance between them, and rested her head on his chest, realising what she had been doing, Robin quickly snapped her head up, while her face turned several shades of red.

Watching all this with a blank face, Amon whirled around and headed to his car, beckoning Robin to follow, she did so meekly.

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